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Sin City 2 going elsewhere? April 23rd, 2009

Sin City 2 movie rights are today being shopped around Hol­ly­wood, report THR. It appears that Dimen­sion Films (The Wein­stein Co./Dimension) may have even­tu­ally lost rights to the prop­erty; although they do still main­tain they have the rights on the sequel. This is coun­tered by pro­duc­ers that have ‘shopped for’ the rights to Sin City through rep­re­sen­ta­tives — they are actively seek­ing a new space to set up the Sin City sequel.

This may have come through inac­tiv­ity and ‘lan­guished development’.

The The Wein­stein Co. attor­ney maintains:

“TWC’s rights to pro­duce sequels to ‘Sin City’ remain intact as they always have been.”