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This is an unofficial news site about The Green Lantern movie adaptation. Currently circulating with rumors of writers, directors and a Hal Jordan focus. We will be here from start to finish, in brightest day, in blackest night, to report on this film's development.

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Michael Goldenberg to pen Green Lantern 2 August 9th, 2010

With the first Green Lantern movie wrapped, but a long way from its release date and com­ple­tion, Warner Bros. have con­fi­dently hired Michael Gold­en­berg as screen­writer for Green Lantern 2. Gold­en­berg has pre­vi­ously worked on Con­tact, Harry Pot­ter and the Order of the Phoenix and of course, the first Green Lantern movie.

Green Lantern writ­ers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggen­heim have already been asked to work on a Green Lantern 2 treat­ment. At SDCC this year, Geoff Johns com­mented on a pos­si­ble tril­ogy which sparked rumors of back-to-back sequels. Should Green Lantern be a suc­cess, it looks like the WB are posi­tion­ing them­selves to quickly launch into a sequel. Ryan Reynolds sched­ul­ing could be an issue, as he is in-line to play the lead in Fox’s Dead­pool, but we’ll have to see what hap­pens there.

Green Lantern production wraps August 9th, 2010

Pro­duc­tion on the Green Lantern movie adap­ta­tion has ended today, Geoff Johns (comic book writer and chief cre­ative offi­cer) reveals via his Twit­ter account:

“GREEN LANTERN IS WRAPPED!!!! Fin­ished the last shot today!!! Cel­e­brat­ing in New Orleans. :) As co-producer of the film, I am very, very proud of what we’ve got in store. Much more to come. Mar­tin Camp­bell FTW.”

Pro­duc­tion started on Feb­ru­ary 26th, totalling over 100 days.

Green Lantern characters revealed in new posters July 27th, 2010

Warner Bros. have released 4 Comic-con Green Lantern char­ac­ter posters, show­ing Blake Lively as Carol Fer­ris, Mark Strong as Sine­stro, Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jor­dan and Peter Sars­gaard as Hec­tor Hammond.

Green Lantern SDCC footage description July 26th, 2010

A teaser trailer was shown at the open­ing of the Green Lantern SDCC panel, most of us were not lucky enough to be there and see Ryan Reynolds in action. And whilst the WB aren’t likely to release this video any time soon, a descrip­tion is the best we can hope for.

From SHH:

It’s essen­tially a teaser which starts off with a glow­ing green ball and an alien voiceover that says:

“Wel­come inhab­i­tants of sec­tor 2814. The Guardians have cho­sen you as can­di­dates for enlist­ment but before you can be recruited, you must be tested. The light you see before you is con­trolled by your will. Focus on the light. If you will it, it will be. Now, focus.”

That ball of green light con­tin­ues to pulse and get larger and larger before it blasts the screen with a wave of green light.

We then hear Reynolds’ voiceover say­ing the Green Lantern oath and a quick mon­tage of footage cut together that went by very fast, includ­ing a close-up of Reynolds as Hal Jor­dan, his hand hold­ing the ring, we see him in street clothes being pulled upwards and see a later scene in which he’s tak­ing on crim­i­nals by using the ring to form a giant fist that throws a round­house punch knock­ing out a bunch of guys. We get a very brief glimpse of Hec­tor Ham­mond and Tomar Re. (We pre­sume that the voiceover was Abin Sur, but we’re not sure.)

After the oath is done, we hear the orig­i­nal alien voiceover say­ing, “The choice has been made.”

The light we saw ear­lier starts form­ing into the GL emblem and then we see the logo is “Await Fur­ther Con­tact Sum­mer 2011.” (Hope­fully, they’ll show it again so we can catch more since it went by very fast.)

Video highlights from Green Lantern panel July 26th, 2010

Warner Bros. have released a video of SDCC Green Lantern high­lights, includ­ing Ryan Reynolds say­ing the Green Lantern oath.

Green Lantern logo revealed July 25th, 2010

Yet more news from SDCC, the offi­cial Green Lantern logo has been unveiled:

Abin Sur unveiled at SDCC July 25th, 2010

In the main WB booth at SDCC is the cof­fin and corpse of the pur­ple and fatally wounded Abin Sur.

First picture of Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern July 25th, 2010

On set Ryan Reynolds has been per­form­ing in a per­for­mance cap­ture suit, so until now, despite pic­tures cap­tured on set, no one has seen the suit. Until now. Enter­tain­ment Weekly got the exclu­sive, and their front cover is as fol­lows, show­ing the green light puls­ing out, as if behind lay­ers of mus­cle, as looks awe­some, with the excep­tion of the dodgy look­ing mask. With this suit being com­pletely CG, it’s plau­si­ble that it will con­stantly move, pulse and inter­act with Reynolds in very inter­est­ing ways.

Six fur­ther shots also show Blake Lively, Tim Rob­bins, Angela Bas­sett and Peter Sarsgaard.

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