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Captain America’s shield and Thor’s Infinity Gauntlet July 26th, 2010

Mar­vel have two more sur­prises for their fans, post-Avengers panel, on the shop floor are two new props — Cap­tain America’s shield and the Infin­ity Gaunt­let from Thor, which can be used in com­bi­na­tion with the Inifin­ity gems to gain com­plete con­trol of the universe.

The appear­ance of the gaunt­let throws up some ques­tions and pre­dic­tions for the Thor and Avengers movie plots. The gaunt­let was cre­ated by Thanos,

From Wiki:

Thanos mounts the six Infin­ity Gems, (col­lected in the The Thanos Quest lim­ited series), on his left glove to form the Infin­ity Gaunt­let, the focus of the title of the series. Each Gem grants its bearer com­plete mas­tery over one aspect of the uni­verse: Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Real­ity, and Power.

/Film more impor­tantly point out that, in the comics, Loki tries to attain the power of the gaunt­let, by steal­ing the infin­ity gems. He also seeks the Cos­mic Cube, which has been ref­er­enced in the Cap­tain Amer­ica footage; which would be a nice movie crossover prior to The Avengers. This ulti­mate power and cross-film vil­lain makes a very strong case for Loki being The Avengers main vil­lain. Thanos remains a strong pos­si­bil­ity, as he too sought the cos­mic cube.

Thor footage shown at SDCC, trailer description July 25th, 2010

At last, some mov­ing shots of the Thor adap­ta­tion have been shown at the San Diego Comic Con! And the reports are good…

Descrip­tion of trailer from /Film

It opens with thun­der and light­ning, and a cam­era shot that drops directly down into a SHIELD-erected struc­ture. The build­ing is hid­ing the ham­mer of Thor, which was found in New Mex­ico. We hear Agent Coulsen (Clark Gregg) inter­ro­gat­ing Thor as shots are inter­cut of Thor dec­i­mat­ing SHIELD agents in rain and mud. Coulsen sur­mises that, based upon his prowess, Thor must have seri­ous mil­i­tary train­ing. (There’s a pretty cool shot with Thor using a jump kick to drop one agent.) The inter­ro­ga­tion comes to a head with: “who are you?”

Then the cam­era flies up into Asgard, pan­ning around a huge gold, Jack Kirby-ish palace in which Odin is cas­ti­gat­ing Thor for being rash, dis­hon­or­able, self­ish and bring­ing war to Asgard as a result. Thor, kneel­ing before Odin (Anthony Hop­kins), wears his hel­met (looks good!) but Odin bel­lows his anger at Thor and casts him out of Asgard.

Then the thun­der god is lying in the dirt when he’s found by Jane Fos­ter (Natalie Port­man) and her assis­tant Darcy (Kat Den­nings). Thor opens his eyes and grum­bles “this is Earth, isn’t it?” The women take him in and Darcy cracks wise while ogling the god: “for an insane home­less man, he’s pretty cut.” There’s dia­logue about Fos­ter and her team being on the verge of some dis­cov­ery and Thor promises that she’ll find what she’s look­ing for if he gets what he wants.

That’s the ham­mer, and we’ve got to sur­mise that Coulson’s inter­ro­ga­tion comes after Thor broke into the com­pound to retrieve the ham­mer. But when we see him approach and attempt to lift it, he fails. Voiceover from Odin, “Whoso­ever lifts this ham­mer, if he is found wor­thy, shall weild the power of Thor.” The young god is obvi­ously not yet worthy.

That leads to images of Loki tak­ing over Asgard and a swirl of com­bat footage — the War­riors Three bat­tling some threat to Asgard, chaos in the New Mex­ico town where Jane Fos­ter is work­ing and a big bat­tle between Thor and Loki. Voiceover from Odin says some­thing to the effect that Thor will have to face what’s com­ing to him. And that’s when the kicker comes in: Destroyer, a huge metal beast, lands in New Mex­ico. Coul­son and other SHIELD agents con­front it, with one agent ask­ing if it’s one of Stark’s. Then the Destroyer’s face opens up and unleashes fiery hell on the agents.

Descrip­tion of trailer from SHH:

We were just shown some amaz­ing footage from Thor which really gives us a great idea of the story.

It starts with light­ning and then it shows a S.H.I.E.L.D. base where Clark Gregg’s Agent Coul­son is inter­ro­gat­ing some­one chained to a chair. It’s Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, and Coul­son gives a long mono­logue ask­ing him where he got his train­ing. We see a bit of footage of Thor in action sans ham­mer tak­ing down the S.H.I.E.L.D. sol­diers who are try­ing to stop him.

“Who are you?” asks Coul­son and Thor looks up.

We then see what looks like a con­stel­la­tion sys­tem and we hear a voice-over by Anthony Hop­kins as Odin as we see the golden build­ings of Asgard and the cam­era goes into the throne room where he’s giv­ing a big speech to his son, who is kneel­ing at the base of the throne. We see glimpses of each of the Asgar­dian Gods includ­ing Sif, Balder and the War­riors Three, and Idris Elba’s Heim­dall. Odin is obvi­ously mad at Thor and he says that he’s going to take his power and ban­ish him for his actions, send­ing a bolt that sends Thor down through the con­stel­la­tion where he lands in the desert and is found by Natalie Portman’s Jane Fos­ter. We then see Hemsworth walk­ing around shirt­less and impress­ing Fos­ter and her assis­tant Darcy (played by Kat Dennings).

Destroyer revealed by Marvel at SDCC July 25th, 2010

Ken­neth Branagh has unveiled the Destroyer at the San Diego Comic Con and Mar​vel​.com have posted up some offi­cial pic­tures for us:

Thor helmets on display at SDCC July 25th, 2010

At SDCC Mar­vel has unveiled the hel­mets of Loki, Odin and Thor.

Official Thor and Captain America movie sites launch July 25th, 2010

http://​thor​.mar​vel​.com/ and http://​cap​tainamer​ica​.mar​vel​.com/ are now live, no con­tent yet though.

Thor and his hammer — new picture July 25th, 2010

Mar­vel stu­dios have released another image of Chris Hemsworth as Thor, this time pulling out his ham­mer Mjol­ner from a block of rock. This image first appeared in USA Today.

SDCC Captain America and Thor posters July 25th, 2010

New posters have been released as part of SDCC, click for larger versions.

Hall of Asgard revealed July 25th, 2010

The Thor images are pour­ing in now, and from the LA Times we get our first glimpse of the Hall of Asgard, with Fan­dral, Hogun, Frigga and hel­mets. In detail, you can see a kneel­ing Thor (Hemsworth), then also Fan­dral the Dash­ing (Josh Dal­las), Hogun the Grim (Tadanobu Asano) and Frigga (Rene Russo); you can also see Odin (Anthony Hop­kins) and Loki (Tom Hid­dle­ston) with their cer­e­mo­nial helmets.

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