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Next title to be “Superman Unleashed”? February 21st, 2009

Leg­endary pic­tures had a page online stat­ing that one of their moviesin devel­op­ment was “Super­man Unleashed” with the fol­low­ing plot synopsis:

“Ramp­ing up the action of its esteemed pre­de­ces­sor, the sequel to ‘Super­man Returns’ promises to raise the stakes and take the audi­ence to heights of action that no other super­hero movie can achieve.”

This could just be a work­ing title, but it looks like the ‘Man of Steel’ name given to the Returns sequel is now unlikely. The page with the infor­ma­tion has since been removed.

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RYAN February 21st, 2009


wil­son February 26th, 2009

I hope it is the sequel with Bryan singer direct​ing​.as fans we should appre­ci­ate the small things so we can be ready for the big things.

Stephen March 13th, 2009

I would have to agree. I very much liked Super­man Returns. I still watch it every cou­ple of weeks while run­ning on the tread­mill. The scene near the begin­ning where he saves the plane with Lois on it is still freak­ing awe­some. I still can­not help but to cheer with the peo­ple in the base­ball sta­dium every darn time.

I how­ever will buy into the argu­ment of peo­ple not lik­ing him hav­ing the kid with Lois, as I can see that really mess­ing with the whole story a bit.

But I still love the movie and it was really cool the way he was re-introduced the world and his own inter­nal strug­gles that he has and the way he does not really want to be a ‘God’ that decides who lives and who dies. I liked that A LOT. He just wants to do the world good.

My ONE thing I would ask of WB is that if you are not bring­ing back Bryan, please please please bring back Bran­don to be Supes again. He was fan­tas­tic and fit the part perfectly.

suwandi March 15th, 2009

when relese I want to see brandont

Steel­Rap­tor March 19th, 2009

I know that super­man 3 did a lit­tle some­thing along the lines of biz­zaro super­man, not quite, but it was an inner strug­gle thing.
I think a pos­si­ble global ‘shake-up’ (pos­si­bly with the mag­netic poles caused by solar flares or implod­ing sunspots fac­ing earth) causes a rift between the multi-Universe’s, invit­ing some inter­est­ing ‘Earth’s’ gov­erned by unruly char­ac­ters who know noth­ing of super­man in their uni­verse. I am sure this has prob­a­bly been a comic book idea, i have a ton, just wish I could draw well…lol

I do think though, they need to give super­man a super­power he never had before, some­thing he attains after being on earth for so long, some­thing he recieves by acci­dent, some­thing that trig­gers the power, say, a min­eral or object buried deep below the earth, maybe a min­eral formed inside the bones of dinosaurs or some­thing. (just think­ing out loud).

wil­son March 20th, 2009

returns was good but now the sequel should bring Brainaic and Biz­zaro since super­man is ready to face tough oppo­nents who knows maybe the super kid will turn into Biz­zaro, think how it will make Lois feel. as for brainaic I sug­gest Brainaic will be so pow­er­ful that super­man will be beaten sense­less since he is a super com­puter who can upgrade him­self. brainaic will take over
the com­put­ers of metrop­o­lis and con­trol the peo­ple later biz­zaro and brainaic
will unite destroy sups. will super­man defeat two pow­er­ful vil­lains? that the part of the sto­ry­line I sug­gest they should bring. any one likes these ideas?

T.M. March 26th, 2009

SUPERMAN RETURNS wasn’t such a good movie.I am a super­man fan since ever and i haven’t seen a son or somethink.they could just go one with super­heros ori­gin and don’t com­pletly destroy everythink.I mean we waited all those year to watch super­man at the big screen and they make a film that needs rebooting.ok ladys and gendle­men you got your les­son now reboot the sequel and make some seri­ous senario.Oh and leave lex luthor out of it.i am sic of him.

