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Bruce Campbell to get a bigger role in Spider-man 4? September 18th, 2009

It seems Raimi’s long time friend, Bruce Camp­bell, may be up for a much big­ger role in the fourth movie. They spec­u­late that this could be a vil­lain, per­haps Mys­te­rio. But that’s all con­jec­ture and noth­ing to take seri­ously. Which Spider-man char­ac­ter would Camp­bell play best?

The actor, who has a long rela­tion­ship with direc­tor Sam Raimi via his lead role in the “Evil Dead” tril­ogy, made mem­o­rable cameos in the first three “Spider-Man” films.

How­ever, he may have a big­ger role this time around. Bruce told Access that in the next install­ment in the super­hero fran­chise, he’s been told he has a major part – but didn’t yet know any­thing about his character