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Bryan Singer working on sequel, looking to direct May 14th, 2008

In speak­ing with Empire Online, Bryan Singer con­firmed that he will now be focus­ing on the Super­man Returns sequel, with an aim to direct once the project is ready:

“I’m just get­ting back with writ­ers after the strike. We’re just in the devel­op­ment phase. I’m start­ing to develop a sequel…with the inten­tion of direct­ing it.”

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Ivan Vivas (Spain) June 9th, 2008

I hope Bryan Singer directs the next Super­man install­ment, but I think there are some ele­ments in “Returns” that must be changed: for exam­ple, I think Kate Bosworth was the worst elec­tion pos­si­ble for the Lois part. If Bryan wanted any x-men actor or actress to play a part in this movie, he should have cho­sen Famke Janssen or Rebecca Romjin Sta­mos for play­ing Lois, but I think it has some­thing to do with Kevin Spacey and their pre­vi­ous job together. They should replace her, just like Chris Nolan has done in the new Bat­man movie. By the other way, all that “superman’s son” stuff is so wrong…, I mean, this changes the entire his­tor­i­cal rela­tion­ship between Lois and Clark/Superman, because it has hap­pened before Lois knows Clark’s secret iden­tity, they fall in love and marry, even includ­ing all events in Super­man II, you know, the mag­i­cal kiss, Super­man becom­ing human to be with Lois,… And the most impor­tant, the next movies of the saga must fol­low this weak sto­ry­line. The one and only good deci­sion is that inter­net rumor (if it is true) of the return of Ter­ence Stamp as Zod, but I think that Bryan could try to put any other of the clas­sic Super­man vil­lains in this movie, like Dark­seid, Brainiac, or fol­low­ing some of the comic big sto­ries, for exam­ple, mak­ing at least two movies with the death of Super­man and the reign of the Super­men storyline.