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Christian Bale as Snake? September 12th, 2007

The UK pub­li­ca­tionNuts” (NSFW) pre­dom­i­nantly for males, has report­edly been talk­ing with Chris­t­ian Bale, so our reader Pablo tells us,

In the lat­est edi­tion of Nuts mag­a­zine ( UK ) there is an inter­view with Chris­t­ian Bale, in which he states he‘s in the run­ning to play Solid Snake in the 2009 movie Metal Gear Solid.

This is noth­ing more than a rumor at the moment, and Nuts isn’t well known for its news­wor­thi­ness. Let’s see how this one evolves.

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Chris­t­ian Bale to play Snake in upcom­ing Metal Gear Solid movie? — GAMER​.BLORGE​.com September 12th, 2007

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Vik­tor September 12th, 2007

Well, Like I said about Viggo, It won’t be David but it is still a dif­fer­ent Medium.

Brett October 4th, 2007

i think Chris­t­ian Bale would be awe­some. But I per­son­ally think that Tom Jane would be amaz­ing, he looks the role. They should just go with the sto­ry­line of Metal Gear Solid for the PS1 that plays like a movie already, that would estab­lish the char­ac­ters for every­one who isn’t famil­iar with the game and then the sequels could go in thier own direction.

moustafa October 8th, 2007

it is an excel­lent idea that metal gear solid will be finally a movie but I’m not so sure about Chris­t­ian Bale as Snake. Which game is the movie going to be based on?

Pépé The Viking October 15th, 2007

if any­body plays Snake it should fucken be Hugh Jack­man he would be fucken awsome as Snake

Bensonman3 October 19th, 2007

Hugh Jack­man dude, best bet

Yongkykun October 19th, 2007

I think Chris­t­ian Bale will bring a great per­for­mance on screen as Snake but being a Metal Gear fan, I don’t think that Bale has the charisma for the char­ac­ter. I’d per­son­ally go for Hugh Jack­man.. I mean, he’s got he physique, the look, and the David Hayter-esque voice.

So I hope, it’s just a rumor… Let Bale be known as Bat­man, not Snake.. man?

EZ October 22nd, 2007

Hugh Jack­man is a per­fect fit for the role. can’t wait!

Sgt.Beotch October 22nd, 2007

Tom Jane all the way

Mr.Anonymous October 25th, 2007

I agree, Hugh Jack­man should be snake! In my opin­ion he’s a way bet­ter actor than Bale. I’m sorry, but the guy can only play the roles of the pussy char­ac­ters like Bat­man. Snake’s not one of those kinda char­ac­ters! I can def­i­nitely imag­ine Hugh Jack­man sneak­ing up on some­one, and slit­ting their throat, bet­ter than that Bale guy. No offense.……

drunkloverssinners&saints November 4th, 2007

When i first heard that a mgs movie was in the works
i thought hugh jack­man would be a good choice. He’s rugged, tough and looks mys­te­ri­ous. I also though maybe chris­t­ian bale
could be good choice but i dunno if he has the per­son­al­ity in his act­ing to pull it off. Jake Gyl­len­haal could pull it off, he could kinda look the part but it would be tricky. I could also see Thomas Jane, He’s pretty tough in the pun­isher and could pull it off. i dunno those are just some idea’s. I will how­ever boy­cott the film if they throw some actor like tom cruise or matt damon or brad pit into the rank of solid snake.

Spooy November 4th, 2007

@009 Movie lol wow what alot of time for hype .

Tyrone — email is TyroneN2​4​4​0​@​Colchester.​ac.​uk November 8th, 2007

Can any­one tell me when the movie is being released?

Can’t wait as i’ve played the games and i know the movie will be great.

Bruce November 12th, 2007

I think viggo morten­son would play an awe­some Solid or Liq­uid Snake, he’s a good actor, he can act both seri­ous and BA(Snake) or Evil and twisted(Liquid), he has the voice and body for Snake

Chris­t­ian Bale is too big and baby faced for Solid Snake

Jay­dan November 12th, 2007

Tom Jane is to old now.. i dont think hell even be up to shape for this movie like the punisher…I really think it should be ERIC DANE! from greys anatomy..hes the ulti­mate char­ac­ter that should play solid snake.

Jay­dan November 12th, 2007

Hes a new actor and for some­one to play david hayter should be some­one that is not been to exposed to the hol­ly­wood world right now cause it might taint what you think of them play­ing the part. also i believe that hugh jack­man can play the part but its just that hes wolver­ine and chris­t­ian is bale so a new actor would be best to play this part.

dan November 16th, 2007

bale is the best snake for this role i think they should have fat­man as well try­ing to blow up shadow mosses they should put every mg char­ac­tor inthis movie.

Mgs_is_life November 17th, 2007

I don’t know about Chris­t­ian Bale but i am sure that there is nobody that can act snake’s char is the big screen.Snake is unique,the way he talks the things he says even the way he moves are a pack­age that cann’t be found in one actor​.In my opin­ion this movie is going to be the “noth­ing special”.Maybe it is some­thing more or some­thing less thsn that. I wish to a great movie that will make my great inter­est for MGS even bigger(hard^^).For me a great actor for the part would be Hugh Jack­man with some look changes(more like Snake).

Angel November 24th, 2007

Hugh Jack­man looks more like Solid Snake than any other actor out there.He should be offered role of Snake “HANDS DOWN”.I have been wait­ing for a long time for this movie to come out and I AM 100% Pos­i­tive that Hugh Jack­man should play this role and would do so as the best Solid Snake EVER

Angel November 24th, 2007

I think its just plain rude that David Hayter has no involve­ment in the movie.sry i had to say that

BruceS­nake November 29th, 2007

I think with a movie like this they need to use an undis­cov­ered actor some­one who hasnt been seen on the big screen.

Adding a top spot­light actor will kill the feel­ing of this movie just like when angelina jolie was added to Tomb Raider.

Most of the actors in LOTR were unheard of before the movie and look how well that turned out.

I myself believe I am a look a like to Solid Snake and I have good expe­ri­ence in acting.

Anthony December 1st, 2007

i’m hav­ing trou­ble decid­ing who would be a bet­ter Snake,Christian Bale, or Eric Bana, Both good actors and i would really mind between the two​.as long as its not Tom Jane​.im not really pic­tur­ing him as a good SolidSnake.

