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Legendary Pictures joins Gears of War July 25th, 2008

Vari­ety are report­ing that movie stu­dio Leg­endary Pic­tures will be co-financing and co-producing the Gears of War movie adap­ta­tion, to be directed by Len Wiseman.

It’s the first New Line project that Leg­endary has signed onto since the mini-major was folded into Warner Bros. ear­lier this year. Leg­endary has a deal to co-finance and co-produce at WB.

“Gears of War” has been set up at New Line since early last year with Marty Bowen and Wyck God­frey pro­duc­ing through their Tem­ple Hill ban­ner. “Gears” lead designer Cliff Bleszin­ski is exec pro­duc­ing and con­sult­ing for devel­oper Epic, which owns the rights.

Len Wise­man is direct­ing with Chris Mor­gan writ­ing the script. First draft was penned by Stu­art Beattie.

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cal­lum October 21st, 2008

when is it com­ing out
and who is in it ????

snooop­cat January 7th, 2009

OMG me want my gears of war movie waaaaaaaaaaaa when is it out have 2 know

monty-sniper36 January 11th, 2009

i think that terry tate should play cole train

ya motha January 21st, 2009

I THINK THIS MOVIE WILL suck.good luck copyin all the good guns,monsters,armor

ya motha January 21st, 2009

good luck

Amy (yes– an actual female GOW fan) January 26th, 2009

This is such a big risk to the game’s awe­some rep­u­ta­tion. I mean don’t get me wrong: I’m SO PSYCHED for the movie, and I do like the director’s style when it comes to action, and come on: we all wanna see Mar­cus cut­ting Locusts up with a chain­saw :P But pleas­ing the games masisve fan­base is not as easy as they might think it is. I mean, for as much as it’s a kick-ass shooter game, it’s also got a great story behind it, and I’m just wor­ried that intense action will take con­trol over the story. Still, it’s too early to start judg­ing so harshly, so I’ll just say: Gears of War movie? I’m already stand­ing in line ;)

Mattiscrazy003 March 18th, 2009

Hey if you have seen Saw 2 when they are trapped in the house, you need the reallt tough guy from jail. He looks just like Dominic San­ti­ago! you need to show some seed­ers or RAAM. that would be sweet as hell! When is the movie com­ing out?

OMGWTFBBQ March 18th, 2009

Sigh. You guys, stop wor­ry­ing about the film. Yeah, it would be kick-ass. And for the one below me some­where, they could eas­ily repli­cate the Locusts, weapons and vehi­cles with elbow grease, lots of sheet metal and CG tech­niques for larg­ere Locusts (i.e. Corpsers, Seed­ers, Sko­rge etc.).

But, to join you all in your won­der­ous GOW ban­ter, I totally think John Tra­volta would make an awe­some Mar­cus. If he had a deeper voice. Other than that, he’s got the body and the face.

Geomies­mano April 18th, 2009

Hey, just i just wanted to remind, tha global I4oTuFskPCc4 is near.

izaac April 26th, 2009

you guys rock

jack May 20th, 2009

its gona rock the hell out of every thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MoM xIm­pe­Ri­alx May 27th, 2009

what web­site can we go to to see some trail­ers ??? i NEED to know

B-BEAR May 31st, 2009

Cant wait until this movie comes out its goin to be such a gift.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i think the film should come out after the 3rd game so we can under­stand the hole story etc…
i say it would be very hard to fit 3 “game” sto­rys into one film that i say wont be longer than 2 and a half to tree hours long…??

rob­bie June 2nd, 2009

This movie looks sooo cool.I want to see it.Yesssssss im going to see the movie in the theartr.

KH June 3rd, 2009


tecnico34 June 13th, 2009

Hey you guys rock good luck with the movie and the gears of war 3 game im so exited

unknown June 16th, 2009

i want to know when its com­ing out and see some trail­ers.…..
also dont make it like how trans­form­ers movie was kick ass and there game blew dick make it equal the game alredy kicks ass so dont ruin it with the movie. no pres­sure lol good luck
but im deff. sup­port­ing it

terell July 31st, 2009

i dont think it going to be that good but okay butt stil­lzz i think bobby lash­ley should be play­ing as cole

talen seya August 10th, 2009

i think vin deasil should play mar­cus he has a deep voice. or ron palmer.

talen seya August 10th, 2009

i am relly tellen the truth vin deasil could do it he got a relly deep voice.….…..

tallen saya August 16th, 2009

have u heard that there killin mar­cus i was relly mad and this is exactly what i sad.. nooooooooooooooooooo u’ve got to be kid’n
me noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SNIPERPUNISH3R September 10th, 2009

its about time but they should use the graph­ics they used in the dark knight on 2 face​.it looks like a locust.oh ya im the BEST SNIPER IN GEARS OF WAR EVER!!!!!ill prove it but ya im cool.and u all r cool 4 lik­ing GOW..DEUCE

Dysart McKay November 20th, 2009

does this Carmine die?

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KICK-ASS September 15th, 2010

i know he’s old but give him a pair of chops and i think rad­chek from star­ship­troop­ers would be good as mar­cus. hes got the voice and they could beef him up with a suit.

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