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High Resolution Concept Art August 12th, 2007

Well, Aint it Cool’s Mori­arty posted this. It is a 1.5mb, 4000 x 2358 pixel mam­moth. Enjoy.

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Nal August 31st, 2007

Looks awe­some…
wait­ing for the movie :]

ramzy September 21st, 2007

hahaha, u can see the house of elrond near the bot­tom right of the tree


btw, where the hell would some­one get this sort of photo, doesnt look like a pic­ture a blizz artist would make…

yor­man October 7th, 2007

umm i just really hope this movie is about the his­tory and lore of the world of warftact

Esthe­vanaz November 27th, 2007

I i wll wait and stand­ing still for this awe­some movie! Bliz­zard good luck!

Ayrakus Inc.

Teo from greece(Druid blance form silvermoon) December 12th, 2007

I believe that at cin­ema in my city corinth when the movie come all gyes frommy city who are paly­ing wow will be there!!

BTW when the movie come to cin­ema i will where clothes of druid ! (i will make them) and go to cin­ema as a my druid in wow! I WILL BE REAL DRUID!!!!!!! :) ))))))))))))))))

WoW Fanatic December 13th, 2007

I can’t wait for this movie to come out. I just hope they don’t screw it up but I doubt if they would.

Kuja­mongo December 20th, 2007

Hey, ain’t Tel­dras­sil a giant tree ‘stump’ in World of War­craft? I’m a lit­tle rusty on Night Elf lore, so..if somthing hap­pened to make Tel­dras­sil go from tree too stump..would appe­ri­ate it if you filled me in :) Other than that, i can’t wait for this movie. If its made by the same peo­ple that made ‘300’ then its GOT to be damn good.

Mae­gan December 28th, 2007

OMG!! So awe­some! I am so excited! I just hope it’s half as good as the games are…

Frz_Warcraft_Peon January 8th, 2008

Well This is a great idead lets just they dont screw it up.

but the pic­ture looks a lit­tle odd to me. looks like some­thing in LOTR.

don January 25th, 2008

I think that they should use popluar known actors, good actors, IE arnold Swartznig­ger, Kevin Bacon, Keanu Reeves, Lau­rence Fish­burne, Jason Statham, Mor­gan Free­man, Bruce Willis, Tom Size­more , Tom Hanks, David Morse, Michael Clarke Dun­can, these actors are some of the finest actors, don’t for­get the female actors, i didn’t include them, but i just threw in some good names for an example..

I think hav­ing big name actors, would increase the box office sales, Yeah money is good, how ever would also make the movie that much more bet­ter, these big name actors are not big names for noth­ing , they all make great movies that you just never seem to forget..

this is my opnion..

wowad­dict February 6th, 2008

pic­ture looks like some­thing from LOTR. but other then that great. cant wait 4 the movie to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Fifth­mys­tic February 10th, 2008

Looks awe­some, good luck with the movie. That more it takes that bet­ter it gotta be, or so.

Rev.. February 26th, 2008

like it’ll ever hap­pen, i mean c’mon rofl

Don is a tard March 13th, 2008

don you are the biggest tard ever. ‘swartznig­ger’?! wtf are you on about, l2spell. the only peo­ple out of that list of actors that can act for shit are Free­man and Hanks, the rest are sorry excuses for actors. Tom Size­more? He plays the fat guy in a cou­ple of war movies, you want him to be in the War­craft movie? Keanu Reeves… he can only do one expres­sion. Don’t think for one sec­ond that the Matrix was a hit because of his intense char­ac­ter por­trayal. i think you need to edu­cate your­self a lit­tle more when it comes to what qual­i­fies as good act­ing and what the recipe is for a good movie. i’m sure leg­endary and blizz will do just fine with­out your opinion.

