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Robert Rodat penning World of Warcraft movie October 13th, 2009

In talks with MTV, Sam Raimi has revealed that “Sav­ing Pri­vate Ryan” writer Robert Rodat will be pen­ning the World of War­craft movie adap­ta­tion. The sto­ry­line will be an orig­i­nal effort, set in the War­craft uni­verse but not fol­low­ing the Lich King book (which had been rumored as a subtitle).

“We would choose… some­thing that encom­passes lands and char­ac­ters and sto­ry­lines, and we would be true to it. But our story may or may not be about one of those cen­tral characters.”

“We want to be really faith­ful to the game. We would have our writer, Robert Rodat, really craft an orig­i­nal story within that world that feels like a ‘World of War­Craft’ adven­ture. Only obvi­ously it’s very dif­fer­ent ’cause it’s expanded and trans­lated into the world of a motion picture.”

“[The hope is to prop­erly cap­ture] the Horde and the Alliance and the mythol­ogy that takes place in the game, and the arche­types that the game presents. I think we would try and find touch­stones within the game to make it accu­rate and true and choose one or some of the lands that are por­trayed in the game with as much accu­racy and authen­tic­ity as possible.”

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Guali November 16th, 2009


Guali November 16th, 2009

please buff hunters. Nerf shamans, rogues, druids, and war­riors. thank you.

ne0 December 4th, 2009

WoW is not gay >.< its the coolest game ever, maybe u r gay

jo December 6th, 2009

make war­locks even more imba, give them increased haste of 10% intel­lect , and make them able to kill all units in 10 yard range in 1 shot

cursi­nova December 9th, 2009

Please nurf kids on horde fac­tions. Knows the game is rated 12, but stil… heh


Krch­marus January 26th, 2010

wtf are you talk­ing about? This is about a movie, not the inside of game. Go post that coments on WoW forums, mofos.

skeez February 28th, 2010

“wtf are you talk­ing about? This is about a movie, not the inside of game. Go post that coments on WoW forums, mofos.“
couldn’t have said bet­ter myself.

ßlizz March 9th, 2010

ok lis­ten for all the lit­tle kids out there there talk­ing about the movie but they dont know which part to use the BC one or the Lich King for the movie

Jakob March 9th, 2010

I would die if the release a movie from the sto­rie , the sto­rie is the best thing in war­craft ever Bliz­zard cre­ator is a good plz mak the movie like 7 h or somthing i really would like to see every clip from when the ani­ceint treee deaf­eat the burn­ing leigon or how medi­vah fail human­ity first time or what will hhap­pen to the scourge please make ti so long i h8 to read so i really would like a movie ;D

Guest March 12th, 2010

Y’all already made cin­e­mat­ics in the game how hard is it to make a movie then? And why do peo­ple hate World of War­craft? Any­one knoe when the movie gonna be made?

skriptc­haz March 13th, 2010

YES BUFF HUNTERS FFS… we use to own pre-bc… now we might aswel be the pets for our pets… pew pew

druid March 17th, 2010

does any­one think WOW might trans­late to some­thing like Lord of The Rings on the big screen-because that was FANTASTIC

Death Knight April 13th, 2010

I would love to see many bat­tles and/or fights, i mean thats what the game is about. Like dif­fer­ent classes against each other. Dont try to put every­thing into 1 movie but make it long and event­ful, and maybe lead the story to be another movie so you can get all of the game into the movie. I just cant wait to see it.

Dar­win April 14th, 2010

First get your lore right the Lich King is the begin­ning of World of War­craft every­thing we have been doing so far is up to and because of what he did. Before Arthas there was the dark por­tal fight that allowed the Orcs and Trolls into Aze­roth so the movie has to be based on one of those things but ulti­mately there will have to be some inte­gra­tion of Arthas into the movie

Kory April 15th, 2010

lol this movie should be more…game like…if you want it to be like lord of the rings..go kill your self.. it needs to look exactly like the game!!!

Ron­nie April 15th, 2010

they should make a star­craft movie that seem alot cooler than a war­craft movie. no offense but star­craft was alot bet­ter with sto­ry­line and the game in gen­eral even though its older

eddyd10 April 20th, 2010

why not make both of the movies and try to make it bet­ter than avatar

War­craft­nerd June 26th, 2010

Plxz geif woW­movie !
Me very happy !
We fromz swe­den äre väry happey in mid­dle­sum­mer here, we drunken much. kkthxbye !

CooCooCoo July 13th, 2010

They should make a rogue named coocoo and have him destroy worlds. wouldn’t that be coo?

CooCooCoo July 13th, 2010

Oh and he bet­ter be in Wrath­ful gears… not some sav­age blue threads!

iwan­tit July 13th, 2010

Bet­ter be in Wrath­ful gears, not some sav­age blue threads

kyzza July 14th, 2010

i’ve played WoW for a grand total of about 10 hours but that’s all i need to be able to say WoW is the best game in the wotld. If a movie is cre­ated based on the game all 12 mil­lion regestered users of WoW will watch it or be slapped

Renzu September 15th, 2010

Kids dont even know the sto­ry­line to world of war­craft or the two expan­sions so maybe this is a way to dumb things down for them lol wow bliz­zard found another way to make it eas­ier to under­stand there game. almost like it takes 2 days to fully gear your toon now lol sad.

DeathKnight of Void September 19th, 2010

I all­ways thourgth that world of war­craft was good first time i played it, But now a movie!? well if a movie comes out, i want to say, it would be great if you first made a Movie about, War­craft 1 and war­craft 2 and war­craft 3 and frozen­throne, into one big movie, that could be great, and then later a world of war­craft maybe xD, i dont know but if there comes out a Movie i would pay 2000 eu just for hear­ing a Yes, for the movie, Then God­damn Make that movie! xD

leav­er­age September 29th, 2010

Is this the real movie??

Sarah November 10th, 2010

I think this is a worse idea than mak­ing Fruits Bas­ket and The Last Air­ben­der a movie. I don’t want to offend WoW play­ers but.. it’s not my favorite game, I’ll admit that, but.. just look at all of the other abom­i­na­tions they call Movies these days. Have you seen Dragon Ball: Evo­lu­tion? Or The Last Air­ben­der? Both were great animé/cartoon series, and they butchered both, in my opin­ion. I am not look­ing for­ward to any more movies made from animé or games. :S *Hides in a corner*

Kurac December 27th, 2010

don’t spam the sec­tion, and please make that movie :D

Tomas January 7th, 2011

The release on 2013 omg 2012 is end of the world.…..

dark­shadow January 12th, 2011

I really would like to see a movie come out of world of warcraft.I just say why not ask the fan what they would like to see in the movie We are the ones who are going to be pay­ing 12 bucks to go see it..

chupoon February 4th, 2011

duhh..thers no movie here !!..

chad February 11th, 2011

I think they should go with the first games sto­ry­line and fol­low lothar. The WOW story crap all chopped up and goes against the actu­ally games and sto­ry­line that started this fran­chise go with the first game and have the giant orc/deamon inva­sion. Doing that would give them 3–4 movies easy and get watched. Using the Wow crap. good game bad story.

chad February 11th, 2011

for­get the wow crap. it cut a word out

Em February 13th, 2011

Please do not do what most adap­ta­tion movies do these days and try to squish every­thing into a 2 hour movie. It’s impos­si­ble to trans­late the entire world of war­craft story into a reg­u­lar movie time­frame. It would have to be a long movie much like the lord of the rings tril­ogy. If you can’t afford to do that then please, please, please do not make this movie.