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Second MGS Philanthropy trailer released April 27th, 2008

Before we begin — this is a trailer for a fan made, directed and pro­duced movie “Phil­an­thropy”, it is not the offi­cial film, the pro­duc­tion qual­i­ties on this effort are far supe­rior to the major­ity of fan ded­i­ca­tions to be found on the net and this should be recog­nised. A lot of peo­ple mis­in­ter­preted the first trailer.

Now for the trailer, brought to you by MGS Phil­an­thropy:

Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy April 16th, 2007

The first and most impor­tant thing to note: this video is fan made and is not in any way an offi­cial movie pro­duc­tion. Phil­an­thropy is a well organ­ised live action effort to pro­duce an MGS movie and this, the trailer for which, is the fruit of their offerings.

I have taken the time to include this movie here because it illus­trates the poten­tial that an offi­cial Hol­ly­wood live action adap­ta­tion can achieve, when such high stan­dard fan-made work can be cre­ated with the lowli­est of budgets.

“After a full year’s efforts, a year full of patience and growth, The Hive Divi­sion is happy to share with all of our Inter­net friends the first trailer of Phil­an­thropy. The project has been a part of our lives for more than four years, and in those four years, the aims that it rep­re­sents and the dreams that it embod­ies have grown along­side us.
This trailer is an exam­ple of what we want to share with all of you who have fol­lowed us until now, you who have aspired as we have, as film­mak­ers, as videogame fans, or as indi­vid­u­als fas­ci­nated by the poten­tial dig­i­tal tech­nol­ogy offers to any­one with a strong idea and a will brave enough to fol­low it.”