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Warcraft Movie at BlizzCon 2007! August 4th, 2007

Today at Bliz­zCon 2007 we have heard our first solid and inter­est­ing infor­ma­tion with regards to the War­craft, or to some, the World of War­craft Movie. This movie will be big, huge, EPIC even — in fact, Thomas Tull (pro­ducer of 300) stated a bud­get of over $100m would be com­mit­ted, with a pro­jected 2009 release date. Leg­endary Pic­tures are 100% com­mit­ted to this project, it shall be a “tent-pole”, some­thing to stand next to and say “we did that!” — whilst remain­ing true to the game and fan base.

The plot for the film will take place approx­i­mately a year before the start of World of War­craft, includ­ing races you have played and lands you have wan­dered in, where lots of plot arcs are melded into a two and a half hour story. The film itself will revolve around a ‘badass’ new hero, with a theme towards con­flict and cul­ture — being a War Movie rather than a quest movie, from an Alliance’s per­spec­tive.

“It’s actu­ally not like the great adven­ture. It’s not so much a quest movie. It’s more of a war movie. Well, okay, it’s absolutely a war movie. Cul­tures grind­ing up to a hor­ri­ble moment where it just all spills over and gets out of con­trol. Less of an adven­ture party quest-type sit­u­a­tion. More of an armies build­ing to an inevitable con­clu­sion type situation.”

And w.r.t to the Alliance:

“While my heart lies with the Horde and Thrall’s an inter­est­ing char­ac­ter, from a movie mak­ing stand­point, a block­buster movie its a lit­tle rough to try and tell it from the per­spec­tive of this green look­ing dude.”

No direc­tor or cast have yet been assigned to the project and Tull stated that rec­og­niz­able actors to play main roles was not a necessity:

“We are start­ing those con­ver­sa­tions. We’re going to be look­ing for some­one of Zak Sny­der (300) or Chris Nolan (The Dark Knight, Bat­man Beings) calibre,”

The not so good news — seems they are aim­ing for PG-13 con­tent which claims to be a com­pro­mise. I per­son­ally miss the days of old when action heroes swore blindly.

“I can tell you that this is the one thing about run­ning a stu­dio and mak­ing these things that’s hard. You want to not com­pro­mise and have the right level of inten­sity. The story and the director’s vision is what’s ulti­mately going to dic­tate that. Per­son­ally one of my favorite movies of all time is Lord of the Rings, which has a PG-13 rating.”

The film is still in its script­ing process, but Tull stated that they are cur­rently work­ing with some­thing that they are very happy with.

And now for the first piece of con­cept art of the Teldrassil:

Other Q & A info:

Classes will be in the movie, but can’t give details since still in script­ing process, not exactly clear and we don’t know yet, but we want many famil­iar ele­ments in the movie as possible

What races will be rep­re­sented? Not very easy to answer con­sid­er­ing the time­line we’re talk­ing about, so they are not sure about if the For­saken have yet joined the Horde But not every­one can be in the spot­light in the first movie anyway

War­craft has a lot of strong char­ac­ters, would you con­sider going back to do another movie on Arthas? I would con­sider that, sure, but we haven’t talked about what other films might deal with. We have to get the first movie right first before you deal with franchises.

This is based on two or three major moments in the games, so it isn’t rad­i­cally apart from the con­ti­nu­ity, so it really holds together. We want it to taste like the World of War­craft world. but it’s also really fresh. I under­stand the fear that you don’t want us to screw up the story, but we will be respect­ful of the con­ti­nu­ity but will hold up as a killer 2 hour movie. It is a lit­tle mod­i­fied.
There’s so much in this world to deal with, so you use that as a jump­ing off point to tell a kick ass story. They want the play­ers to enjoy the movie expe­ri­ence, if they are too much a slave to the story that won’t be the case. They want to respect the world, but to trans­late it to the screeen and is great on film.

And here is an after-video from IGN:

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Matthew Horn August 4th, 2007

The action and dia­logue in the War­craft games are more or less PG-13 any­way. As a huge Bliz­zard fan(boy) I’m look­ing for­ward to this.

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Flubly August 14th, 2007

Yeah adding in swear­ing would be chang­ing the game into some­thing it’s not. I don’t think it’d make it any more gritty, just forced and pretentious.

Stella O August 19th, 2007

Why sim­plify the plot? Every war has hero­ics and cor­rup­tion on both sides.

Since at lest half of the play­ers play Horde, you’re going to alien­ate them. And new­com­ers to the game will base their ideas on the movie. All of the Horde will be EBUL to them, and it’s just not true.

It would only take a lit­tle stretch of brain power to cre­ate a sce­nario that shows the good and bad of both groups. Your audi­ence is per­fectly capa­ble of under­stand­ing “a green-looking dude” Hell, Shrek is a green dude, and he’s doing okay!

Nate August 20th, 2007

Live action movie would be made of suck. A CGI one would be fan­tas­tic. Of course, if they’re look­ing for actors…bleh.

Drakior August 26th, 2007

I think they would be bet­ter off just mak­ing the entire movie ani­mated like their cinematic.

Cre­bral September 22nd, 2007

In My opin­ion, they should make 3 movies just like LOTR, sim­ply because they have had two World Of War­craft games out already, and the 3rd one is com­ing, so I think they should make three movies :) ))))) ) ) ) ) ) AKAMA SErver For LIFE

Dirti G September 27th, 2007

wow, i can’t believe thay are actu­ally going to make a movie.. that is going to be one incred­i­ble film, espe­cially Thomas Tull who’s work i’m an incred­i­ble fan of. i can’t wait to see how it turns up =] good luck guys x]

Gotrek October 2nd, 2007

cool i hopethe movie comes out as good as it sounds they should also make a movie based on the for­saken cus they have a long exten­sive and intra­cate sto­rylin itd make a nice part 2

berg October 6th, 2007

Def­i­nitely happy that Leg­endary has picked this up. Then again, they could pick up any bliz­zard title and make it into an epic film saga. I love the war idea, and with a huge bud­get it is going to rock.
I have only one prob­lem with this movie though…are peo­ple ready for another Saga of humans and orcs bat­tling in an ancient and mys­ti­cal era?(LOTR wasnt THAT long ago). Still, this will be a great film, but Leg­endary needs to get back on Diablo(especially since it should be Rated R, it is the Lord of Ter­ror here).
Keep it up Leg­endary and Bliz­zard, together you guys can bring to life the most epic videogames ever(minus FF7)

Green­Guy October 23rd, 2007

lol… peo­ple you are WAY too seri­ous into this thing. =)
i look for­ward to the movie but you guys should con­sider get­ting a life? Or a girl­friend maybe?