Beastly62 May 5th, 2009

Why the World Needs Another Singer on Super­man Film
Accord­ing to Warner Bros., it is best for Superman’s future on film to exter­mi­nate Bryan Singer from the project because Singer refuses to hide his beliefs of the char­ac­ter for their idea of a new dark and broody image. WB, how­ever, is wrong to go in this direc­tion and is only plan­ning to do it because “The Dark Knight” made $455 mil­lion using the dark vibe, and the cor­po­rate exec­u­tives that hold the key to our heroes’ life on film are more con­cerned about another big pay­day than to stay true to Superman’s char­ac­ter are think­ing the same vibe will work for Super­man. Bryan Singer needs to have full con­trol of all rights in writ­ing and direct­ing a sequel for “Super­man Returns.” In order for Superman’s future to be true on screen, Bryan Singer needs to have all the rights he desires in order for his tapes­try to be unleashed at its full poten­tial because he has proven his sequels are bet­ter than his intro­duc­tion movies, he has the same pas­sion for Super­man as any fan, and the best thing for our heroes’ movies is when a fan has power to make them.
When Bryan Singer directed “X-Men” and “X2,” his idea for the intro­duc­ing of the X-Men on screen was done with the ini­tial plan to even­tu­ally make two movies. X-men would take it slow, focus on the intro­duc­ing of the char­ac­ters, estab­lish­ing there places in the world and rela­tion­ships amongst each other. His plan was to exer­cise the whole idea in the sequel with the action. Singer relied on the sec­ond movie where he wouldn’t have to waste any time to get right into the action, know­ing he had to do all that for the first movie. Singer had the same plan when direct­ing “Super­man Returns” and plans on tak­ing the lock off the cage being how his atmos­phere has already been cre­ated if WB will sign him to make a sequel. Singer quoted from the​movieblog​.com, “The first one was a roman­tic film and a nos­tal­gic film… And now that the char­ac­ters are estab­lished, there’s really an oppor­tu­nity to up the threat lev­els.” He’s just as aware as we are that it was slow, and is plan­ning n releas­ing the action. When X-men 3 came out the fran­chise had received a new direc­tor when Singer left to direct Super­man. After a great foun­da­tion of two movies build­ing a great sto­ry­line and a breath­tak­ing sequel by Singer, every­one who saw X-men 3 were excited to see it. It wasn’t easy to see some­thing went wrong and was dif­fer­ent leav­ing fans dis­ap­pointed in the direc­tion things even­tu­ally went after all the hype. It is now obvi­ous that not any story no mat­ter how good is already set-up, or how much poten­tial it has even if it’s Super­man, that the fate of the movie’s sig­nif­i­cance is always depend­ing on the direc­tor.
Bryan Singer is just another comic book fan who hap­pens to have the power, resources, and author­ity to make any motion pic­ture for any one of his favorite heroes. With the com­bi­na­tion of fun for the story and the expend­abil­ity, any­thing is pos­si­ble and lim­its are end­less. When asked what he could say about his rela­tion­ship with Super­man and future of a sequel in an inter­view from moviechron​i​cles​.com Singer said, “I love Super­man and I can not tell you any­thing else. I, uh……” Singer focuses on stay­ing true to the char­ac­ter first and money to be made sec­ond, unlike the WB cor­po­rate exec­u­tives who are hold­ing us out on a Singer sequel. As a fan the most com­fort­ing feel­ing is know­ing that another fan is direct­ing Super­man, and not that my only way of see­ing Super­man on-screen is con­trolled by peo­ple who know noth­ing about the comic and only care I pay for a stub because I think the spe­cial effects in the pre­view look cool.
We all know he could blow a planet into bits, but what is a Super­man movie with­out the rest of his inner-conflicts? You need a direc­tor with pas­sion to bring that out of the char­ac­ter. Super­man stands for his virtues, beliefs, truth and jus­tice while at the same time what makes him so cool is his inner-conscience being an alien among humans and liv­ing up to his belief of the image of his Kryp­ton­ian her­itage. Any movie cor­po­ra­tion can use the lat­est spe­cial effects and have a lot of poten­tial using a char­ac­ter like Super­man, but at the end of the day what really makes the film we need what money can’t buy is gen­uine­ness.
Cor­po­rate exec­u­tives at WB have made some good movies in the past, but they are mak­ing a mis­take to trade a good apple for a bad apple in releas­ing Bryan Singer as direc­tor. They need Singer to unleash his ini­tial idea he had when he thought of direct­ing “Super­man Returns,” to allow his love for the hero to become illus­trated, and for the fans to be able to appre­ci­ate one of their great­est heroes. We can’t let the cor­po­rate exec­u­tives resort us to see­ing a ver­sion of our hero we do not want to just because they hold the cards and have the only resources to make the movie. We have to let them show us what we want. “Super­man Returns” may have only made $215 mil­lion in the­atres, but we as fans know we will see a sequel with a Singer directed Super­man sequel that will have the highly antic­i­pated action, a good plot, Bran­don Routh, and no dis­ap­point­ments. The only way for us to get what we want is to speak our minds. Post on this blog, and reply, leave com­ments and one by one we’ll be heard.

peter May 8th, 2009

wssup beastly62 I hope you Respond to this blog, Bryan singer made a mis­take to delay the project man of steel to do other projects so those exec­u­tives took advan­tage to do a reboot so that they can make more money, those idiots want to pre­tend that returns was a flop in the box office. Their motive is to make more money like dark knight. I agree with your blog man espe­cially there are some so called fans who are never sat­is­fied with any thing who want a reboot for­get­ting there could have been more action in the sequel but nooo I want a reboot. I just won­der if they remem­ber smal­l­ville didn’t start with a lot of action but now it is action packed so how is that they want to start the fran­chise again?

