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Green Lantern characters revealed in new posters July 27th, 2010

Warner Bros. have released 4 Comic-con Green Lantern char­ac­ter posters, show­ing Blake Lively as Carol Fer­ris, Mark Strong as Sine­stro, Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jor­dan and Peter Sars­gaard as Hec­tor Hammond.

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mark wright August 3rd, 2010

hi i love green lantern but i kow all about the first green lantern which alan scott is the the first green lantern from the 1940’s i have all the info i still like hal jor­don but alan scott is best.

shawn September 25th, 2010

i seen a trailer the other day that looked very oth­en­tic but ryan reynolds wasnt hal jor­dan whats up with that