Beku­rah Toshin December 5th, 2007

Hugh Jack­man?? Okay, not that he isn’t a great actor… but… what the hell??? o_O
Sorry, but I per­son­ally don’t think he fits the bill. Chris­t­ian Bale would work great I think, I can totally see it. He’s got the look, and he’s an amaz­ing actor… I can see him bring­ing Snake to life and onto the big screen. ;) But what­ever, I trust Bale to always take the right parts, and one way or another we’ll get to see Snake at a The­ater. lol

Sil­verp­slm December 6th, 2007

I think Hugh Jack­mon would be a great Snake

Dark­Neko December 8th, 2007

ok guys not includ­ing David Hayter as Snake(or other involvment)in this movie,is betrayal!C’mon David as all to play Snake,not Chris­t­ian Bale and viggo doesn’t have the face for,sorry but i hate when they do hor­ri­ble things like this.David is Snake’s voice actor,they can’t do that to us i can’t imag­ine Chris­t­ian bale with Snake’s voice…we must sign a petition.

claire December 9th, 2007

i think bale would be a good choice but if you really want the snake expier­ence i think you should go for sean bean he got the look the physique and def­fi­natly the attitude

Richard December 10th, 2007

Om my god.…
after seeyin ya guys talk bout this subject..mmmm dunno
Chris­t­ian Bale is a good one but… doesnt have the right dark voice … indeed “Yongkykun” and “Bensonman3” are right bout it :P …hugh jack­man would do good man…
mzzl … MGS biggest fan hahaha

jeff December 11th, 2007

I think Viggo would make a great Snake. There’s noth­ing to say about his tal­ent as an actor; plus i see a lit­tle bit of snake in his eyes and chin.
Kojima’s prob­a­bly right…
I’m root­ing for Viggo!

Dia­mond December 16th, 2007

I think that Chris­tain Bale would make a good snake…he has the look and duh there is alwayz hol­ly­wood make up 2 make em look older…he is a great actor and i hope he does get the role…i think that it fits him very well and i hope that this movie really does come out.. it is an awe­some video game with great action and hope­fully its not a haox

molokai December 17th, 2007

chris­t­ian bale is good but i think hugh jack­man is better.

Josh December 18th, 2007

Too bad Kurt Rus­sell is too old to play Snake. Snake was based of his char­ac­ter, so why not return the favor?

Amber December 19th, 2007

Dude, Chris­t­ian Bale is per­fect | 3!!! In Bat­man Begins when he did the low voice, it sounded awe­some. If he worked on it a bit he would sound per­fect and LOOK AWESOME X3!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

solid jake December 19th, 2007

i say get a totally unknown actor who is new because if like some­body like hugh jack­man or some other fag­got it would would the movie lame and corny like when they casted the rock for DOOM i thought it was just all hype . if they get any­one they aught to get like a selver­ster salone [SP?] kinda guy yea know

Sor­cer­ess Aylin December 23rd, 2007

Hon­estly, if you do a search by the name of David Hayter on google by image, you will see that this guy can fit very well on the phys­i­cal pro­file of Snake…and is the voice that all of use are used to. David Hayter should be at least con­sider for the role.

Matt January 2nd, 2008

One if their going to make an MGS movie than they have to put Huge jack­man in as Snake no sec­ond thoughts there if not mabey Clive owen but that doesn’t mat­ter as much as the fact of how greatly is hol­ly­wood gonna screw it up in gen­eral?
I mean look at past movies such as res­i­dent evil hit­man and super mario bro’s (well i loved smb just cuz i was a huge fan :)
ect. So im look­ing for­ward to it but at the same time im worried.

snake January 3rd, 2008

eric bana or chris­tain bale would be perfect

alvin January 3rd, 2008

bad ass snake requires bad ass actor.. rus­sell crowe?

thomas January 4th, 2008

For­get actors, the movie should real­is­ti­cally be done in CGI. Imag­ine, that way we could have the actual Snake slith­er­ing on the big screen, with David Hayter pro­vid­ing his voice. Then all those crazy stunts from the games would actu­ally be pos­si­ble. It’s alright see­ing an actor por­tray Snake, but would it not be bet­ter for the role to be filled by… Snake him­self?! Only thing is, that might cost a lot more, but if they’re gonna make a movie they might as well go the whole way, right? .….….….….. hav­ing said that, Hugh Jack­man would be pretty cool :-)

woot January 5th, 2008

what the hell! chris­t­ian bale as snake he sucked as bat­man hes no good as snake, we need a guy that looks sort of like clint east­wood for snake but not as much as a badass tough guy just a bit shady and secre­tive. but chris­t­ian bale? wtf!?

Jesse Jerome January 5th, 2008

I think they should make the film ‘for’ HUGH JACKMAN, he’s the only acter who could pull it off, hes perfect.

dalapic January 6th, 2008

David Hayter should be snake

Alix January 6th, 2008

I think Bale would prob­a­bly be bet­ter as Ocelot, if they have them in there. Hugh Jack­man seems to be the bet­ter bet

cperales January 7th, 2008

Hugh Jack­man is the per­fect snake!!

Chris­t­ian Bale has a weird mouth when he talks and I don’t even like him as bat­man much less Snake!!

Viggo .…..Two Thumbs Down

MGS .…Yeah Baby!

film guy January 9th, 2008

that would rock.. Bale does a great mil­i­tary guy

Will January 10th, 2008


Pine January 10th, 2008

I think Hugh Jack­man would be an awe­some choice for play­ing Snake…he has a per­fect voice and just look­ing at a photo of him I can eas­ily pic­ture it.

solid January 10th, 2008

Viggo could pull it off, if hideo thinks so than I think so! Hugh Jack­man could be snake, he has the spirit of solid snake at a younger age, viggo as an older snake. Chris­t­ian Bale wouldn’t make the cut, he is much too young and he isn’t that great of an actor, just lis­ten to his voice on bat­man it is bad. I wish kurt rus­sell was a bit younger he is perfect.