Pakioufis October 24th, 2007

Give some bloody war movie..No more LOTR…This must be sth different..instead of hav­ing 2–3 star­ing in the movive, i’ d like it more to see the whole story…Gief some Hyjal :)

Ed October 28th, 2007

Sounds good, Except i think it would be awsome if it was ani­mated, i just cant imag­ine it being real. The in game videos are just so cool, i really think it should be some­thing like that, except really bru­tal in the fight scenes.

Edzor [Storm­scale]
Orc Shaman for the win.

Jpaf84 November 1st, 2007

If they make it real images, or what­ever they call it, no doubt it will be a huge, mon­u­men­tal fail­ure. The world of war­craft lives by the style of the char­ac­ters, and mak­ing a green guy like thrall look god in a real image film will just ruin is image, and the same for the other races. I WANT AN ANIMATION MOVIE, just like the ones they put on the games, pretty good the one with the crow in War­craft 3. This I would pay to see, will not spend a dime in a real pic movie on this theme.

blood­elf­princess November 2nd, 2007

I agree that the movie would be much bet­ter as a cin­e­matic. I also think that the movie will not make as much money as it would if it were done from BOTH faction’s per­spec­tives, not just alliance (ickkk).

Jun Sekiya November 4th, 2007

Ok, ok, if it is live action I am going to per­son­ally make sure that the tape never goes on screen. The only rea­son I like expan­sion packs is because of the new cin­e­mat­ics. Bliz­zard, hear me! Cin­e­mat­ics is the way to go! Live action will ruin the movie! It’s going to be another D&D/Eragon Cheese fest allover again! I also think they should do a LOTR type of thing and com­bine war with quest.

jack November 6th, 2007


the wow master November 10th, 2007

I’ve liked the story for the war­craft movie be a what will be after the frozen trone.That will be so beater den some oder story.If they chose the oder story it will not be so good because they all­ways change some­thing i now it must change but they can have for the main man in the movie Artahs or ili­dan or maybe the leader of sil­ver hand i can’t remem­ber what is his name but he is in War­Craf III:Rain of Chaos…

orophil November 11th, 2007

I think the movie would only be really goood if it was CGI. Live actors just wouldn’t work with WoW, just a really long intro­duc­tion cin­e­matic with a sto­ry­line would be amaz­ing. The only rea­son they should be look­ing for actors is for voice overs.

lat­i­fah November 14th, 2007

i 100% agree with Stella O , thats just not fair
why cant we have both the fac­tion stories

hav­ing “Alliance’s per­spec­tive” thing totally sucks

its gonna be just like LOTR with the humans being the good­ies and the orcs being the bad­dies and you know its not like that

so no im not look­ing for­ward to it,i think bliz­zard should make a movie with their cinematic’s =D but thats just my opinion

lol could you guys imag­ine “Gnome“actors hehe
much love

For the horde


Jason Mer­moud November 14th, 2007

For real fans of the game I think that it will really be great to see WoW on the big screen. Kind of wished that it was from the Hordes’ view­point tho. I think that it would explain things a lit­tle bit bet­ter from that side other then the Alliance.

SICKBASTERD November 15th, 2007

wow i think that wow would make an awsome movie espeacily the way the say they are goin to make IT !!!!

rafal m November 16th, 2007

i would love this film to be in cin­e­mat­ics because that will just look fan­tas­tic unlike with actors who arent gonna look any­thing like the actual char­ac­ters or even sound like them…and the spe­cial fea­tures such as a bear run­ning on to a tau­ren and the tau­ren nail­ing it with a totem pole.…that will be impos­si­ble to do with real actors…and also the horde are the good side and thats how it should always be

Luis November 19th, 2007

I agree with Nate I think the film should be CGI i love to just wach the cina­mat­ics of WOW cause there awsome and there only what 2 min. long hell 2 1/2 hours of WOW cina­mat­ics would be crazy. And CGI the pos­abi­latys are limitless,I think thats what the play­ers want, although live action if done right would be nice but every movie based on games that has come to the big screen has bombed and i would realy hate for WOW to get messed up and go out like that.

jurey November 23rd, 2007

think­ing of all War­craft fanat­ics around the world, i’m sure this one would become a “movie of the year” , and i bet if this will win as best piture.

Ambar­gon November 23rd, 2007

I am a devout horde player, and I don’t really care if they make the movie from an Alliance(Noob) point of view, as long as they show a good per­cent­age of parts where the horde stomps them like the dogs … no, worse, humans … they are.

bLiTz­ZaRD November 24th, 2007

i think ive read some­where that the movie will have a tril­ogy like LOTR…

i think it’s:

War­craft the movie: Fall of Quel’thalas
: Cav­erns of Time
: Bat­tle of Mount Hyjal

Thrall November 24th, 2007

I think the movie must be from a horde pre­spec­tive because there are a lot of Horde fans out there.And to surely make a nice War­craft Movie the crew must be a devoted War­craft fans and to know and fell war­craft i have played War­craft 3 Choas and Frozen Throne and Read 2 books.I hope the movie is big i cant wait.

WARC November 24th, 2007

I thing that the film must be and from the two sides the Horde and the Alliance and those who watch the film to thing about who is the good one. I thing that it will eb more inter­est­ing to peo­ple see the great lead­ers of the horde and the kings of the alliance at the same way.

crag November 26th, 2007

the script from war­craft 3 would be very decent to use, arthas turn­ing bad!!, orcs, humans, night elvs as allies against the burn­ing legion & undead which is sumat at least dif­fer­ent to the LOTR, plus the script is large enough for a tril­logy n if not there always the throzen throne to fall into.… its the CGI video clips out of the 3rd game that give ya chills n would make a kick ass move…

300 was also cre­ated in 3D for cer­tain cin­e­mas
sooo i say A CGI war­craft movie with war­craft 3 script
n made in 3D for some cinemas:):):)

Zaxus November 26th, 2007

I’m pretty psy­ched about this movie guys, but i think that it would be bet­ter off made in CGI no? and hav­ing just the allies might look great, but both sides should be included, as half the play­ers are Horde too eh?

Jon­doe November 27th, 2007

Please please please dont make it like lord of the rings.
Keep it 100% CGI as per the cin­e­mat­ics, it really gives it a larger than life aura that you just cant get using real actors and sets.

Matt November 27th, 2007

They should totally make a Dia­blo movie next. :)

Like old school orig­i­nal Dia­blo. While Dia­blo 2 was sweet. There is no cap­ping the eerieness of the first one

Matt November 30th, 2007

i miss the days of War­craft 1 & 2. That was the clas­sic story, the inva­sion of Aze­roth and the sub­se­quent war between the Alliance and the Horde, with Heroes like Lord Lothar and oth­ers, cul­mi­nat­ing in the bat­tle to destroy the por­tal. THAT is the ulti­mate “War­craft” war movie

Brian December 2nd, 2007

Has any­one really read much of the War­craft lore?
They could pro­duce an epic suc­ces­sion of movies that goes well beyond just a tril­ogy. They have cre­ated such a rich and com­plex sto­ry­line and his­tory that to pro­duce only one movie would be a shame. I would hope they test out the mar­ket with this one movie and after its cer­tain even­tual suc­cess they con­tinue to tell the whole story from begin­ning to end.

