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Casting Rumors for Sin City 2 April 19th, 2008

Sin City 2’s sto­ry­line is set to include some “Blue Eyes” sto­ries, which include The Colonel, played by Josh Hart­nett in the first film. Whether he shall reprise his role is as of yet uncon­firmed. Clive Owen is expected to return as Dwight and IMDB list Jes­sica Alba as Nancy Calla­han once again.

Bruce Willis shall not be return­ing as the now deceased Har­ti­gan, though if a future story fea­tured his char­ac­ter he says he would love to make a re-appearance.

There have been many rumors sur­round­ing the role of Ava Lord (stun­ningly fea­tured in the top right of our header image). In 2006 Rosario Daw­son (set to reprise her role as Gail) hinted that Angelina Jolie was Rodriguez’s prime tar­get, though since then Rose McGowan (Grind­house) and Salma Hayek have also been linked. Jolie has recently stated that she will be tak­ing a break from film­ing dur­ing 2008. The lat­est uncon­firmed rumor is that Rachel Weisz is inline to play Ava.

Both Anto­nio Ban­deras and Johnny Depp have been rumored to play Wal­lace, also rumored for a third film expected to entirely revolve around “Hell and Back

Rachel Weisz to play Ava Lord in Sin City 2?

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maya and fitri September 13th, 2008

how are you
you very femous in Indone­sia
you is my idol

Edmond Bax­ter November 12th, 2008


L-Tyrosine December 3rd, 2010

Rachel Weisz have that mys­te­ri­ous look and she is very appeal­ing to most men and women ..”

Jerzy January 24th, 2011


Well, after I read the rumors, I think the next:

Johnny Depp should do of Wal­lace… this is the crazy guy, like him…
Rose McGowan must be Ava Lord… I like Weisz, but… she’s not the kind of per­son to do a char­ac­ter who dies. And McGowan were awsome on Grind­house (Planet Ter­ror and Death Proof)

Now, Bruce Willis char­ac­ter dies, but, what about an pre­cuel? I mean, in Sin City 2, many sto­ries, but in dif­fer­ents times… one on the present (after the one) and other his­tory before the one, like a Hartigan’s mission.

If are a movie with Bruce Willis, Johnny Depp, Rose McGowan and the oth­ers char­ac­ters of the one (Alba, Owen, Daw­son, Har­nett and maybe Mad­sen), a lot of peo­ple are going to watch the movie. That is like a Dream Team on one of the great­est movies on all the time. What­ever… Rourke isn’t back? If Rourke back to Sin City 2, the movie will be abso­lutly great!

But, Mr. Rodriguez it’s the only one who can choose his cast, and, what­ever who it be, are going to make it good.