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Gears Movie put on Hold? October 4th, 2007

The IESB are report­ing that Len Wise­man is no longer involved with the Escape from New York remake, which at first glance would imply that he plans to work on GoW. How­ever, through IESB’s con­tacts, it is now rumored that he is not involved in the video game adap­ta­tion either, and, more alarm­ingly, that New Line Cin­ema might pull out altogether:

Wise­man is also off the video game adap­ta­tion and New Line Cin­ema will most likely not move for­ward with the film at all. Our source is say­ing that the stu­dio has con­cerns with bal­loon­ing bud­get of the film.

We’ll have to wait and see what hap­pens on this one folks. Thanks for the heads up Philip.

Gears of War going into Production? September 15th, 2007

A num­ber of web­sites (Hor­ror Movies, Movies Online) are report­ing that the Gears of War movie is being fast tracked into pro­duc­tion with­out a named direc­tor, with some spec­u­la­tion that this is as a result of pend­ing strike action in Hollywood.

If this is the case a direc­tor will more than likely be named in the com­ing month. Len Wise­man maybe?

Len Wiseman to Direct? August 3rd, 2007

A “reli­able stu­dio insider” revealed to IESB​.net that the direc­tor of both the Gears of War Movie and the remake of Escape from New York would be Len Wise­man.

Don’t recog­nise the name? This was the fel­low that cre­ated both of the Under­world fea­tures as well the fourth Die Hard film, Live Free or Die Hard. He is also the lucky hus­band of one Kate Beckinsale.