At least the set­ting will be inside a very, very nar­row point of the War­craft his­tory. This way, once they got us hooked they can go ahead and tell the rest of the story with more movies.

Bryan December 3rd, 2007

See­ing as how the bud­get is huge, I can tell i wont be dis­ap­pointed when i see it. I think live action cer­tainly “spice-up” War­craft. It’d also be very cool to get a look at a lot of the races. I can’t wait to see what it turns out like, i’ll be first in line for that one =].

snow­bird December 4th, 2007

Wow I can’t wait for the Movie

But there is a ques­tion a huge pop­u­la­tion that is not acknowl­edged but expected to play and watch the movie that’s the South African ded­i­cated players…not a men­tion of a server or even a server por­tal of some sort…not to men­tion all the com­pa­nies that haved offered to host them…

But hey no mater 300 latency or 2000 latency we will sup­port Wow

Brad December 5th, 2007

I prob­a­bly won’t want to see it if it’s live action…blah. Real peo­ple are ugly and bor­ing. I’d much rather it be entirely CGI, Final Fan­tasy type but advanced, how long’s it been? Seven years? That movie looked great, I’ll bet CGI skills have improved mon­u­men­tally since then. And the cin­e­mat­ics on the game itself are amaz­ing already, I could watch 3 hours of just that. I cer­tainly hope they take a dual per­spec­tive and show both sides for their good and evil. As a Horde player and an Amer­i­can, I can relate to the good and evil in every action. To uphold order you must defend against evil, to defend you must kill, to kill is evil. All wars are evil and the fight­ing of ter­ror­ism soon becomes ter­ror­ism. If another coun­try invaded ours even the whiny anti­war­sorts would quickly take arms and become insur­gents, to pro­tect their pre­cious way of life and their pre­cious fat greedy chil­dren. Good day. FOR THE HORDE!


nightea­gle December 8th, 2007

im glad for once that the alliance are going to be shown in the spot light because horde are usu­ally in it and any­one who denies that clearly dont look fur­ther than their green nose, and as a response to Stella O shrek is a com­pletely dif­fernt movie so dont com­pare, cuz it just cant be.

besides peo­ple who have not played the game and watch the movie wud pre­fer to see from human side etc cuz we are human not every­one who gonna see the movie plays the game, so thats what they mean by mak­ing from ali­iance per­spec­tive it can be more asso­ci­ated to nor­mal people.

still its all good and i reckon theyll make another one maybe from horde per­spec­tive just to quinch ya first for horde XD

Clawler December 10th, 2007

I per­son­ally can’t wait for the movie to come out. I believe it has great poten­tial as a CGI movie. The only fear I have about a WOW movie is it will por­tray one side as being “good guys” and the other as the bad guys which could make the game one sided to new com­ers to the game. But on the other hand there will always be peo­ple want­ing to be the bad guys. But alto­gether it is the top movie on my list to watch when it comes out!!!! GO HORDE!

Josh December 11th, 2007

For those of you whiny peo­ple cry­ing over cgi vs. live action, why cant it be both? IE Beowolf, for those of you that havent seen it, it is an amaz­ingly good look­ing movie. I dont think L/A will kill this movie in the least. Every­one was mak­ing this same argu­ment for spi­der­man and x-men. And look how well those movies did.

Ed December 11th, 2007

I think this movie is going to be awsome. I am very excited. I do think The war idea of the movie is good too. But in my opin­ion i would have the movie ani­mated.… It should have graph­ics like BeoWolf (which i thought was a hor­ri­ble movie the crit­ics made it sound so much bet­ter then it was). This movie Is gunna be awsome =)

adarr December 12th, 2007

They should make it CGI, live act­ing would suck.
And, they should really make it either from the Horde’s per­spec­tive or at least from both. I mean, Alliance aren’t com­plex at all. They don’t seem as rich and diverse as the Horde. And besides, I don’t want some stu­pid gnome being the next Jar Jar Binks.

adarr December 12th, 2007

Oh yeah, and how is it hard to show the movie from the view of a “green dude”. What, will all the lit­tle kids wet their freak­ing pants or some­thing.
“Oh, a green dude. I don’t like them. In fact, just because this movie was shown from the prospec­tive of a green dude, i’m gonna leave the the­ater.“
South Park already shows WoW through the prospec­tive of the alliance, so why does the movie have to?

kathri December 12th, 2007

i agree that it should be CGI ani­ma­tion b/c thats what the fans have grown to love a live action movie will be a hor­ri­ble fail­ure. the game is based around fan­tasy and should be left if that realm to make it a live action movie will be too much like lotr and eragon dont get me wrong they were good movies but if wow was put into cgi ani­ma­tion and given the proper work that 100 mil­lion dol­lar bud­get allows then this will be the GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE TO DATE.



Náthalía December 13th, 2007

I too am GUTTED that this film is from Alliance POV. Really really peeved about that, and I know for a fact that all other Horde play­ers will be too.
2 sides to a story please!!!!!

For the HORDE!!!!

Náthalía December 13th, 2007

Also just to add there were Orcs etc all per­fectly por­trayed in LOTR– why can’t the same com­puter ani­ma­tion be done for this??

Fred December 13th, 2007

Really… i am one of old­est player of warcraft/sc/Diablo and…
i pre­fer War­craft 3 Style a Way bet­ter than WoW …
So i cant wait for the movie… whould be very nice.. i’ll not miss it !