Gwar­fan January 19th, 2008

i at tie between hugh jack­man and thomas jane after see­ing the mist when thomas charc­ter says is this part of some gov­er­ment fuck up he sounds just like snake but snake is a badass hugh jack­man cna pull off one line char­ac­ter who do one lin­ers like snake and make sense also viggo no way he sounds to much like a pussy(my opinon) and bale idk i agree let him be known for batman

Don­nie January 22nd, 2008

every­body thats say­ing chris­t­ian bale would be a bad actor should con­sider how well estab­lished his career is so far, he can play almost any role and puts alot of work into each one pre-film, such as los­ing weight for the machin­ist, hes played every­thing from a psy­chopath, to a bad ass, actu­ally quite a few men­tally unsta­ble char­ac­ters, but he would most defi­nately get the job done, and well. as for viggo i am not a per­sonal fan, but he would be a good choice, but it depends on the age of snake as well if you think about it, viggo would be an alright older snake but any­thing before 40 i dunno.

alex January 24th, 2008

who­ever kojima chooses i think it’ll be right. i wouldnt mind bale as snake

Man­tis January 25th, 2008

After see­ing Spielberg´s “Munich”, I´m sure that Eric Bana could be a really decent Snake. He´s got the voice and the body, and actu­ally it´s not the silly boy he was in Hulk. With a lit­tle makup, Bale could play the crazy “Liq­uid” and we would be safe from an excess of graph­ics and ani­ma­tion. I WANT REAL ACTORS AND REAL STAGES!

But Viggo… aja­ja­ja­ja­ja­jaaa… please, don´t do that!

All I want it´s to see a good Revolver Ocelot in Sam Elliot. Period.

bill January 28th, 2008

Josh Hol­loway from lost hes perfect

Josh February 1st, 2008

Chris­t­ian Bale Would be a great Solid Snake. He’s got the build, tal­ent, and he takes his role really seriously!

Meep meep February 7th, 2008

So… i think most of the peo­ple in this forum thread thing
are some­what crazy. I think for the metal gear movie to have some suc­cess it needs an unknown actor in the ranks of snake. And then have some A or B list actors as the sec­ondary char­ac­ters. I agree chris­t­ian bale would be good, but he has bat­man. Viggo would be good, but he has the LOTR. Hugh would be great too but he has Xman. They all have their big box office titles and their rep­u­ta­tion will just make snake look corny to a degree. Your all think­ing lets cram this movie with tons of A-listers and just because of that it will be epic, I dont think that will work, but maybe thats just me. I would like to see john voight as ocelot, i dunno if he could pull off the russ­ian accent and be as tough but it would be inter­est­ing perhaps?

Meep meep February 7th, 2008

I for­got to men­tion that i agree with the per­son above
who men­tioned what hap­pend with dwyane john­son (aka the rock)
and doom, you cant just throw the big actor in town into a role with high expec­ta­tions from the big fans..

Rainer February 7th, 2008

no way, not chris­t­ian bale or tom jane or hugh jack­man. snake should be played by tom cruise. he looked just like snake in the movie collateral.

tay­lor February 13th, 2008

i thing chris­t­ian bale is the wrong choice it shoule be some one like kurt russel

Alex February 19th, 2008

The only per­son truly meant to play snake is Kurt Rus­sel, since that is who snake was mod­eled after (Escape From New York: SNAKE (iro­quois) PLISKIN) BUT Kurt Rus­sel is too old so the world must deal with­out. I think Hayter could pull it off, since snake’s face is cov­ered by the beard and the ban­dana any­way and his voice is what you rec­og­nize him best for.

SLDSNK February 24th, 2008

Why is every­one say­ing Kurt Rus­sel is too old? Snake is 40 or some­thing is the 1st MGS.

Lazlo February 27th, 2008

Let’s break it down nice and sim­ple:
snake — snake’s voice = NOT snake
The whole rea­son any­body ever watched any sin­gle cutscene or lis­tened to any radio in the game was to hear that gravely voice. Tak­ing David Hayter off of this project would be like tak­ing off super mario’s mus­tache. If you put chris­t­ian bale in this movie you might as well just watch black hawk down.

row­ell john March 6th, 2008

David Hayter’s voice is per­fect for SNAKE but can he be the per­fect actor for SNAKE…??? I don’t think so.….

chris­t­ian bale would be a wrong choice for SNAKE.….
I more like Hugh Jack­manm, he is much bet­ter than any actor for the char­ac­ter of SNAKE.…

two thumbs up for Metal Gear Solid.…

row­ell john March 6th, 2008

HUGH JACKMAN would be per­fect for the SNAKE character.…

so sad for David Hayter he was a great hit for the voice of SNAKE in the Game but can he act as the SNAKE char­ac­ter in the movie..??? i don’t think so.….

row­ell john March 6th, 2008


Miller March 6th, 2008

Thomas Jane from the Pun­isher would make a per­fect Snake… dye his hair black let him grow out a lit­tle stub­ble, and he would be PERFECT. But I think they should make it a CG movie.

Kurt Rus­sell is too old, but I agree his type is what they should be aim­ing at. And I don’t think Hugh Jack­man would be good, his head is too wide. Snake has slen­der head and Thomas Jane is per­fect. If you don’t believe me, watch the Punisher

jak March 9th, 2008

Defo not an A list celeb to play snake but they could play as some of the other char­ac­ters like ocelot, ota­con, meryl, camp­bell, etc. Hugh Bale or viggo all can con­tribute a lot to the role but all of them are miss­ing some­thing… maybe an actor who hasnt been in many movies but still fits the role of snake. Then they cud make their debut in mgs movie and it wud make the film more appeal­ing. I knw that wen i see an actor i havnt seen before they seem to fit their role per­fectly. Sean Bean wud b ace for liq­uid but its a shame that snake and liqiud are twins grrrrr! he wud b bril­liant as liq­uid! n maybe not so bad for snake. And lukin at hayter it just seems so right but yet he doesnt luk like snake as much as oth­ers do. The cgi idea is gud tho lol then the true voice of snake cud be used. Any­wayz kojima will pik the right per­son to fit the role and if some other recog­nis­able faces are in the movie then it may become quite a hit!

project_29a March 18th, 2008

i agree that hugh jack­man should be cast as the role of snake as i believe that chris­t­ian bale couldnt cut it as snake. but besides that who would play the 6 mem­bers of fox­hound ?
any suggestions ?

metal gear awesome March 29th, 2008

eric bana is a good actor to play as snake, just look at him in black hawk down its a awe­some film.

