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Gears Movie put on Hold? October 4th, 2007

The IESB are report­ing that Len Wise­man is no longer involved with the Escape from New York remake, which at first glance would imply that he plans to work on GoW. How­ever, through IESB’s con­tacts, it is now rumored that he is not involved in the video game adap­ta­tion either, and, more alarm­ingly, that New Line Cin­ema might pull out altogether:

Wise­man is also off the video game adap­ta­tion and New Line Cin­ema will most likely not move for­ward with the film at all. Our source is say­ing that the stu­dio has con­cerns with bal­loon­ing bud­get of the film.

We’ll have to wait and see what hap­pens on this one folks. Thanks for the heads up Philip.

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terry January 23rd, 2008

wtf?????????????????????????? how can this be put on hold. i mean ye every 1 knows that ze xbox 360 rules. but how can gears of war be put on hold it is only just pub­lish­ing the first chap­ter right now. gears of war is the great­est shoot em up game for the xbox 360. look i know all my e0mail souynds wacky but i think they should just carry on i mean we all know that it is gonne get a 5 star rat­ing (out of 5) from every xbox 360 sup­porter. send back a mes­sage 2 me on my e-mail tnx

Soviet Razor April 18th, 2008

Sorry, I don’t think I would just give it a five star rat­ing, just because it’s Gears.
If it’s good, yes.
But fan-boyism? For shame, man.

Matt May 18th, 2008

I think that Gears of War will be the best game to ever be made into a movie. Even though it is put on hold doesn’t mean that it won’t come out great. I would think that this movie would get a five star rat­ing. The only prob­lem is what the direc­tor decides. We don’t know what the direc­tor would do to this movie. Might not fol­low the story line for all we know. The parts though that I would like to see is the parts where Mar­cus uses the Ham­mer of Dawn on the Berserk­ers. That would be sweet!

xbox live goth man 666 May 24th, 2008

omg i agree gears of war is probly the best game for 360s but u never know cause there have been great sequals for games and they turned out crappy and not sold alot so we will just have to wait for the demo or to rent it but they need newww stuff

Zach November 10th, 2008

I agree, for this movie to be a 5 star action movie, first off, You gotta have Mar­cus, don’t change the char­ac­ters, keeps dom: his best friend. Maybe show the pro­louge, show why mar­cus was thrown into jail, or just put together gears of war 1 and 2. I want to see soem chain­saw action, a cou­ple boss fight scenes, Espe­cialy Gen­eral Ramm, the locust queen, and maybe a shit­load of boomers. I wanna see so much action, blood and vio­lence that it’s not funny, keep the con­tent of the game in it too. I wanna hear dom and mar­cus get pissed and cuss out the locusts, I want to see Mar­cus and Dom’s back­ground, I still haven’t fig­ured out what Dom is, he looks por­ti­can, I wanna know for sure. Throw in Barid and Cole.I wanna see how cole is always bein cocky and Barid scarred shit­less and gets picked on, by dom cole and mar­cus. And what hap­pend to Tia? He had shot him­self in the head with a shot­gun, why though? I wanna see why he did, and how he was torchered, and Dom’s wife, I wanna see how she was torchered, And keep the focus mainly on Mar­cus and Dom, don’t just go back anf forth so, we get con­fuesed on chap­ters, I’m pretty sure every­one wants to see this action. Show carmine get­tign sniped in the head. and put Kim i nthere too, I want to see how you guys can show him get­ting stabbed by a 10 foot tall guy (Gen­eral ramm). Just the basic back­ground knowlage.