Pycsi December 14th, 2007

I per­son­ally don’t like the idea of the movie being from an alliance per­spec­tive, and I already am hav­ing douts about it.
I have played both Horde and Alliance, and per­son­ally pref­ere Horde, as do many of other WoW play­ers.
Which side you pre­fer is not the issue, what is the issue is that it is implied that the Horde is going to look bad in this movie, and if you read the backs of the man­u­als that you get, or fol­low the sto­ry­line at all, both sides, Alliance and Horde, have done their share of good and evil deeds. Insin­u­at­ing that one side is good and the other bad is ridicu­lous. It all boils down to if you want a Troll, Tau­ren, Orc, Undead or Blood­elf, or a Human, Gnome, Dwarf, Nightelf or Dranie (I can’t remem­ber how to spell that, sorry)
I think that the movie should show both the good and the bad side of both sides, the tri­als that both sides have gone through, what they have won and lost, every­thing.
Is there not Humans in Scar­let Monas­tary that hate ANY race that isn’t human, regau­rd­less of who they are aligned with?
Seri­ously, recon­sider how you want the movie to go…
Oth­er­wise, I think that you are going to have some very unhappy Horde play­ers on your hands.

kenu the warrior December 14th, 2007

I think that wow is going to do a great job with the movie.its just peo­ples oppin­ions that mess them up.i hope that they keep doing what they are going to do and if the movie has real actors it should look cool because i won­der how the mana and magic is going to look because if it looks fake then the whole movie will not be good.i really want to see a troll priest and espe­cially a shaman because of thier light­ning bolts.i also want to see thier armor,weapons and the cities should look awesome.i want to see the dif­fer­ence in armor and weapons like the actual real game.the races they should have are the humans,dwarfs,night elves,orc,and troll because the undead suck and i dont think they are good or any­thing. the beg­gin­ing should be in the snow in dun murogh a dwarf train­ing and doing quests or human in northshire abbey then a dwarf hunter and a human pal­adin team up then on the the way to kalim­dor they meet a night elf druid that wants to avenge his fam­ily bea­cause the horde killed his family.they go to kalim­dor on a quest for an old human war­lock that says that they will be granted mas­sive pow­ers to help the alliance.

i am an alliance player
the name is kenu lvl 27
antonidas is the realm

and good luck bliz­zard with the movie

wowlord December 17th, 2007

Its going to be a alsome movie. even though there going to do it from the Aliance point of view there are probly going to have more then 1 movie and if they do hope­fully they do it from the horde side to because its not the HORDES fault to them they are the good guys :) horde kicks ALL A$$

Creaca December 18th, 2007

Now, now. Beowulf was all CG ani­ma­tion, and look how it sucked.

Also, the bliz­zard Cin­e­matic team most likely doesn’t want to get ripped away from thier work on WotLK to go do a movie with some Film Com­pany. 0 30

Kate chaotic December 20th, 2007

OMG i can’t wait for this movie to come out– i won­der if it will look like beowulf… hope­fully the eyes actu­ally move.. lol . As both alliance and horde player i’m really curi­ous on what races will be put into this movie. Its still gonna rock either way i bet.
Kirin Tor & cho’gall FTW

laden­crel December 20th, 2007

I think mak­ing a World of War­craft movie in live-action is fine, as long as there’s a lit­tle bit of CGI like what they did for ALL of 300. (Yes, 300 was entirely made with a CGI back­ground. The entire movie was shot in front of a blue screen.) In fact, to show Aze­roth in its entirety, I think the entire movie should be shot in front of a blue screen instead of real places.

The ques­tion on my mind is, how are they going to do the Tau­ren in the movie? Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Orcs (pos­si­bly), and Undead have been done before in movies, but how are the Tau­ren going to work out? You can’t have a World of War­craft movie with­out any Tau­ren (Although I’m a more of a Night Elf per­son lol), and the thought of leav­ing them out just bugs me.

But any­way, this movie should con­tinue on its course, and I hope to see a trailer soon!

Arthas001 December 21st, 2007

I think that one part in the story when the Burn­ing Legion invaded Mount Hyial… in that time, the horde and the alliance was friends together and defeated the Burn­ing Legion at that time but i dont know what hap­pend after that part… hope i get the answer soon…

Zen December 27th, 2007

Your all messe up… who cares how it comes out… WoW MOVIE!!! GOTTA BE GOOD!!!! As long as it doesnt come out like Poke­mon im happy…

legion of the alliance. January 3rd, 2008

well per­son­aly i think it should be cgi because real actors will just make it like lord of the rings just like jon­doe said but im dead exi­cted i love the game im prac­ta­cly addicted to it but i think the movie will be bet­ter because it will show you the real begin­ning to the war between horde and alliance but even though im all for the lliance i think they should show it in the hordes point of view ther­fore we will then now why they are against the allience then have a sequal from the alliance’s point of view and make an end­ing to the war in the sequal well any­way hope the movie is as graeat as the game find direc­tor soon guys.

Jethas January 3rd, 2008

This movie is going to be per­fect. With a bud­get of one hun­dred mil­lion it has no room for fault. The rea­son they are doing it threw the per­spec­tive of the Alliance is because it would be hard to make a per­fect movie through the eyes of a big green orc, or a tau­ren, or even an undead (if they put the for­saken in the movie). I per­son­ally love the horde, if it were easy to cre­ate a truly suc­cess­ful movie threw the eyes of the horde I would be all for it, but that’s just it, it’s not easy. It even said ear­lier, quote “While my heart lies with the Horde and Thrall’s an inter­est­ing char­ac­ter, from a movie mak­ing stand­point, a block­buster movie its a lit­tle rough to try and tell it from the per­spec­tive of this green look­ing dude.”

As for the ani­mated and real life issue of the movie. If you think about it the movie would be so much bet­ter if we could view the movie as if the movie was really going on in real life, LOTR turned out just fine and it wasn’t ani­mated. If they put it in real life instead of ani­ma­tion it will add a bit more char­ac­ter to the movie.

As peo­ple were say­ing ear­lier they said that it should be more like LOTR by being a quest/war type of movie. Why sure it could be done but it would bet­ter if it was not done. They would have to find a spe­cific char­ac­ter (or hero) but in order to inte­grate the char­ac­ter into the war story they would have to change the lore, unless they could find the per­fect char­ac­ter at that spe­cific time before the time World of War­craft was set in, and if they can I am all for the quest/war type of story. Ear­lier somone said some­thing about mak­ing more than one movie, which would also be good. They could span out the movie a lit­tle more and even­tu­ally even get into the times of World of Warcraft(I would love to see an epic bat­tle of BC and WoTK).

Heather January 5th, 2008

This is the only area I could find to sub­mit this inquiry, What about hav­ing some sort of cast­ing call for all of us advid wow’ers out there who are com­pletly look­ing for­ward to this movie.. as extra’s? Who bet­ter to play trolls night elves orcs and humans bet­ter then the gamers them­selves. I’m a 23 year old model and very fre­quently.. “every­day” gamer. Mostly WoW.. or almost always WoW, I would abso­lutly LOVE to be an extra in this movie, and I’m sure Mil­lions more would as well. Hell I bet we’d all do it for free ;)

Holy Pal­adin January 5th, 2008

Ok. It is realy cool that blizz is mak­ing a wow movie! B-)

bah­mat January 6th, 2008

Show from the side of the Alliance? No one will ever be able to side with the green dude? Com­plete BS. I agree with Stella O. We make this human vs orcs, oh it’s gonna be LOTR all over again.

