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Brandon Routh says “Early next year” June 25th, 2008

In an inter­view with Hol­ly­wood Reporter, Bran­don Routh says that the Jus­tice League movie is almost cer­tainly dead and buried, how­ever, he goes on to tell us that the Man of Steel script is in the works and that they plan to start early next year:

“It’s just ‘Man of Steel’ now, I know, they’re busy writ­ing a script and then I trust we’ll be start­ing next year, early next year. That’s my time­line anyway.”

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shawn July 11th, 2008

I am glad Routh is in. He is per­fect. prob­a­bly the only thing good about the first movie (apart from the air­plane scene)

still, i hope singer is gone.

it would be a dream come true for peter jack­son to direct! the guy just knows how to creat epic movies. Seri­ously, Super­man needs to be given all the atten­tion and more than Lord of the Rings was ever given as far as pro­duc­tion goes.

there is SO much poten­tial here and singer really missed the boat, rel­e­gat­ing it to com­pro­mis­ing super­mans morals and mak­ing the movie so con­strained. it really should open up to the like of dooms­day, dark­seid, apokolips (although the spelling is really irritating).

c’mon Jack­son!

Super­man should be bet­ter in every way than bat­man, iron man, lord of the rings, etc. and it should never become a “fast food” movie like fan­tas­tic four. super­man should be deep and mov­ing and yet all the while filled with intense action, the most spec­tac­u­lar spe­cial effects, and unbe­liev­able super­hu­man encoun­ters ever put into film. heck incor­po­rate jack­son and michael bay and singer all at once if you have to, just get it right.

it should be the best move ever made. ever.

H July 25th, 2008

I totally agree, Routh was excel­lent in SR. Kate was good too.

Who­ever directs the “Man of Steel” I would like to see box office records smashed. Super­man is the great­est super hero and this sequel should cover every­thing shawn above says. The effects should be fan­tas­tic, more action!!!

I look for­ward to it!!!!

Cyntalkz87 September 30th, 2008

I totally agree with the peo­ple above. Bran­don is truly tal­ented he is the best thing to hap­pen to the comic world since the awe­some Christo­pher Reeve !!!!! Bran­don was given a “stinker” of a script and expected to make it a blockbuster.Not very smart on WB’s part !!!! Hey guys at WB did you read the script before you handed out checks ? How do you expect a gem to shine when you put it in the MUD !!!! Hey guys at WB how about expect­ing the writ­ers to write some­thing bet­ter than a watered down half assed job just to get it out the door.If the peo­ple at smal­l­ville would have been handed that last script they would have laughed,and then fired the writer.Lets try to write a MOVIE and not blame the fail­ure of the first “movie” on Bran­don Routh.You dropped the ball now try HARDER! Thanks I feel bet­ter now. Cyn

Juana Guer­rero November 12th, 2008


B Hawkins January 3rd, 2009

i fink they should scrap the whole idea whilst they still can, if they release this next film (regard­less how long they spend work­ing on the script)its going to be a flop because to many peo­ple where dis­ap­pointed with the last one, they should wait a cou­ple more years play around with the Smal­l­ville series as much as they can with out mak­ing it bor­ing and when they have court peo­ples atten­tion again release the film and i think they u should be using tom welling, Routh has got the looks of super­man down but his act­ing in the last film was dead it didn’t bring super­man to life and was show­ing no real com­mit­ment to the role he couldn’t make me believe the emo­tion of the film the whole thing was dead!

B Hawkins January 3rd, 2009

I’ve just read that com­ment left by Cyntalkz87, i agree with what you are say­ing about the script but Routh was a big let down on his own behalf, i 100% agree with what you where say­ing about WB just pass­ing off the the script with­out a sec­ond look at it but with Routh hav­ing the lead role left him with the respon­si­bil­ity to actu­ally lead(which he didn’t)most of the atten­tion was taken from him and was on Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey and the lit­tle kid (i don’t know his name)

Jaime Castillo February 8th, 2010

Bran­don Routh brought back Super­man for me, i was afraid i would never see him after Christo­pher Reeves passing,but thank­fully Bran­don is here and hope is still their.

erwin October 16th, 2010

i think bran­don is the best super­man ever.… he is fit­ted for may be his upcom­ing movie “the man of steel” and i can’t w8 to see him in big screen.… Go Bran­don Routh