Jor­dan March 30th, 2008

Bale can play any role he sets out to do.
Put him in a sneak­ing suit, head­band, and the hair, I could def­i­nitely see him as Snake from MGS1.

yang wenli March 30th, 2008

Chris­t­ian Bale is going to be a great choice with his mus­tache & his chin and his long hair is going to be per­fect
i sug­gest the other char­ac­ters roles for the these actors:

gene hack­man = Roy Camp­bell
Anthony Hop­kins = Ken­neth Baker
Rachael Tay­lor = Naomi Hunter
Ziyi Zhang = Mei Ling
Robert Patrick = Mas­ter Miller
Cate Blanchett = Nas­tasha Roma­nenko
Michael Clarke Dun­can = Vul­can Raven
Danny Glover = Decoy Octo­pus + Don­ald Ander­son
Jon Voight = Jim House­man
Angelina Jolie = Sniper Wolf

in the end this is just an opinion !!

Yigael April 1st, 2008

I think for Snake, the best one would be Kurt Russell(hell, he already does a Snake char­ac­ter!) my choices would be

Kurt Rus­sell: Snake
Hugh Jack­man: Liq­uid Snake
Michael Clarke Dun­can or Dwayne Johnson(The Rock):Vulcan Raven
Crispin Glover: Psy­cho Man­tis
Cate Blanchett: Sniper Wolf
Ocelot: sev­eral come to my mind, Sam Neil, Rut­ger Hauer(dont if he might be too old)James Masters(Spike from Buffy, has the atti­tude and pos­si­ble the most lookalike)

kevin April 11th, 2008

chris­t­ian bale is gonna be awe­some for the role of snake!
he is so gonna rock the movie! he is the great­est actor ever! hugh jack­mans gud but not as gud as bale

bales the per­fect fit for the role and im pretty sure abt that!

kevin April 11th, 2008

hey wt abt this bale por­trays snake and hayter does­the voice actind that would be an excel­lent combination

peter April 17th, 2008

although all these a and b lis­ters sound good a lessor known but well estab­lished is nec­es­sary, and in the games it sug­gests that snake was trained by the sas so its pos­si­ble he is british maybe this should be taken into account. all this con­cidered i feel the best man for the job due to his looks age and type of act­ing i.e. he has played an sas char­ac­ter and other mil­i­tary types includ­ing secret agents would be sean bean look him up. it makes sense

david April 26th, 2008

i actu­ally do think that Bale is a good option to play the role of snake in the movie, how­ever he will have to work out his body a bit more and to incre­ment his body weight as well. i would like also viggo mortensen as Solid Snake!
there is some­thing i’ll like to add: the pro­duc­ers as well as the direc­tors and staffs must already now about this but i will say it just in case, if you want this movie to be suc­cess­full there are two basics thing you can’t leave behind: the 1º: choos­ing the best actor for snake is one of the most impor­tant thing you’ll have to face, some­one that can inter­pre­tates or mim­ics him in all points of view, it would help a lot if that actor is really famous (like viggo)
the 2º: the most impor­tant things are the plot and the action!
you must cre­ate a plot alike to the video game, and the action must be intense, with new scenes and spe­cial effects that havent been shown in the so called “new gen­er­a­tion movies” (the movies of today). The metal gear solid snake movie must bring us, the fans, some­thing new in the art of mak­ing movies. Oth­er­wise the movie will be dis­s­a­point­ing, remem­ber that fans are wait­ing for this event to hap­pen from a long time ago, but i’m sure that kojima won’t let’s us down!
good luck to all of you peo­ple, and let’s just pray to god the movie its going to be exce­lent and that it would be a wor­thy one!

Ibok April 30th, 2008

DAmn everyon ehere knows that only The Bruce Willis would be the shit as snake.

Sil­verfyre May 1st, 2008

Any­one here watch Lost? TELL me that Josh Hol­loway (aka Sawyer) wouldn’t make the per­fect Snake… Look him up on IMDB if you haven’t seen the show and/or don’t believe me.

Mark May 2nd, 2008

You guys are over­look­ing so many possibilities.

Alright solid snake in the game is pretty much an amer­i­can hero right…alright so who out there is an amer­i­can hero.…

I got it, Stephen Colbert!

Jesus Christ May 5th, 2008

Ok, this is what I think. Chris­t­ian Bale was great in BATMAN BEGINS, but I don’t think he is cut out to play solid snake. Snake is enig­matic, Bat­man is not. I hon­estly think that Hugh Jack­man should play snake, and have his voice replaced by David Hayter, so that the full effect of MGS can be expe­ri­enced. Also, I read on IMDB that Hideo and Wim­mer are going to com­pletely change the sto­ry­line, which would make me very upset, because the script for MGS and the whole sto­ry­line is awe­some as it is. I guar­an­tee that if they devi­ate in any way from the game, the movie will be dog crap stew.

Oscar May 7th, 2008

What about Kurt Rus­sel? He is the orig­i­nal Snake, He’s played that Solid Snake atti­tude in both Escape movies. Doesn’t any­boby think he could still play the role of Solid Snake.

dredge May 10th, 2008

The major prob­lem about movie adap­ta­tions of video games is that the peo­ple in charge of cre­at­ing the movie rarely take any input from the very demo­graphic that they are hop­ing to appeal to.

Not hav­ing David Hayter as Snake is like tak­ing the Hell out of the Doom movie or tak­ing the fear out of silent hill movie, oh wait those did hap­pen, which made them box office failures.

when gamespot did a poll to see if peo­ple thought tak­ing Hayter off the cast was a good Idea, 89 or so per­cent believed that it was a bad move.

Lis­ten to us! or your movie will end in obscurity

Thorkiller May 15th, 2008

I just say JOSH HOLLOWAY is the per­fect choice for Snake.. He’s got the looks, the voice and he acts just like him!
When he played Sawyer in lost, he was almost like him!
That voice, and the looks, and they both were von­der­ing in the jun­gle! Just like MGS3..

Hugh Jack­man: Got the looks, but not nearly the voice like Josh. Hugh did good as Wolver­ine. And Hugh should stick to him, not 2 heroes.

Chris­t­ian Bale: I don’t think i got nei­ther the looks or the voice. He did Bat­man, and if he was play­ing snake, we almost are expect that snake are going to come out with this huge bat­mo­bile. Hell no!