Cau­darax March 22nd, 2008

Where is Archmond’s corpse? (I think that’s how you spell his name)

lip­ton April 22nd, 2008

looks a bit like “Mêlée Island” from Mon­key Island 1 :>

For­mer WoW Addict May 4th, 2008

Where’s Archi­mon­des body?!?!
Last time i checked Archi­monde died right there in his giant form ( Kil ‘Jaden and Archi­monde have the abil­ity to go from HUGE to Nor­mal )
and his body was there…
Well then again the wisps and all could’ve destroyed his skele­ton…
If not then…BIG mis­take Blizzard

Fluffi May 13th, 2008

Please, make it of the his­tory and lore of War­craft. :) The lore after WC2 and before WC3 is kinda foggy to me. :S I’d love to clear my vision about that :)

Skohsl May 24th, 2008

“Where is Archmond’s corpse? (I think that’s how you spell his name”

Wrong tree… This is the new worldtree, the corpse is still with the old one, but it did explode, so prob­a­bly not much left anyway…

Qarthos June 7th, 2008

FINALLY a real­is­tic view of Tel­dras­sil
the house at the very bot­tom to the right a bit? thats rut’theran vil­lage. the only build­ing in the game is that one

Hey, ain’t Tel­dras­sil a giant tree ’stump’ in World of War­craft? I’m a lit­tle rusty on Night Elf lore, so..if somthing hap­pened to make Tel­dras­sil go from tree too stump..would appe­ri­ate it if you filled me in
*end quote*

Tel­dras­sil is a giant tree, but in order to save on space they made it shaped like a stump in WoW.

if it was really to size, it would be much big­ger. the island that it sits on is the size of the tree trunk. with all the branches reach­ing out, some might even reach halfway to auberdine.

they could just make the trunk smaller, but then the “tree” would have a com­pletely flat top with other trees grow­ing off it like a nurse log, which isn’t very com­mon when the tree is still alive.
also, it was a good idea to have such a huge trunk to cre­ate an awe-inspiring view for peo­ple first com­ing to tel­dras­sil, but i think this image would look even cooler. imag­ine hav­ing more to do once you get to the bot­tom of tel­dras­sil other than just tak­ing a boat. an entire new quest area.

Qarthos June 7th, 2008

cau­darax, archi­monde is at the bot­tom of nor­dras­sil, that is the tree that came before this and is land­locked, see the docks in the bot­tom of the picture?

Mike­From­Dar­nas­sus June 11th, 2008

Kuja­mongo Says:
Decem­ber 20th, 2007 at 5:14 pm
Hey, ain’t Tel­dras­sil a giant tree ’stump’ in World of War­craft? I’m a lit­tle rusty on Night Elf lore, so..if somthing hap­pened to make Tel­dras­sil go from tree too stump..would appe­ri­ate it if you filled me in

When Hyjal was destroyed, a piece of its root was set off the coast of north­ern Kalim­dor in cre­ation of a new world tree; this being named Tel­dras­sil. Due to a hasty deci­sion after the third war, it was planted in fear of los­ing night elf immor­tal­ity for­ever. The tree is exactly like Hyjal but unlike it, Tel­dras­sil har­bors a dark qual­ity to it.

On another note. I’m stoked — can’t wait!! This movie is like wait­ing for the Baron’s mount.…

Not-jim June 13th, 2008

Beau­ti­ful. I wish you could get a look at Tel­dras­sil like that in WoW — you really can’t see it the way it’s rendered.

It looks like a stump in WoW, yes, but it’s sup­posed to be a mas­sive tree — my guess is that they didn’t have the resources to make it look the way they wanted to.

And Archi­monde* died on Nor­dras­sil, the orig­i­nal world tree, which is at the top of Mount Hyjal (cur­rently off lim­its in game, unless you reach it through the cav­erns of time). This is Tel­dras­sil, which the Night Elves planted after Archimonde’s death in an attempt to replace the dying Nordrassil.