jon May 12th, 2009

hey i like the super­man flim but i think you r right that singer is delay­ing in mak­ing the man of steel ‚but i would like to see super­girl in it and them to fight against lex and brainaic might be story line ? but if they cldnt get ruth bran­don but in it i wld liek to see tom welling in it as i wld pick him 1st

peter May 19th, 2009

I would to appeal to peo­ple who are for the reboot of super­man should recon­sider because it would mean other intro­duc­tion again.Those exec­u­tives are think­ing about mak­ing money besides if the bat­man 3 goes through but not make money like the dark knight they will not make another movie of bat­man but reboot it in a few years even if it was a great story and action packed.I agree they should let Bryan singer do the sequel since he would allow super­man fight a Wor­thy oppo­nent and more action so I am not going to sup­port the reboot so is any­one going to respond to this blog?

Ken­cor­leone May 19th, 2009

first of all i’ve been read­ing the posts on this site and i would like to adress:bryan singer is not a fan nor did he prop­erly research the characters.1)tom welling i think should’ve por­trayed superman,although routh did a decent job,it could’ve been acted better.2)kate bosworth was’nt by any means an attrac­tive love inter­est for superman.erica durance would have been per­fect as lois whether you had welling or not.3)why do they keep giv­ing us these campy,silly,goofy por­tray­als of lex luthor?the por­trayal of him in smal­l­ville is more accurate.i mean come on thi­sis superman’s great­est enemy and what’s scary about him his humor? i am not tired of the char­ac­ter i’m tired of the way he is portrayed.4)why would the script involve super­man going to search for a planet that had already been established(the ones singer paid homage to)in the movies that had been destroyed before(comics)or after(movies) his birth which was thou­sands of earth years ago??5)why in the hell would singer give him a son so early in what he con­cieves to be the first in a series of movies??i paid to see returns and it was ok,but it failed to meet expectations.singer should’ve started with an ori­gin story,especially with the tech­nol­ogy and visual effects.he deserved a mod­ern retelling.the orig­i­nal movies are dear to us because of the actor that por­trayed superman(christopher reeve)but,that was 1978, its a new millenium.singer has 75 years of mate­r­ial and he could’nt pick a bet­ter direc­tion to go in.many of us waited almost 20 years for another movie and were disappointed.stop hand­ing over the reins to direc­tors who don’t have a clue about the character.R we super­man fans or singer fans??i keep red­ing how great a direc­tor he is,but to me he is the brett favre of movie production.they dis­re­gard fan opinions,but don’t fans buy tick­ets? i think a reboot is in order,and i think next time if u have a ques­tion about the char­ac­ter read a comic and stick to the script!!!!

johnny dangerously44 June 25th, 2009

What is this, the matrix?!

Ben_Jamin91 July 3rd, 2009

Right, I have 4 things to say.

1. In terms of direct­ing, so long as it turns out good, I don’t care.

2. I don’t want another Lex Luthor movie. Give us Brainiac or Met­allo or some­one else who hasn’t been used, rather than the vil­lain from 4 out of 5 of the movies.

3. How about see­ing the Blue and White cos­tume from Super­man Endgame, it loosk so cool.

4. So glad they have Bran­don Routh again, he was a good Clark and a good Super­man, as opposed to being some­one who is good as one of the two sides but not the other.

and 5 (I thought of an extra one). Regard­less of which vil­lain is used, one more needs to come in: DOOMSDAY!!!!!

destrega July 4th, 2009

No ques­tion Bryan singer should direct the sequel, super­man returns was fuzzing excel­lent not to men­tion x men 1 and 2, i thought Bran­don Routh also done a mar­velous fuzzin job of play­ing the man of steel and what about that title for the sequel its mutha­fuzzing bril­liant. what the fuzz man i hope they make this fuzzin movie

destrega July 4th, 2009

never mind tom welling leave him in Smal­l­ville hes a gay super boy Bran­don routh plays the bet­ter superman,oh and just a small note Smal­l­ville is crap i think they ruined superman’s legacy by chang­ing his whole upbring­ing those writ­ers need to be shot cheers.

anthony mcneal July 18th, 2009


steel­man December 5th, 2009

i have been prac­ti­cally raised by Super­man. Singer should con­tinue to direct and and Routh was excel­lent in “Returns”. If you really under­stand Super­man, you must know that he is not a “Dark Knight”. Although i would like to see them coin­cide in future films, but that’s a whole dif­fer­ent story. What about the Jus­tice League? Well back on sub­ject think about “truth, jus­tice and the Amer­i­can way before you try to mess with such a leg­endary icon. Keep him true.Singer keep up the work. I wish i could have a hand in it ’cause i have plenty of ideas that will con­nect with even non fans.

Zaleski March 10th, 2010

Hahaha this is the best arti­cle I’ve read in a while.

John March 11th, 2010

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