Eric Bana: This would be my num­ber 2 for the Snake role. He’s also got the looks and the voice, but I would imme­di­alety expect if snake got pissed of, he would turn green.



sirhc May 28th, 2008

for one, i saw that some­one said david hayter isnt a actor…buy a movie called the guyver 2 and you will see thats him as the star. he has done movies and has writes scripts and just about every­thing all these other clowns have done, but what makes him stand out from them when it comes to MGS is that he has been doing that game since what? 1997? he is snake, there is no other, and go on youtube and watch him present the video game awards he plays snake in the jun­gle for a lit­tle skit, that was just for fun, for a real movie their would be no bet­ter per­son, because in the end the thing that makes snake SNAKE is his voice. play MGS in japan­ese, its not the same with­out david hayter. yes id go see the movie but i can promise it will not feel like metal gear with­out david hayter, plus why the hell do they NEED to make a movie, the game is a movie itself, man just take the cut scenes and put em on dvd, turn it into a CGI movie like final fan­tasy advent chil­dren, or make it into a ani­ma­tion, but dont do a live action movie UNLESS david hayter is snake…does any­one else agree with me, or am i just typ­ing nonsense?

TONY June 2nd, 2008

ERIC BANA AS SNAKE!!! when i saw him in BHD, I saw snake.. all he needs is a lit­tle stu­ble and a bandana..He has to be he is NOT asso­ci­ated with any trendy super heroe yet..PLEASE DIRECTOR GUYS..It has to be him!!!

SUPERGX June 3rd, 2008

I per­son­ally think there should be a new face. There’s a lot of tal­ented guys look­ing for a chance. For such a charis­matic role there should be a very large audi­tion with non-famous actors.
But at the very least, if some star is absolutely needed, maybe Bale isn’t a bad choice. Bet­ter than the most I can think about: he’s quite sim­i­lar to the young snake (I said, QUITE, but I’d love to see a really super look-alike actor in that role), and surely he has got the talent.

For the voice I am really dis­ap­pointed for David Hayter’s absence. In their shoes I would try to make a SECOND VERSION OF THE AUDIO with him as the voice actor, just to let the peo­ple a choice in the dvd version.

P.S. I totally can’t under­stand why many of you talk about Hugh Jack­man or Eric Bana. Oh, c’mon…

SUPERGX June 3rd, 2008

Uh, for the Kurt Rus­sel one: he’s way too old, I’m sorry to say.
Clearly he could have been the great­est Snake.

resvil1 June 18th, 2008

i think the per­fect actor to play snake is none other than Josh Hal­loway (he is sawyer in Lost).

videogaming247 » Blog Archive » Chris­t­ian Bale rumoured for Snake in MGS movie June 22nd, 2008

[…] to this MGS Movie Chron­i­cles piece, UK rag Nuts is has rumoured that Chris­t­ian Bale is to play Snake in the upcom­ing Metal Gear […]

chris June 22nd, 2008

What about Josh Hol­loway? The guy that plays Sawyer in Lost. I´ve always imag­ined him as Snake. AM I WRONG!!

dar­ren June 25th, 2008

David Hayter=play snake

i cant imag­ine hearin any­one else and ruin­ing the char­ac­ter for me

Stephen Coley June 27th, 2008

It’s very pos­si­ble that Mr. Bale will play the role as Snake. If you look on imdb​.com it says that Kurt Wim­mer has been announced as the direc­tor for the MGS movie. Wim­mer has worked with Bale in the past on Equi­lib­rium. There have also been many inter­views which show a deal of inter­est of Bale and Wim­mer work­ing together again. I wouldn’t be sur­prised at all if Bale played Snake. In fact, I would be delighted. Chris­t­ian Bale is a very ded­i­cated actor, and I assume he would go to great lengths to please the MGS fans. So keep your fin­gers crossed. With out Bale, this movie will most likely flop.

ko July 2nd, 2008

I think Myke Hawke would be bet­ter than most in this role, I saw him on a sur­vival doc­u­men­tary and imme­di­ately thought “Wow, he looks like Snake”.

SAF1916 July 3rd, 2008

How has no-one men­tioned Kurt Rus­sel?
If you put on the young Snake mask, it pretty much looks like him any­way. Plus he’s prac­ti­cally played the role as “Snake Plissken” (the char­ac­ter Solid Snake was based on) in the “Escape from…” movies. And the voice is pretty much spot on.

SAF1916 July 3rd, 2008

Oops, I may have over­looked the com­ment directly above mine. Many par­dons.
I don’t think he’s too old though, any­one see him in Death Proof? Any­way, make up can pretty much solve that problem.

Daddy Knowles July 10th, 2008

Read up on Metal Gear His­tory, David hayter is the man that not only does the voice for snake but was the face that matched in the first Metal Gear on Playsta­tion. Hayter would make an amaz­ing Snake, as Bale would too. But for once i would ahve to say go with the less pop­u­lar actor for a change. The only thing that would make this movie is the orig­i­nal snake voice and some great fight­ing scenes!

The End July 11th, 2008

i hope they will cast cris­t­ian Bale because for the young snake hed be a good one
i also think david hayter could be sanke too but i dont know how old he is so idk
but most def they need david some­where in the movie!!!!

ks July 13th, 2008

david hayter should be snake

Fad­ingScor­pion July 17th, 2008

You’re all being to shal­low with your thoughts about this movie. if you know Heido Kojima, the maker of the MGS fran­chise, you would sus­pect that it wouldnt be based on any of his pre­vi­ous games. Unlike most other games in this world, Kojima’s art is brought up like episodes or even movies in its own. To make it a remake of his pre­vi­ous game would mean noth­ing to the con­tin­u­a­tion of the series, and would just be insult­ing to him and Snake. This means the the movie will be another story all together and may or may not bring back re-ocuring char­ac­ters like Raiden and Meryl although because of the pat­tern of MGS the odds are great that Liqud or Ocelot will actu­ally be a sub­ject in this movie, although im not count­ing on them being a full blown antag­o­nist. When it comes to snake, my only thought, (if i where to think like Kojima) would be to recruit some­one com­pletely new, we also have to real­ize that Kon­ami will also be in on this movie, being that this will be its first big pro­duc­tion the com­pany may not have the funds to aquire a big start like Viggo or Bale, so all in all best bet is a brand new face, but isnt that always the best bet…

NIXTASY July 18th, 2008

Dude, im just psy­ched there is finally going to be a metal gear movie…oh and are they just gonna skip the orig­i­nal meatal gears and go straight to metal gear solid???

brian July 23rd, 2008

Hmm­mmm i thought Mark Wal­berg would make a awe­some SNAKE he has the voice the look and the body.

Diman­tik August 1st, 2008

Hands down, i think Hugh Jack­man can play the role of snake, just by the way he looks, moves, talks and he in shape to do it, so i dont see why not him.

Nathan Bruce August 2nd, 2008

Has to be bale, Bale is a far greater actor than Hugh Jack­man, Hugh is a closet homo­sex­ual who does Broadway.