I hear Chris Met­zen is work­ing really closely with the scriptwrit­ers and every­thing with this, but last I heard we still don’t have a direc­tor. I ALSO heard that they were try­ing to get Peter Jack­son (He may be pon­der­ous, but I wouldn’t mind see­ing more movies from him). Fin­gers crossed?

At least we don’t have Uwe Boll.

Fenix June 17th, 2008

I can’t wait for this Movie.

A.R. June 17th, 2008

Inter­est­ing artwork.

Con­sid­er­ing the bud­get, the short time for it to be done, and the back­ground of Leg­endary Pic­tures, this movie should be a suc­ces as a com­er­cial movie. The type of movie that you see once, you say it’s cool and every­obe talks about it for 2 or 3 mounths after. Pretty much like “300” and “10.000 BC”!

Don’t except to much from this film, expe­cially when the orcs are left out of the story.

One thing i do have to prey, is that this jack­asses don’t screw out Dia­blo too. That movie means to much for me to let them mess it up, and make just another 90min. flaw!

George June 21st, 2008

Great pic­ture. but why there are 2 human in the boat ? :P

Car­l­ito June 29th, 2008

I can’t wait for this movie.. After I watch some movie clips from war­craft.. I got more excited. espe­cially on the part where Ilidan(not sure of the spelling) mak­ing some spells and calls out slar­dars.. and the part of Arthras(not sure of the spelling) as well.. BTW. the pic­ture is nice..

Mista July 10th, 2008

know­ing the release year, is ter­ri­ble for me i can’t wait

zero July 24th, 2008

don, your not get­ting a role. stop

guar­i­torre July 29th, 2008

Wtf we get a shot of the tree then we can’t even visit the tree in game sounds pretty lame to me.

Real­Truth August 1st, 2008

U guys havn’t even seen a trailor or any kind of a vid that ver­i­fys the mak­ing of War­craft movie. U’ve seen only 1 pic, and that’s not enough to say “Can’t wait.. or looks awe­some bla bla shit.

Demonelf August 23rd, 2008

For those of you ask­ing where Archi­monde is, please do more research.

This is TELDRASSIL, not NORDRASSIL. Tel­dras­sil is much big­ger than Nor­dras­sil and that is why there is enough room for the elves to live on it.

If you go to Hyjal, you would see Archimonde’s skull, ribs, and shoul­der armor still on Nordrassil.

Tel­dras­sil was made for an attempt for the night elves to get their immor­tal­ity back after they sac­ri­ficed the for­est on Hyjal to kill Archimonde.

a wow addict August 30th, 2008

omg this is gonna be freak­ing awe­some and the funny thing is for the past 3–4 years i have been post­ing com­ments on every offi­cial blizzard/warcraft forum that there should totaly be a movie and when i got w3 i nearly craped my pants when i saw the cin­e­matic video and i said to myself they got to make a movie ok well peace out

oh and p.s. on wow my name is gutar on server bronze­beard if any­one is on the same server ok well seeya

lokia September 24th, 2008

It bet­ter not be real time .. Hopin for CGI !!!!!!!

ssjakal October 3rd, 2008

I am gonna pay for firs time for Movie :) :) :) :) :)

blah October 3rd, 2008


o rly? October 6th, 2008

Sorry ‘blah’ but im afraid you suck :p you have to use a web­site on which we com­ment a nice pic­ture to note that you don’tlike world of warcraft.…shutup and go back to play­ing Runescape and leave the awe­some games to the big boys/girls

Laguna October 28th, 2008

Автор, а скажите а куда написать по поводу обмена ссылок (на какое мыло)?

Leigh Koch November 12th, 2008


XAN November 15th, 2008

Автор, посты у вас, конечно, интересные. Но вы не подумывали поменять дизайн?

