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Video highlights from Green Lantern panel July 26th, 2010

Warner Bros. have released a video of SDCC Green Lantern high­lights, includ­ing Ryan Reynolds say­ing the Green Lantern oath.

Ryan Reynolds talks Green Lantern October 11th, 2009

Ryan Reynolds recently appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fal­lon, where he talked very briefly about his upcom­ing role as Hal Jor­dan. The footage is on Hulu (you need to be in the US to watch this) and the gritty bit begins around the 21 minute mark. Video via SHH.

Excellent fan made Green Lantern trailer June 2nd, 2009

With Nathan Fil­lion fic­tion­ally cast as Hal Jor­dan in the Green Lantern movie, this fan made trailer, cre­ated by Jaron Pitts, is an awe­some vision of what the fran­chise could be: