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This is a site about the live action movie adaptation of Metal Gear Solid, the video game franchise created by Konami directed by Hideo Kojima. Dedicated to everything new on this upcoming project, we support the cause, providing it doesn't turn into a terrible hollywood betrayal.

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Movies that inspired the games January 21st, 2009

Tsu­taya are show­ing off a list of Hideo Kojima’s 15 favorite movies that have inspired the game fran­chise. Note the inter­est­ing omis­sion of “Escape from New York”.

The Guns of Navarone
The Great Escape
2001: A Space Odyssey
Planet of the Apes (orig­i­nal)
The Deer Hunter
Dawn of the Dead
Full Metal Jacket
Die Hard
Black Hawk Down
Chil­dren of Men
Bourne Series
Casino Royale (with Daniel Craig)

Can we expect a movie adap­ta­tion in the same vein as these choices?

Hat tip to /Film

Paul Thomas Anderson NOT Directing May 19th, 2008

Seems like the inter­net is once again up to mis­chief, this time it revolves around “There will be blood” direc­tor, Paul Thomas Anderson.

Kotaku recently spoke with Aki Saito — the fel­low han­dling movie nego­ti­a­tions. When quizzed about Kojima’s involve­ment with the movie, he responded:

Hol­ly­wood has great respect for Mr. Kojima. They want to meet with him. Kojima will be act­ing as a pro­ducer, but we don’t know how involved he’ll be as a pro­ducer. Often Hol­ly­wood adap­ta­tions have the orig­i­nal game cre­ator involved at the begin­ning, but some­where along the line they fall out of view. This is why it’s very impor­tant for us to care­fully pick the stu­dio for this project.

Before adding that Paul Thomas Ander­son was an inter­ested direc­tor. This cir­cu­lated the world wide web like some elec­tron­i­cally fuelled wild­fire. There was some spec­u­la­tion that the much less aus­pi­cious Paul W.S. Ander­son (Alien Vs. Preda­tor) had been mis­taken for some­one with tal­ent. Luck­ily Col­lider stepped in to clarify:

I’ve emailed [movie] pro­ducer Mike De Luca and he said the rumor about Paul Thomas Ander­son is “com­pletely false and ridiculous.”

So that’s that.

Second MGS Philanthropy trailer released April 27th, 2008

Before we begin — this is a trailer for a fan made, directed and pro­duced movie “Phil­an­thropy”, it is not the offi­cial film, the pro­duc­tion qual­i­ties on this effort are far supe­rior to the major­ity of fan ded­i­ca­tions to be found on the net and this should be recog­nised. A lot of peo­ple mis­in­ter­preted the first trailer.

Now for the trailer, brought to you by MGS Phil­an­thropy:

Interview with Mike De Luca March 31st, 2008

Col­lider had the chance to meet with Michael De Luca (writer of Judge Dredd, pro­ducer on Blade II, Zathura, Ghost Rider) at ShoW­est and dis­cuss, amongst other things, the Metal Gear movie adap­ta­tion. I’ve picked out the rel­e­vant MGS related con­tent from the inter­view for you. De Luca dis­cusses the aim of the adap­ta­tion and achiev­ing an inde­pen­dent cin­e­matic aura whilst stay­ing true to the fran­chise, he also clar­i­fies his pre­vi­ous com­ment on Kurt Wim­mer — he is not direct­ing, he isn’t even hired yet — he is cur­rently involved in the adap­ta­tion writ­ing process. Though this doesn’t rule him out for a direct­ing role in the future.

Col­lider: So this is the ques­tion that every fan…I’m ask­ing this for every fan…what are you going to do to finally make a kick-ass video game movie?

Mike De Luca: I mean, hope­fully not screw it up.  For me adapt­ing a video game is just like adapt­ing a book or a play or any other…whenever you’re adapt­ing from another medium for film you try to take into account what you need to do to make it a movie. 

With books it’s how you com­pen­sate for not being inside a character’s head and with video games I think what you have to com­pen­sate for is the loss of inter­ac­tiv­ity, you know.  What makes video games fun is that you get to be the char­ac­ter and you’re sit­ting there rul­ing the uni­verse and it’s a really first per­son inter­ac­tive expe­ri­ence.  When you’re in your the­atre seat, you’re stuck with these sub­jec­tive ver­sions of the story and the game from a direc­tor or the writer’s point of view.  You can’t inter­act with what’s going on so what­ever turns you on about the game, you’re imme­di­ately disadvantaged […]