Jackop November 24th, 2008

hey guys this is orig­i­nal image of Tel­dras­sil, home of Night Elfs, and name Tel­dras­sil means Crown of the Earth, Archi­monde died a Nor­dras­sil, it means World Tree. In WoW Tel­dras­sil not look like on this pic­ture because it could not be good place for playing

cameron December 2nd, 2008

the horde bet­ter no be the bad guys in this film

Evilsee­gan January 31st, 2009

Mak­ing the movie from an alliance point of view will piss alot of peo­ple off. Alliance FTL like Cameron said don’t make the Horde bad guys, they will lose alot of viewers

WoW Guides February 15th, 2009

from the con­cept art it is clearly set in out­lands but with woltk release i won­der where it could be set…

Fritz February 15th, 2009

“I think that they should use popluar known actors, good actors, IE arnold Swartznig­ger, Kevin Bacon, Keanu Reeves.….”

Haha­ha­ha­ha­ha­ha­ha­ha­ha­haha, why even list any more, your top three are so damn good!!!

Cato April 11th, 2009

I don’t play game cause they take up alot of time but I do have time for a good movie after work. Either cin­e­ma­tiom or ani­ma­tion, this flick would be an award win­ner in any cat­e­gory. Come on peo­ple, for movie go’ers, just do the right thing!!!

Всеволод Ильин May 29th, 2009

Давно искал эту инфу, Спасибочки за Вашу работу.

Кирилл Александров June 21st, 2009

За статью спасибочки, все по делу, достаточно много кто это уже использует

Demon­Swift­Claws June 24th, 2009

Dude this movie is gonna rock!! xD
I just hope that it has all the char’s. in it.
Also hope it will go back to when the war started and all that. =P It would kick @ss to see all the action in it.
Hmmm.… Also hop­ping they’ll use “ALL” the right actor for “ALL” the voices. =/
Oh well any­ways this movie is gonna dom­i­nate!!!
Just hop­ping they’d play it in Malco theater’s, its a long ways from my home town. =( (Lives in Cassville Missouri)

Lunaalexis July 12th, 2009

OMG!!! I want to be in the movie! I’m an actress and I play WoW. They should hire me. : )

The Main Antag­o­nist is Sarg­eras (evil god who cre­ated the evil guys that come from the Twist­ing Nether) August 2nd, 2009

Lunaalexis, as if they would just see a ran­dom com­ment on a web­site and hire you…they are look­ing for peo­ple who have the feel­ing and air to them that give them that divine feel. Peo­ple like that and those who have an intimidating/bloodthirsty look, rugged and tough peo­ple, peo­ple with a calm, nat­ural feel, and the ener­get­i­cally nice guys.

Here is what I’ve got. Five dif­fer­ent kinds of peo­ple. They can be com­bined and stuff. No offense, but I highly believe they will search for well-known actors/actresses.

Human — Divine, pow­er­ful
Dwarf — Rugged, more seri­ous than play­ful
Night Elf — Calm, nat­ural
Gnome — Friendly
Draenei — Intim­i­dat­ing (not blood­thirsty)

Orc — Intim­i­dat­ing (kind of blood­thirsty, but mainly vengeance)
For­saken — Divine, yet some­what rugged
Tau­ren — SHAMANISTIC ALL THE WAY! (I love Tau­ren)
Troll — Friendly…of course!
Blood Elf — …I sup­pose friendly, divine, or blood­thirsty could all work

I know that the movie will take place before World of War­craft actu­ally begins, but they may or may not have those guys.

Anyways…really off topic, huh? Any­ways, I hope they make all the scenes look tis porce­lain and deep. Really, it’s beau­ti­ful. I pre­fer the home of the Night Elves with Stormwind’s song, but with­out the music it will seem even more graceful.