Bale would rock the shit out of Snake.

snakelover August 4th, 2008

I love this game n i had been playin this game since i was a lit­tle girl. i used to ask my broth­ers why dont they make a movie about this game it will be awe­some i mean look at resd evil. i loved tht game and movie was kick ass too!
i am so excited about this movie i cant wait till it comes out!
n i wud love bale or jack­man as snake. one agru­ment for bale is tht hes so fine and so is snake in mgs
I cant wait! lol

Lev­ant August 7th, 2008

I hope Josh Hol­loway can be snake.. he fits so good,he got the voice and everything.

A Bar­rel Roll August 7th, 2008

Since they are obvi­ously DOING IT WRONG by not hav­ing David Hayter play Snake, then Chris­t­ian Bale will suffice.

G0h1r August 9th, 2008

they do have the funds come on.….….….

but i agree a new face

The_One August 14th, 2008

Chris­t­ian Bale would be PERFECT for the role of Solid Snake! They’ve just gotta use him!

alexan­dra August 17th, 2008

I think Chris­t­ian bale would make an exce­lent Snake, he is a bad ass, and he have the look.

kenichi August 19th, 2008

HUGH JACKMAN has gotta be the man hands down. just draw a blue ban­danna on his head and walla SNAKE lmao. seri­ously tho. it just makes sense. it fits. chris­tain bale? ya sure.. then we would pro­lly get some hor­ri­ble voice over or some­thing like in bat­man where his voice has some crazy deep bass to it when hes the bat­man but sounds all inno­cent outta cos­tume… lame… im not diss­ing on the movie at all. it was kick @$$ for sure but the voice effect coulda been layed off lol… any­how it wouldnt be easy to be under­stood over a codec lol. but ya hugh jack­man mos def if not… peeps are just blind… still its gotta be hard to make this movie not work tho, the games are basi­cally just that in them­selves so a live action adap­tion should be effort­less =] i sure cant wait. fin­gers crossed 09′

kenichi August 19th, 2008

fad­ing scor­pion ( two com­ments above) seri­ously man?? bring in a whole new char­ac­ter for the role? seri­ously? do you not remem­ber how every­one (includ­ing me) who played mgs2 sons of lib­erty and when it was sur­prise you play as raiden peo­ples were like wtf is this lol we want snake… its only appro­pri­ate that snake does mgs. it is his thing and his alone.

DCship August 24th, 2008

Thomas Jane would be a badass Solid Snake, Chris­t­ian Bale is good, but he’s play­ing too many tough guy roles. Jane has that rough, badass, shoot you in the face atti­tude. Hugh Jack­man would be a com­plete dis­as­ter, no one is gonna think solid snake, they’re gonna think Wolver­ine with a bandanna.

Solid Racoon August 25th, 2008

I think bale would be a hor­ri­ble actor to play snake so i think hugh jack­man should seri­ously play snake but how woul he fit in the card­board box?

PJIZZLE August 25th, 2008


guy August 27th, 2008

kurt rus­sell could play big boss, since hes the older ver­sion of snake, despite the fact that hayter IS snake, hes a voice actor his only made a few other films, he has no expe­ri­ence with screen time com­pared to the likes of bale or viggo, so if this movie is going to look pro­fes­sional then they gotta use a big time actor.
my choices for snake, viggo or bale

icarus September 2nd, 2008

Daniel Day-lewis for ocelot straight up. Eric Bana looks noth­ing like snake.

HBJHB September 7th, 2008


kill3r4lyf September 7th, 2008

I think per­son­ally that David Hayter him­self should play the role of Solid Snake him­self because the voice would be the same. Bale would do great aswell but he has bet­ter act­ing as Batman

gabe September 11th, 2008

if jason stath­man grows hair hed be good for the part, i dont think bale could pull it off,

gabe September 11th, 2008

not hugh jack­man! the guy does musi­cals on his free time .…musicals.

Chase September 12th, 2008

Does any­one real­ize that the rea­son why hideo kojima actu­ally gave a “face” to snake was influ­enced by onimusha? Dur­ing MGS one, he didn’t realise how impor­tant it is to give a “face” to snake and hence didn’t pay much atten­tion to it and gave him a plain look. he was later influ­enced by the cre­ator of onimusha 1 and real­ized how an actual “face” would give the play­ers a per­son­al­ity to relate to.
Snake’s look in MGS2 is, in my opin­ion, influ­enced by the look of the main char­ac­ter in onimusha one, which in this case, the pro­ducer actu­ally took the look of the Asian actor Takeshi kaneshiro. Go google it and u’ll realise all 3 of them actu­ally look very alike!
Hence, my vote for will be for Takeshi Kaneshiro as solid snake!

tahu September 21st, 2008

many of morons here don’t know much ’bout Bale, i agree that he sucks play­ing Bat­man, but watch The Machin­ist, Amer­i­can Psy­cho, Res­cue Dawn, or just open IMDB and look for that titles, he’s a tal­ented Actor. but i’m not vote for bale, he doesn’t have snake’s voice, i vote Jackman

Eric Lagarde September 24th, 2008

Bale is a great actor, the ones you don’t like don’t know him well.

To come back to the topic, in the famous hol­ly­wood actors, I would also say Chris­t­ian bale. We know he can do CQC and we know he can act good.


I think what would be best is to find some­one, an actor of course, that is now a celebrity. This will not alter how peo­ple will inter­prete snake in the movie as an actor we used to see as some­one else, like chris­t­ian bale as Batman.

Though I sug­gest some­one that is not really known in the states but is a great actor and did a cou­ple of act­ing for Amer­i­can tv series like Nikita and a great movie: Shake Hands with the Devil.
Roy Dupuis.

Guys, google “shake hands with the devil” and you’ll see what I mean. He can Totally play BOTH mgs1 Snake And MGS4 snake. Though all he needs is a bit of train­ing to fit snakes body.

Eric Lagarde September 24th, 2008


Noes with his accent ! his Face ! And his recently pow pow plain action film with­out con­tent. He’s a good actor for big action movies but metal gear is more than that. Way more

Eric Lagarde September 24th, 2008

Good point “Chase” but do you see him with a gray stache ?

Chase September 25th, 2008

Yeah…i guess it won be easy to make him into old snake, but i reckon it’ll be dif­fi­cult for other can­di­dates as well. But of course his main prob­lem is that he looks too Asian to be solid snake, but then again, it was from him that snake got his looks!
Hence come to think of it, Solid snake is actu­ally an Asian-looking Amer­i­can espi­onage agent. Hideo Kojima is a genius.