Worse, if the Horde is por­trayed as evil, non-players (and many Alliance play­ers for that mat­ter) will for­ever link the Horde with being the bad guys, ignor­ing its rich and noble his­tory (if any of them cared to read and understand).

A movie in which both sides are shown in both pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive lights is impos­si­ble? All the direc­tor and pro­duc­ers have to do is pick up a copy of any of Hayao miyazaki’s films. I per­son­ally rec­om­mend Princess Mononoke. There were no good guys or bad guys, just peo­ple with dif­fer­ent opin­ions and agendas.

Alliance is asso­ci­ated with nor­mal peo­ple? Whoa, just truly rein­forces the belief that Alliance play­ers reflect the shal­low­ness of their faction.

But fine. They made their deci­sion to show it from the Alliance side. The only rea­son i’m even gonna see it is because it’s War­craft. But I really hope it’s gonna be in CGI. Live? WTF!? Are you kid­ding me!?

The­John January 8th, 2008

I’m excited to hear thoughts of tak­ing War­craft to the sil­ver screen. There are so many key char­ac­ters and story lines it has a mul­ti­tude of direc­tions it could go. Read­ing the open­ing state­ment that its going to be based on a bad ass new hero well as a pally lover I could only hope it will focus on the class but for some odd rea­son I feel this is going to be the intro of our awaited Death Knight. At any rate the direc­tor, writ­ers, and pro­duc­ers will have a tough job ahead of them as this film will be care­fully judged by War­craft fans. You may as well look at it this way 9 mil­lion WoW play­ers are going to watch this movie make it some­thing worth while for us. I look for­ward to see­ing this film.

Typetwo ~ Malygos

Fornesto January 8th, 2008

I think this looks like a very good movie. But in all favor from rumors on the horde side… All ally that play World of War­craft are mainly 10–12 year old kids, who haven’t hit puberty yet, so you’re talk­ing about mak­ing a NON ani­ma­tion movie that’s prob­a­bly going to suck as bad as Eragon did, and expect the major­ity of under aged kids to go see it? When you could make it with Non-animation still and put it from the per­spec­tive of the forsaken/horde side and get all ages of peo­ple from 15/16–40/50 year olds to go see the movie. But oh well, your choice Blizzard.

Player: Fornesto
Server: Ursin

Sharg­onath January 8th, 2008

if you think it’s tough to make a movie from
the Green Guys per­spec­tive, U SHOULDNT MAKE MOVIES!

wow­player January 10th, 2008

LOTR was live action and it was very visu­ally appeal­ing. Also look at Star Wars which is a good com­bi­na­tion of live action and CGI. Purely CGI movies are a step away from animé fluff and are never epic-quality movies, usu­ally con­strained to a niche audi­ence obsessed about a par­tic­u­lar fad, often accom­pa­nied by juve­nile script­ing. CGI tends to be hyper­ster­ile and robotic too. While WOW has a large audi­ence, its minor com­pared to the box-office turnout and resid­u­als that a major block­buster cre­ates.. real actors, real peo­ple have real appeal (a point alot of hard­core gamers may miss).

The Tel­dras­sil tree looks beau­ti­ful.. I won­der how far they can push makeup and pros­thet­ics on the night elves so they don’t wind up look­ing like pointy-eared people!

scil­la­troll­mage January 14th, 2008

I agree this movie should be a quest/war movie. It did won­ders for LOTR to have mul­ti­ple sto­ry­lines other than fight­ing. And the WoW as most peo­ple and play­ers is a quest AND war sce­nario. I per­son­ally favor the horde fac­tion myself, but its also about bring­ing NEW peo­ple into the War­craft World.. and sim­ple fact is peo­ple in gen­eral (not every­one) are more attracted to the side they can most relate to, espe­cially by appear­ances. In this case that would be the Ally’s. Im sure Bliz­zard will make the most of the oppor­tu­nity in mak­ing this film. To be hon­est.. I LOVE the cinamtics Bliz­zard makes, but what movies in the past have been able to rely soley on graph­ics to make a huge hit? 9 out of 10 pure graphic movies have flopped. I think live char­ac­ters and some seri­ous spe­cial effects along with cin­e­mat­ics where needed will do the trick. Either way this movie is going to at least open huge because of the back­ground of this awe­some world and the mil­lions that are famil­iar with it.

Siarl­ton January 16th, 2008

If it’s going to be a real movie, Gief Mr T the night elf warrior/Mohawk! :P This movie gonna rule. I cant wait to see it. :D GL on mak­ing it.

Diana January 17th, 2008

Guys, hav­ing the Alliance per­spec­tive is wrong on so many levels..In fact, hav­ing just one per­spec­tive on a story is just plain sim­plis­tic! They should have both Horde AND Alliance per­spec­tives shown, so that the viewer would not start think­ing some are good­ies and oth­ers are bad­dies. This will make the movie unpredictable..and we all know how RARE unpre­dictable plot lines are these days…(especially since ppl are accus­tomed with the WOW lore..or most of it anyway).

In the game nei­ther fac­tions are 100% good and bad, they all have their cul­ture, their would be a shame not to express that on screen. It would miss on a lot of clever plot sub­ject (and CLEVER plots are again a rariry, sadly enough)

I for one am sick of the old Human vs. Orc archi­type. It was fun with War­craft 1 & 2..but enough guys already! Tolkien did a bet­ter job at it, becuase his “Horde” did not have indi­vid­u­al­i­ties or tra­di­tions or feel­ings for that matter…with WoW it‘s rad­i­cally different.

Finally, mak­ing it a war movie is again going for the easy bit. It‘s just the sort of men­tal­ity that gets some play­ing WoW sim­ply because it‘s fun to PWN NUBS and NINJA YOUR @SS. Why should all that lore be ignored? It‘s won­der­fully isnpir­ing and more com­plex than any other video game I‘ve ever played! Sure, have war, but only as the back­ground. There should def­fi­nately be some quests, or the brains of many a view­ers will go numb…

PG-13 is a very good idea. No point­less curs­ing could ever have made WoW what we appreciate.

As for live-action…that remains to be seen…with the ever-expanding CGI indus­try, it might not be so dorky after all. the cin­e­mat­ics are of course bril­liant, but I think teh pro­duc­ers are going for a more “relis­tic” approach, bet­ter fit for a movie.

Hope Bliz­zard would not ignore such ideas!
Ciao, Diana

Some­one January 20th, 2008

Thats a load of crap! Im a HUGE HORDE FAN!!! I’m utterly dis­ap­pointed in this movie now. I was excited when I herd they were mak­ing a WoW movie, but now that I just read the story plot, I can tell you, the movie is going to BOMB in the the­atres because they are not cater­ing to both sides of the fans. Thats a load of CRAP!

What they should have done is started the story from an ear­lier time. Done another War­craft game.