Sorry for being so…long about my com­ment, I just can’t wait to see who would be able to cap­ture the inten­sity of all the lead­ers (espe­cially Lady Syl­vanas Win­drun­ner and, God, please make her look like she’s actu­ally a blood elf, not a night elf)

Can’t wait to see the movie,
The Main Antag­o­nist is Sarg­eras (evil god who cre­ated the evil guys that come from the Twist­ing Nether)

luis September 12th, 2009

Damn… have they even said any­thing about the movie since bliz­zcon 2007? if they haven’t… it might be star­craft ghost all over again :(

Trine November 18th, 2009

About actors.. I dont hope they use some­one to pop­u­larly..
Would be very annoy­ing to see Tom Hanks as a Human Pal­adin :S
I hope they will use same music as for now, when we in the movie enter Stormwind, they should play Stormwind music.

Per­haps the Orc are not in this movie… but they can always make a World Of War­craft 2 =) .…. and 3 and 4 .…

hielo December 23rd, 2009

You just found a daily visitor

AgOey~~ December 30th, 2009

VERy GooD~~

Pois­cool January 15th, 2010

It’s not from LOTR, LOTR doesn’t have a giant tree inhab­ited by night elves.

Edd January 23rd, 2010

The rep­re­sen­ta­tives for each race (as I see it) are these:

Male ~
Human: Viggo Mortensen or Eric Bana
Night Elf: Orlando Bloom or Craig Parker
Gnome: Mini Me or Sean Astin
Dwarf: John Rhys-Davies or a very seri­ous Jack Black
Draenei: Jean Reno or Mar­cel Iures
Orc: Ger­ard But­ler or Mikey Rourke
Troll: Peter Men­sah or Anto­nio Te Maioho
Undead: David Bradley or Hugh Lau­rie
Tau­ren: Michael Clarke Dun­can or Nick Nolte
Blood Elf: Keanu Reeves or Johnny Depp

Female ~
Human: Natalie Port­man or Keira Knight­ley
Night Elf: Uma Thur­man or Angelina Jolie
Gnome: Mika Win­kler or Reese With­er­spoon
Dwarf: Janeane Garo­falo or Nicki Clyne
Draenei: Mon­ica Bel­lucci or Cather­ine Zeta-Jones
Orc: Selma Hayek or Vivica A. Fox
Troll: Eva Lon­go­ria or Pene­lope Cruz
Undead: Jes­sica Alba or Kate Beck­in­sale
Tau­ren: Cam­ryn Man­heim or Kath­leen Turner
Blood Elf: Tara Reid or Tri­cia Helfer

I did this list with­out too much con­sid­er­a­tion, so don’t take me too seriously.

Low­ell Lam­ica The Movie Watcher April 8th, 2010

Whoa, that was def­i­nitely out­stand­ing mate­r­ial. Appre­ci­ate it for the great post. Will likely be return­ing in a few days to check if there might be another updates.

Willard Yoeckel April 17th, 2010

Good Lordit seems like Starcraft2 is tak­ing for­ever com­ing to stores. Does any­one know the deliv­ery date?

ms May 9th, 2010

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Delaine Swan­cutt May 9th, 2010

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Fa2milyGuy May 11th, 2010

Eve Lon­go­ria — You repulse me„,I will never watch any­thing you do„,because of your par­tic­i­pa­tion in the process of killing inno­cent ani­mals to adorn yourself„,used to like u!

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For­rest Carpenito May 13th, 2010

i dun really noe ange­line so much…but i love her character..

Sonia Mon­tooth May 18th, 2010

the actual

Shaunta Larde May 24th, 2010

Like we don’t see his stash of girl­friends on the sly

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Starshiner June 27th, 2010

i tihnk Megan Fox should play Lady Syl­vanas ;)

Lahk­mënd July 16th, 2010

Naaaaah. Megan Fox is uglier than holy hell.

Zooey Deschanel. I’d pay to see –that– wear­ing black mageweave. :3

Matthew (Makin­son) August 5th, 2010

OMFG!! r u for real like is there really a WoW movie com­ing out!!!???? if there is im gonna go see it like no mat­ter how much it costs im still going if it cost like 1k i would still go

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