Rob October 14th, 2008

Hugh Jack­man would be a great role for Snake. But I dont know he would look with a mul­let because thats the kind of hair Snake has.

Sara October 16th, 2008

Hey if you know about act­ing you would go with Bale. Hugh Jack­man sucks at that. But Snake does not need a great per­for­mance though so…

Sara October 16th, 2008

Think­ing of Chris­t­ian Bale again I think it would be waste of tal­ent and he is too good look­ing. Snake is kind of shy, go with the flow char­ac­ter that can be played by Hugh Jackman.

If Hideo wants to give per­son­al­ity to Snake for the first time (like Christo­pher Nolan in Bat­man Begins with Bruce Wayne) he would have to cast a very good actor, if not go with Hugh…

Any­way have you seen Sean Bean? he also has that look alike, not a great actor indeed.

Ryan defusco October 18th, 2008

It sucks that Kurt Rus­sell is to old.He would make the movie..

Ian October 26th, 2008

You know after see­ing the new Bat­man I hon­estly felt like my favorite child­hood super hero was dead, Chris­t­ian Bale did a fuck­ing hor­ri­ble job as Bat­man and Bruce wayne, Bruce isn’t a pompous ass­hole like Bale in Bat­man, and Bat­man doesn’t have a retarded ass voice. In gen­eral he’s a fuck­ing lame actor, I mean look at the way he talks, does he have a lisp? Hon­estly my first choice is Hayter, and sec­ond Hugh Jackman.

LUIZOVSKI October 27th, 2008


Lupe Oneal November 12th, 2008


snake November 25th, 2008


ISRAEL November 29th, 2008


ISRAEL November 29th, 2008

or Sam elliot for OLD SNAKE, SAM ELLIOT

Grey­Fox December 3rd, 2008

I have to agree, Bale really did a shitty voice on the new bat­man. I mean I seri­ously couldn’t take him seri­ously when it came to bat­man talk­ing. Joker ftw though. Anyways,I really don’t care who plays the part. I mean if you really think about it peo­ple that you really didn’t expect to pull off a role like ledger did with joker actu­ally took the cake. All I care about is if this movie will own or not.

me December 17th, 2008

the trailer was CORNY, dont make it look so CORNY like the fan made trailer

Matt W December 18th, 2008

Chris­t­ian Bale does not = Snake.

Chris­t­ian Bale = SHIT.

tehrzky December 22nd, 2008

Chris­t­ian bale has a voice of Solid Snake because when he mask a bat­man his voice is chang­ing like a snake… and he has the height.… about hugh jack­man hes a great actor but to small to be snake and his voice… i dont think he can change his voice like bale… and about hayter???? hmmmm his voice are only good about his body lolzz.… i dont think it would be a good snake… look at his height.… lolzzzzz

tehrzky December 22nd, 2008

some addi­tion about david hayter.…. he has nooooooooooooooooooooooo act­ing expe­ri­ence thats why DAVID CANNOT BE SNAKEEEEEEEE.….….….… do u under­stand that>?????

A.D December 22nd, 2008

well what about his look? He might have Snake’s voice but he doesnt look like to snake to me. I think “Thomas Jane” should be Snake

Liam Mcnulty December 24th, 2008

Kiefer Suther­land would make a per­fect snake! he’s got the voice and he’s a f*cking leg­end lol

Deskjet December 27th, 2008

Who cares if Hugh Jack­man enjoys musicals?

What dif­fer­ence does it make if Chris­t­ian Bale starred in Vel­vet Gold­mine ( http://​en​.wikipedia​.org/​w​i​k​i​/​V​e​l​v​e​t​_​G​o​l​d​m​ine ) as a young gay glam rock fan and reporter?

They are both capa­ble actors who have han­dled the (var­i­ous) roles they’ve been given quite well. How­ever, even with that being said, I’m still unable to pic­ture either one of them as Solid Snake.

To me, Sean Bean ( http://www.gabe ) or Tom Cruise would be a bet­ter match facial-wise. But, I’m not sold on them. I’ll need to view more of their films in order to judge their act­ing skills.

shane January 1st, 2009

dude i have thought for soo long how awe­some it would be if they made a movie… but i think that jason statham would make an awe­some snake… either way i cant wait for the movie

Drantzell January 3rd, 2009

David Hayter is the best option to play snake in the movie. His voice is irreplaceable.

Scre­wAt­taxMe January 3rd, 2009

Nobody is think­ing this through, snake doesn’t have a beard in the first game, at all, so wolver­ine would be a good choice for metal gear 3 or some­thing but some­one unknown would be bet­ter for snake.

Chris­t­ian bale!

What the hell is every­one think­ing? He looks noth­ing like Snake!

Why don’t the make the film in CG?? Then they wont need actors and they can just pay David Hayter for what he needs and deserves to do!



Talk to me on Win­dows Live for your opin­ions ;)

steve-o January 11th, 2009

Hugh Jack­man does have great act­ing skills and out look, but we gotta remem­ber chris­t­ian bale just did ter­mi­na­tor 4 and he is dressed just like snake. C’mon hes got the voice down just accept it the way it is shit! Its gonna be a great movie anyways.

solid­snake­man January 15th, 2009

Evry1 wants kurt rus­sell in the movie, he’s older, fond of eye patches, so he shood be big boss and solidus. heres mgs1 shood be cast:
Snake-Hugh Jack­man
Liquid-Sean Bean
Big Boss-Kurt Rus­sell
Ocelot-Clint East­wood or Gary Oldman

cubn22 January 28th, 2009

the best snake would be eric banna and sec­ond best would be ryan reynolds

neil February 1st, 2009

Eric Bana def­i­nitely has the look but, his voice may not suite for the roll as Snake.

Can see a few oth­ers.. Hugh Jack­man might be able to cut it but I would agree that if any­one should play Snake it should be an unknown.

Cookee February 4th, 2009

chris­t­ian bale would do a good job, but hugh jack­man would be bet­ter… but yeah the best would be an anknown so it doesnt get a hol­ly­wood edge and all the obsessed fan girls flock­ing in.
PS1 mgs movie would be great, one of the only games of all time with an indepth story line that would work as a movie

Crag­nous March 3rd, 2009

Besides David Hayter.…

I think Bale would be great as Snake.

