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Akroyd provides Ghostbusters 3 updates: Female Ghostbusters June 2nd, 2009

Speak­ing with the LA Times, Dan Akroyd pro­vided a few updates on the Ghost­busters 3 project. He believes that Ivan Reit­man, direc­tor of I and II, is cur­rently too busy to take on the movie, and expresses an inter­est in see­ing his sec­ond choice, Harold Ramis, take it on. Cur­rent GB3 screen­writ­ers Lee Eisen­berg and Gene Stup­nit­sky recently worked on Year One with Ramis. Pro­duc­tion could begin by Win­ter ’09.

“I don’t put not mak­ing the third movie on Billy. We can’t do that. I’ve been very busy. Harold’s been busy, Ivan’s been busy. And a third script really didn’t coa­lesce prop­erly. And Billy, you can’t blame an artist for not want­ing to do the same thing again. He did two of them, for God’s sake. Although I’m the biggest cheer­leader as the orig­i­na­tor of the con­cept but I’ve never begrudged Billy not doing a third movie. I never said he held it up or that he refused. Hey, lis­ten, he’s an artist. You can’t force some­body into it. I’m sorry he never read my third draft because I thought it was pretty good but, look, now we’re at a point that there’s a story that he can accept and that’s going to work, and I think we’re going to be in pro­duc­tion fairly soon. We could be in pro­duc­tion by winter.”

Sto­ry­line — Akroyd says they are aim­ing for a five mem­ber ‘core’ crew, with more than one female. Some of his choices are Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku — nei­ther of which have been cast. Sigour­ney Weaver is now on board.

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SJCK1 June 22nd, 2009

MOre then one female or an all girl Ghost­busters team to pass down the torch would destroy the Ghost­busters Fran­chise. That’s like mak­ing the next fran­chise of Charles Angles or Sex in the City all men. With all the fem­i­niz­ing going on in enter­tain­ment today, this would just add to the tor­ture. I’m hav­ing a hard time accept­ing new male Ghost­busters. I wish they would all just strap up one more time. Them being too old is just ageism! If they do past the torch to the next gen­er­a­tion, I would sug­gest only hav­ing one female Ghostbuster.

I can see why Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis would want to add female Ghost­busters today. Dan Aykroyd has raised three daugh­ters, Harold Ramis’ wife is a fem­i­nist and he has a daugh­ter. Research shows that men with daugh­ters are widely opened to fem­i­nism, which is not bad, but some men over sym­pa­thize with it to the point they become extremist.

This movie would be a disaster.

Buckmeister82 June 30th, 2009

I agree to an extent with the above blog­ger! I would like to see Kris­ten Bell be a Ghost­buster… She’s witty, and beau­ti­ful! I think she would add a spe­cial qual­ity to the film as well… Hav­ing the old cast strap on the pro­ton packs is AWESOME! We’ve been wait­ing over 20 yrs. for a 3rd film, and it will be an awe­some movie, and make TONS of $$$.… I would love to be in this film even as an extra or some­thing! Heck why not make me a GHOSTBUSTER!!! :)

Lucas da Costa Dantas February 2nd, 2010

Do not screw with the movie.
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