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The Avengers movie about “saving the world” June 6th, 2009

Some press folk were lucky enough to visit the Iron Man 2 set recently, and in doing so had a long chat with Kevin Feige, Mar­vel Stu­dios pro­ducer. A tran­script from this talk from UGO reveals a few things about upcom­ing Mar­vel movies.

Zak Penn, Avengers screen­writer, shall begin pen­ning the script next week. The movie itself shall revolve around the team sav­ing the world, with a much dif­fer­ent focus to the indi­vid­ual super­hero movies. It shall be global and epic in its scale, a threat that one sin­gle hero can­not han­dle. As such, the bud­get will likely be larger. Kevin Feige would also like to see The Hulk as part of the team, hope­fully with Ed Nor­ton play­ing the role.

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Mickey J June 10th, 2009

Dont foeget that the Hulk was also an avenger!!!