*Funny thing is, he’d use almost the same voice as he did in Bat­man lol.

the shit March 3rd, 2009

ok like omfg
bale would own
have u seen him in the pres­tige?
he was fuck­ing amaz­ing
he doesnt have to be bat­man
hes such a great actor
he just needs to prac­tice the role

dis­ap­pearingone March 12th, 2009

come on guys grow up a lit­tle. hayter is not a work­ing actor but is a proven screen writer so would be nice if he wrote the screen play and maybe a cameo for he fans. jack­man is already wolver­ine witch is damn close to snake’s char­ac­ter any­way i mean hayter even wrote the first x-men screen play so jack­man is out unless every­one is just look­ing for mgsm to be a wolver­ine knock off. bale is bat­man and i think a good one and a fine actor. but a role like bat­man while not the same as snake is still to close enough plus the way i see the movie is in a sim­i­lar style to

dis­ap­pearingone March 12th, 2009

come on guys grow up a lit­tle. hayter is not a work­ing actor but is a proven screen writer so would be nice if he wrote the screen play and maybe a cameo for he fans. jack­man is already wolver­ine witch is damn close to snake’s char­ac­ter any­way i mean hayter even wrote the first x-men screen play so jack­man is out unless every­one is just look­ing for mgsm to be a wolver­ine knock off. bale is bat­man and i think a good one and a fine actor. but a role like bat­man while not the same as snake is still to close enough plus the way i see the movie is in a sim­i­lar style to BMB.
so please no bale. bale and jack­man have done roles close to snake already. i dont think a A list actor is a required (look @ watch­men) but cant hurt. my opin­ion is could give Hol­loway a shot. bana is a fine actor an i think would be ok. but my choice would be josh brolin. but if were him and after work­ing with some of the direc­tors he’s been work­ing with i would touch wim­mer with a 10 foot stick! ohh and some­one said wahlberg lmao marky mark lol

Big Boss March 26th, 2009

solid snake esta robado en mayor parte de wolver­ine y de snake pliskin y ya que kurt rusel esta mas para big boss creo que la opcion es jackman,mortensen esta bien pero le falta el “GESTO DE SNAKE”,osea,Snake es muy expresibo,buenas o malas expreciones,y mortensen no.

Liq­uid March 30th, 2009

Ger­ard But­ler!!! But Bale is a good choice too :D

snake eater April 16th, 2009

eric bana would be the man for snake, not hugh jack­man
clint east­wood for old snake, unreal.
and prob­a­bly no one is gonna agree with this,but josh holloway(sawer) on lost, as another can­di­date for younge snake

kawsar April 26th, 2009

chris­t­ian bale should play liq­uid snake. he would be per­fect for it. snake should be layed by viggo.

some1 April 28th, 2009

it wont be metal gear with­out david hayter
he is the orig­i­nal solid snake chris­t­ian bale wont be the same

mookid May 1st, 2009

although i do think chris­t­ian bale could play a good snake, i think hugh jack­man is per­fect for the role.

Jim May 11th, 2009

I think Mark Sloan will per­fect. He looks like Snake. :)

Yoox May 23rd, 2009

Ok, I hear Jack­man, Bale, blah, blah… Both would play a good role I think. Even though per­son­ally, I think Jack­man would play a bet­ter one, but thats me. How­ever, has any­one seen Escape from New York? Well, first off, the main star is Kurt Rus­sel. In the movie, he has the PERFECT and I mean the absolutely FLAWLESS look of Big Boss in his younger years. Big Boss looks iden­ti­cal to Snake in MGS3: Snake Eater game. When I say iden­ti­cal, I mean every­thing from an eye patch to a low scratchy voice, to a chain smok­ing habit. Kurt Rus­sel may be way out­dated but I could definently see him play­ing Old Snake (with a tad bit of makeup). As far as young Snake is con­cerned it is a big hit and miss ratio I think. Snake’s char­ac­ter and emo­tional aura isn’t quite like any other. All in all it is fool­ish to just line peo­ple up and pick one and ran­dom. Snake’s char­ac­ter should be well thought out\planned. Solid Snake is my favorite game char­ac­ter in all his­tory (always will be period.) I would be extremely fuck­ing pissed off if the wrong role is picked, fuck­ing up the entire movie. Peo­ple will see it and think the game would be stu­pid… Sorry folks, Metal Gear is the great­est, most detailed and story-ridden series in the world, and to see it fall from some money-grubbing, Hol­ly­wood shit stain would be very bad. To be quite hon­est, per­haps MGS should remain a game for­ever. Look at Silent Hill, won­der­ful survival\horror game. Hol­ly­wood decided to let that take it up the ass. Why were peo­ple still in the town? WTF? Any­way, some things are best kept left alone.

jniee June 21st, 2009

chris­t­ian bale as young snake and sean can­nery as old snake..

XxBelkYxX July 6th, 2009

yeah David Hayter all da way dude! XD It won’t be Metal Gear with­out him, I mean his voice :)

Trevor August 11th, 2009

i think eric bana would be per­fect. he is just like snake. watch in troy, he even quotes a line snake says. Ive killed peo­ple and theres noth­ing glo­ri­ous about it. snake says same thing to raven in mgs1

hru August 23rd, 2009

Hugh jack­man = snake

joschmo October 1st, 2009

hugh jack­man, he has the build and the act­ing, chris­t­ian bale did a great job as bat­man but i dont think he has the phys­i­cal abil­ity to act as snake, hugh jack­man has the expe­ri­ence espieally if he has to do a multi­ble role play­ing as snake and liq­uid or snake and solidus he would be the best per­son to play as snake.

alucard_lll October 26th, 2009

ger­ard butler…thats it. take a look at the poster for “Gamer” he looks like snake! he can obvi­ously pull it off physically,i.e.,300. beside that i wouldnt mind if Bale played snake, as for Hugh Jack­man, good actor but the role just doesn’t fit him well. oh and gary old­man as revolver ocelot would be awesome!


paealka93 October 29th, 2009

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Davros December 2nd, 2009

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gor­don December 6th, 2009

i think hugh jack­man would be a pritty good young snake

Sia­n­ine January 20th, 2010

Hugh Jack­man would be great. In Xmen Ori­gins: Wolver­ine, There’s a scene where Wolver­ine and Saber­tooth are back to back, defend­ing them­selves from sol­diers in Viet­nam and Hugh Jack­man looks exactly like Naked Snake from MGS3

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