Im so upset that they are doing alliance. That just made me not want to see the movie when it does come out. And I can ASSURE YOU, that other horde fans, WILL NOT go and see the movie if they are TRUELY fans of the almighty Horde.


Some­one January 20th, 2008





Brothar January 21st, 2008

Will they be putting the Blood Elves in? Well, they’ll prob­a­bly be referred to as the High Elves, but still. I actu­ally think that the movie would be cool if done in the Horde’s per­sec­tive. It would prove a vital point, that in WoW there are no good or bad guys, its some­thing I’ve learned when play­ing on both the horde and the alliance. I’m really excited to see this film, been dream­ing of it since day one.

shayne January 22nd, 2008

why not do a 2 plot move show­ing the strugle of the horde and the rel­a­tive ease which alliance live in (true to game) cul­mi­nat­ing in an epic bat­tle between the two heroic groups that is what a war­craft movie should be not some alliance movie that will make the horde look either stu­pid or cruel.. but to be hon­est as soon as i herd about the movie i said “I bet any money it is alliance based.” seems not only is the game bias to alliance but the movie also will be ..very dissapointing

Amber January 23rd, 2008

First, CGI is a must as far as I am con­cerned. Sec­ond (and this is all com­ing from an avid horde sup­porter) a horde sto­ry­line alone would span mul­ti­ple movie releases. I am not say­ing this to diss on the alliance play­ers, but the human story line is so much more sim­ple. There is so much cul­ture in the horde sto­ry­line as far as I am con­cerned. I really hope, though, that they don’t make the horde into a bunch of bad guys which really isnt the case, and if they do, they are going to upset a lot of peo­ple. They can even fol­low the alliance most of the time as far as I am con­cerned as long as the horde get some wicked ganks in lol.

lutus January 24th, 2008

i hope it cgi lol would be funny if they did thrall as some dude with green skin nd would like it to be about arthus like the war­craft story line but also i want to somethng new and plz dont mess it up like most movies about games

jimmy January 25th, 2008

A CGI-only film would only appeal to under-12s and those game/tech-obsessed mis­cre­ants with IQs into the lower dou­ble dig­its, and who con­sider the likes of “Tekken” as high art. CGI-supplemented (that is, min­i­mal CGI) live action is the best way to give the film some bal­ance and sense of accom­plish­ment for viewer and pro­duc­tion team.

Ryan January 26th, 2008

I dont play the game like most because I cant be that ded­i­cated to it like most. I am on the oth­er­side a huge fan of the books and the story line of the game. I think that if they base the movie after the triligy WAR OF THE ANCIENTS by Knaak the movies would be the best thing ever put on the big screen. It would give those peo­ple who would like to know char­ac­ters like Ill­i­dan a lit­tle bet­ter from his start to his pact with the legion and so on. Those of you who have read the books would know exactly what im talk­ing about.

I just dont want to be as dis­a­pointed as when I wasted my money to see this years worst movie Cloverfield.

Tor­gahn January 27th, 2008

Aka’Magosh friends of the new Horde.

the horde has just as much inter­est­ing lore as the alliance. I play both, but i love the horde much more. you will make half the play­ers (approx­i­mately 5 mil­lion peo­ple who may or may not be sit­ting in your the­atres when your movie comes out) angry if you focus on the alliance. i will make the biggest scene if it’s all alliance junk. the horde is JUST AS MUCH A PART OF THE GAME as the alliance, and they deserve to be JUST AS MUCH A PART OF YOUR MOVIE as the alliance does. wars are fought from two (some­times more of course) sides, and it is not fair to base an epic film of two and a half hours on only one side. just as many peo­ple can relate to the horde as the alliance, and “green dudes”… hah you made a mis­take say­ing that. the horde is much more than a bunch of “green dudes” as it com­prises of five, very dif­fer­ent races. i will be sure to rate this movie as low as pos­si­ble if i do not see a fair por­trayal of the game’s events and his­tory. the sto­ries are very rich, on both sides. if you want “fresh” stuff to make a movie out of, per­haps you can make up some new lore. i hear the tau­ren are in need of some ;P

((Race:Orc Class:Warrior Realm:Moon Guard Name: Kar­garoth))
((Race:Orc Class:Shaman Realm:Moon Guard Name: Drek­thal))
((show me how lit­tle you know of green dudes. what does this mean? good luck. this also applies to the first orcish phrase i said above.))

Gol’Kosh, Bin mog g’thazag cha Thrall! Lok’tar ogar!


Throm-Ka. nuf said ;P

Dig­i­talEx­ile January 28th, 2008

This is going to be the shit… GO ORCS

Dig­i­talEx­ile January 28th, 2008

Why would any­one who doesn’t play world of war­craft see this movie?! Besides alliance are a bunch of fag­gots. Lets see you got humans, migit humans (gnomes), fat migit humans (dwarves), pur­ple humans (Night elves), and Draenei the alien lizards with tau­ren hooves… Why would you want to play a game as a human, when you can be one in real life!! This movie will be great, It should be cen­tered around the horde cause we pwnsauce,

Alliance less QQ more pew pew — DitialExile

wow­fan January 31st, 2008

I would love to see a movie for big boys and girls but unfor­tu­nately since the game is rated for 12 years of age and older we would prob­a­bly see a child movie. Pity, because the game has the abil­ity to be epic in all aspects. Most likely we will watch a movie like the dis­as­ter “Dun­geons and Dragons”.

Jack Daniels February 2nd, 2008

This movie will KICK ASS!!!!!!!! but bliz­zard has to be very care­full with this… It for sure should be after the frozen throne or maybe in the Rain of Chaos… any­thing before that would seem to most oth­ere ppl (who aren’t play­ing war­craft or have never played war­craft) like a copy of LOTR… they also must included all the frac­tions in war­caft to ever-widen the gape between this and LOTR… and i hope its a cimatic movie cause i saw the cin­i­mat­ics for the New STARCRAFT 2 and it rapes ALL!!!! The bliz­zard team who did that should be applauded and cheered!!!!! so well if it will be a cin­matic well it would mostly be even bet­ter than that which in that case would… well rape and blow any other movie com­ing out at the same time to pieces and leave the whole LOTR thing in the fuck­ing dust man­gled and cas­trated! GO BLIZZARD!!!!!! U CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

Teveron February 3rd, 2008

I believe that mak­ing a WOW movie could be good if done right. How­ever, if it is done like the movie D and D, then there are going to be a lot of dis­ap­pointed fans. CGI all the way if this becomes a real thing. LOTR did alright with the graph­ics mixed with actors, but I per­son­ally like the CGI for the game trail­ers. Beaowoulf looked alright in ads, but watch­ing it was some­what of a downer due to the small inte­gra­tion of actors faces into a world of CGI (that movie could have done bet­ter if it was like LOTR). If Bliz­zard does do a movie, Star Craft would prob­a­bly be a good “test” movie. There is an eas­ier story plot there, which could be explained much more eas­ily in a movie (only prob­lem is that it could get con­fused with Star­ship Troop­ers, just with one more group). If this was made into a movie first, this could grab the atten­tion of older fans and bring them into WOW + other Bliz­zard games and or movies.