So I think the bar is higher and I think in the past, peo­ple haven’t real­ized that they set the bar low for video game movies think­ing that oh, there’s a built in audi­ence and we don’t need to go crazy with this movie. […] [In Metal Gear Solid] the Cain and Able story between Solid Snake and Liq­uid Snake and their rela­tion­ship with their father and the sto­ry­line of Metal Gear Solid 4 has the mak­ings….there’s so much story in Metal Gear as opposed to other video games that I think it’s going to be a chal­lenge but it’s an upscale prob­lem to have so much the­matic sub­texts and story mate­r­ial to draw from, so I think we have a leg up already. It’s such a rich uni­verse and Kojima is like George Lucas in terms of cre­at­ing this uni­verse so what it says about war by proxy in this kind of future where war has been out­sourced to pri­vate com­pa­nies I think can be almost very top­i­cal and also kind of satir­i­cal in like a “Robo­cop” kind of way, so I think if we can get a script that hon­ors the sto­ry­line of all 4 games, but that also has a cin­e­matic aes­thetic you know the kind of aes­thetic Ver­ho­even brought to “Robo­cop” or the kind of aes­thetic the Wachowski’s brought to “The Matrix”.  If there’s a cin­e­matic iden­tity to the piece that exists on its own, it doesn’t con­flict with the DNA of the game, you know that’s our goal is to pull off those 2 things.  Not mess with the DNA of the game but pro­vide a movie that is an adap­ta­tion but that has it’s own cin­e­matic iden­tity so even if you don’t play the game you know, you’ll come out of that movie feel­ing like you did at the end of “The Matrix” or the end of “Robo­cop”.  That’s our goal anyway.

Col­lider: I guess that being said, have you thought […] $100 mil­lion movie—this is a sum­mer block­buster or this is going to be one of these mid-range kind of things?

Mike De Luca: No, they know it’s big.  I mean, we don’t want it to be crazy big but they know it’s big on the big­ger side of things.

[…] This writer Kurt Wim­mer is one of the peo­ple we’re look­ing at to talk to about pitch­ing on it.
[…] Kurt is like one of many peo­ple we’re talk­ing to about pitch­ing us back a take on adapt­ing the fran­chise. He hasn’t been hired or anything.

Development underway, Kurt Wimmer a possible director March 17th, 2008

At the Planet Hol­ly­wood Casino in Las Vegas, as part of the pro­mo­tion for Sony’s “21”, Com­ing Soon caught up with Michael De Luca (writer of Judge Dredd, pro­ducer on Blade II, Zathura, Ghost Rider). In speak­ing with him, he revealed that now the writer’s strikes have ended, the devel­op­ment of the Metal Gear Solid movie has swung back into action.

De Luca also men­tioned an upcom­ing meet­ing with Kurt Wim­mer, direc­tor and writer of Equi­lib­rium. A num­ber of fans have pre­vi­ously expressed a desire to involve him in the game to movie adap­ta­tion — they may yet get their wish. His involve­ment isn’t yet con­firmed and we can only spec­u­late as to his poten­tial role.

Welcome to Movie Chronicles September 18th, 2007

A blog net­work deliv­er­ing the lat­est news updates on a range of in-production block­buster movies.

Christian Bale as Snake? September 12th, 2007

The UK pub­li­ca­tionNuts” (NSFW) pre­dom­i­nantly for males, has report­edly been talk­ing with Chris­t­ian Bale, so our reader Pablo tells us,

In the lat­est edi­tion of Nuts mag­a­zine ( UK ) there is an inter­view with Chris­t­ian Bale, in which he states he‘s in the run­ning to play Solid Snake in the 2009 movie Metal Gear Solid.

This is noth­ing more than a rumor at the moment, and Nuts isn’t well known for its news­wor­thi­ness. Let’s see how this one evolves.

David Hayter has no involvement in the Metal Gear Solid Movie May 15th, 2007

David Hayter will have no defin­ing involve­ment in the live action metal gear solid movie adap­ta­tion. Hayter him­self, the voice of Solid Snake and screenwriter/actor, wrote a treat­ment for the film how­ever Kon­ami and the big play­ers turned it down.

Hayter has not been hired to script or pro­duce the upcom­ing fea­ture, should he have been, the film may have fol­lowed his intended direc­tion, which was, “Metal Gear as the Apoc­a­lypse Now of the dig­i­tal age, with Snake at the cen­ter of a swirling whirlpool of Genomic/military mad­ness.

A 90% major­ity vote at IGN believe omit­ting Hayter from the pro­ceed­ings is a mis­take.  Hayter has pre­vi­ously been involved with the screen­plays of Brian Signer’s X-men and X2 and he is cer­tainly expe­ri­enced enough to do the job, cou­pled with a plen­ti­ful stash of MGS knowl­edge surely he’d be the per­fect man for the job?

Source: IGN

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