Burd February 7th, 2008

Hon­os­tly the idea of live action isnt all that bad, only if they used it for some of the races, you can still have ani­ma­tion mixed in, for exam­ple real peo­ple playin the humans.… per­fectly fine… hav­ing actual midgets play gnomes/dwarves, no one would take that serios, or look at star wars episodes 1–3 they where basi­cally all shot infront of a green screen, but also very popular

as for how the movie would be played out, i think it would be best mabye if they had Horde agaisnt ally, show­ing both per­spec­tives and then mabye them band­ing together agaisnt the Burn­ing legion or something,

only thing i can see them mess­ing up on is the Undead because there gona make sure that they arent scary look­ing (i guess to some peo­ple) but how you por­tray a dead man walk­ing around not being a lil creepy idk good luck with that one

Ken February 7th, 2008

OMG, if this movie is done right and as far as i can see it should be it will ROCK THE BOOTS OFF LOTR. The one thing you dont see much in movies is the spell details in fan­tasy movies. Can you imag­ine the Spe­cial effects done on a Mage, War­lock, Druid Shap­shift­ing OMFG it will be awe­some. I would love to see images of a war­riors wounds being healed by a priest in bat­tle. I can see sooo much room for mind blow­ing images its redicu­lous. For this movie to be movie of the year DONT GIMP on the spe­cial effect.

It would be nice to have a horde pre­spec­tive too though, maybe a good blend of the war start­ing from both sides. Show the plan­ning for the war from all sides and build to a cli­max … i really cant wait for this.

Radzhyun­Zero February 8th, 2008

first at all..i’m not good with Eng­lish, so, I apol­o­gize if you read many wrong sen­tences… Using World of War­craft plot it’s very inter­est­ing, but I think that using War­craft III The Reign of Chaos would be more epic. In W3TRC you see how Arthas is cor­rupted, the Scourge inva­sion in Sil­ver­moon, the lib­er­a­tion of the Orcs from the Blood Cor­rup­tion and the Most Epic Bat­tle of Mt. Hyjal…It could bring to an inter­est­ing story for those that don’t have idea about War­craft Uni­verse and thinks that LOTR it’s the best exam­ple of this genre of story (War­craft can be BETTER than LOTR). If it is viewed and received by fans, I think they will request for more War­craft Story brought to Movies like the very beg­gin­ing of the saga (for exam­ple, the story described in books) or the Frozen Throne Story. And they must be care­full if they get the story dis­tor­tioned too much. I hope, Bliz­zard can bring us an excit­ing movie so I can say proudly: “This is all War­craft is meant to be”

ANdy February 10th, 2008

just dont make the movie as bad as 300.….. I rly look for­ward to this

killer February 12th, 2008

I am a great fan of war­craft and i really hope that this is gonna be a ave­some movie, i hope its gonna be ani­mated because i dont think it would look great if the movie char­ac­ters were played by actors.

Faerin February 12th, 2008

Why is no one focus­ing on the big picture.….

show it from BOTH SIDES. horde/alliance can coöper­ate.… i know ive seen them do it. it is pos­si­ble to make a sto­ry­line the encom­passes mem­bers of both sides work­ing to one goal. look at the gates of AQ, both sides are work­ing together to defend aze­roth. it sounds like every imma­ture per­son out there is have­ing a vir­tual wank off try­ing to com­pete for who is the coolest.… both sides are cool, use them both together.

Avinn February 14th, 2008

I think another great idea would be if it was in IMAX 3d. That plus it being a cin­e­matic would be sweet!

john February 15th, 2008

if the per­spec­tive will be just alliance side THATS BULL come on lets do it from both sides be fair


nathan February 15th, 2008

mak­ing a war­craft movie would be awe­some. Has any­one seen the war­craft mini flims on youtube? they are really neat they are flims directly from the game. They should a 2.5 hour movie to show the end­ings of those and mak­ing it all together

Raphael February 17th, 2008

I think a neat con­cept for the movie would be with the sound­track dur­ing parts of dialouge tra­di­tional clas­si­cal music is played as in any epic movie. but when a fight is about to start and dur­ing fight sequences the music varies from the dif­fer­ent types of music WoW sub­scribers lis­ten to giv­ing the fight sequences almost the feel of watch­ing a pvp movie like so many of us enjoy watch­ing. also WoW will just not be wow movie if there aretn a few easter eggs thrown in such as leroy jenk­ins and an ille­gal dan­ish not so much stand­ing out in the storry but when scan­ning the screen watch­ing it the 2nd or 3rd time throguh us True fans notice those things. Also some­where on one of the sound trake the melody to the Shade of Aran chant has to be played I dont care where in the movie it is but its gotta be played at least once or twice.

Raphael February 17th, 2008

Im hop­ing this has alot of Mêlée fight­ing in it and Im talkin about hard and fast sword swing­ing like the actors really are try­ing to kill one another DW and arms fury war­riors on rogues and teh weapons gotta be huge or its not Warcraft

Frank February 19th, 2008

So is this going to have an ending…or is it going to be like WoW? Hmm.

Xan­dae February 19th, 2008

I really think the movie should either be done from the Horde’s per­spec­tive or from both.
Tak­ing it from the Aliiance’s per­spec­tive really won’t explain things too well. I mean, how will you explain the big, bad orcs are being con­trolled? Or are you going to go the easy route and just pin the Horde as evil through and through.

It would really be a HUGE dis­s­a­point­ment if you did the whole ‘good guys, bad guys’ thing, because that is NOT the case at all. It is infi­natly more com­pli­cated than that.

I’ll put some faith in it though, hope for the best and be first in line at my the­ater when it opens.

Shigekix February 22nd, 2008

“Dun­geons and Drag­ons” The Movie: $35 mil­lion
“Eragon” The Movie: $60 mil­lion
Up and com­ing War­craft movie: $100 mil­lion
Wait­ing for the release date to go to see the movie as a hard­core Horde player and not bitch about it: Priceless.

$100 mil­lion bud­geted and ready and will­ing to spend more, I bet you. It’s already been quoted that this is the “first”, there will be more, and they will suit other plots and sit­u­a­tions. Live action will make sim­ply the idea of the movie more appeal­ing to a wider crowd, and, hope­fully, a lit­tle more mature. If you don’t want to see the movie, don’t com­plain, just don’t see it. I, for one, am look­ing for­ward to see­ing some­thing that is a pretty big part of my life, hav­ing played War­craft games since the age of 7, being put in an envi­ron­ment that every­one can share in. This is excit­ing and I can not wait to expe­ri­ence it.

As a side note, I am curi­ous if there will be a pub­lic cast­ing call for extras. I am a col­lege stu­dent in the­ater and have been act­ing as long as I’ve played Bliz­zard games, so I hope if any­thing comes up it’ll be posted.

Woody February 23rd, 2008

No mean­ing to go against what Bliz­zard has said… but Tales of the Past is the wow movie which a hell of a lot of peo­ple like. So why can’t you get in touch with Mar­tin Falch, and ask if you can change the movies graph­ics increase the plot and get rid of the errors. I mean no offense by this. it was just a thought any way, from some one who likes World Of Warcraft.

and an adven­ture would be bet­ter… then rather a full lets just rip each other to hell bit and CGI would be a good idea..

and one last thing why don’t you involve peo­ple from RP servers or PVP RP servers to help with the movie… or ask peo­ple from RP relms what they would like.

A World of War­craft Movie would be AMAZING idea Good luck if you go ahead and i hope to see it out soon.. :)

kaleb February 24th, 2008

a world of war­craft movie would be cool i know a ton of peo­ple that would want to see it. i have a lvl 70 pally named kale­b­cash on khaz modan and a few other alts and i love just watchin the pre­views that show up b4 u make your new charater of the new race. and see­ing those just puts my hopes up for a WORLD OF WARCRAFT MOVIE! to come out.

Zackor (Human Warrior) February 26th, 2008

I wish…

I wish they would make this movie using com­puter graph­ics, just like the cin­e­mat­ics that comes with the game. Why? Because they are great. Because you get alot fur­ther with­out the need for lots of human actors to play in the movie. You can cre­ate ANY effect you like, and it is closer to what the game is like. You can also cre­ate sev­eral movies at once, using the 3D graphic mod­els avail­able. A much bet­ter alter­na­tive if you ask me, AND the world has yet to see a block­buster for grown-ups made entirely with computers.

Jimmy Neu­tron March 1st, 2008

Just for u guys out there that would like to know CGI has been made on Flims like BEOWULF already so i really dont see any prob­lem with & why the Direc­tor would focus solo, on Alliance. Just sit tight and you will see Hordes in the upcom­ing Movies that will be made and equally shared in WoW epic movie. How­ever I do think that to start out as an Human would give a easer plot or set­ting to a Movie Script. Iam Both Alliance/Horde but WoW FTW!

thpth­pthp March 4th, 2008

as a player of both fac­tions i think that it is a good idea to make it from the side of alliance as long as thay dont make the horde look like a bunch of green ugly brutes after all do you hon­estly think there every­one see­ing the movie would play wow? no.. so if avrage joe(non wow player)comes in to see this movie then watches a blood thirsty orc ram­page­ing through a bunch of humans he will prob­a­bly not like see­ing what he is (human) get sliced limb from limb right? i respect horde an all.. but lets face it orcs make bet­ter “bad guys” then gnome-tards and come on ya got to have a “bad guy” in a war movie right?

Noduh March 4th, 2008

I think the movie should have part alliance vs. Horde, and also Alliance and horde vs. The Burn­ing Legion, It would make sense if that happened

Damo March 7th, 2008

Firstly I abso­lutly love the idea of a Warcraft/World of War­craft movie and I cant wait untill it comes out but using real life actors as char­ac­ters? Nah, I just dont think that will work. I think it should be entirely ani­mated like the cin­e­mat­ics for the World of War­craft game and expan­sion. The ani­ma­tion for the War­craft Lore mini-movies are awe­some (if you dont know what im talk­ing about look them up on YouTube, syl­vanel is the per­son that uploads them) and a 2 1/2 hour movie using those cin­e­mat­ics would just be mind blow­ing. But, if they were to make a movie totally ani­mated I would hope they put detail into the fea­tures of the char­ac­ters (e.g if a char­ac­ter has been wan­der­ing the wilder­ness for a few weeks, when you see their face it wont be clean and shaven, they would have stragly hair and stub­ble on there chin).

As for the story and how it’s based on an Alliance point of view, Blizzard/Legendary could cre­ate a sequel that shows the Hordes point of view, and after that maybe another movie from the Burn­ing Legion’s point of view or some­thing ect. Any­way, why does the story have to revolve around the the Alliance and Horde’s con­stant hatred for each other? In another movie I think it would be inter­est­ing to have the main event of the story as how minor other rene­gade fac­tions affect the Horde and Alliance. They could show how the Scar­let Mon­es­tary broke away from the Alliance and a group of brave adven­tur­ers go and explore it and fight the Scar­let Mon­es­tary boss (can’t remem­ber his name atm sorry). But yeah, just say­ing that there’s heaps of idea’s for other War­craft movies con­sid­er­ing the huge amount of Lore behind the games.

Well, it’s sure to be a great movie any­way :)

Amanda March 8th, 2008

I would go for the CGI as well.
& from horde AND alliance point of view.

oh well.

DANI March 9th, 2008

PG-13 = FAIL

lord of the rings was NOT a war movie thats why it was accept­able and still good.

if they are gonna spend that kind of money and effort might as well go all out, pg-13 cre­ates limits.

Rev­er­ent March 13th, 2008

As long as they include a bub­ble hearth…I will be happy. But seri­ously — I look for­ward to this film the say way as I do adap­ta­tions from books. I expect cre­ative license, and I take it for what it is…Hollywood try­ing to make a block­buster. Whether it’s a good film or not, I’ll still love to play.

If it all comes together well, I’d love to see a part two involv­ing the Horde’s side of the story, since nei­ther Horde nor Alliance are ‘evil.’ Each has done what they must to survive.

Joel March 19th, 2008

I think that this will be an awe­some movie. I pre­fer play­ing Horde Char­ac­ters “FOR THE HORDE”!!! Please don’t cheapen the movie by try­ing to fit alot of stuff into a 2 hour time frame. At least make the movie like 3 1/2 hours of Epic good time.

Matt March 21st, 2008

so wait a minute, they dont want the movie to be told by a green look­ing dude, so they are gonna tell the story from a blue look­ing dude.… doesnt make sense to me. plus sure it would be harder to make it a horde per­spec­tive but it would be bet­ter over­all… FOR THE HORDE

Krys­tal March 25th, 2008

Another rea­son for 13year old Alliance play­ers to gank low lvl Horde.

Although, I am really excited for the movie. But I wish Horde were shown in a bet­ter light.

WoW Player April 5th, 2008

These com­ments are like imma­ture com­plaints with lit­tle to no fac­tual evi­dence behind them. Bliz­zard hasn’t released much into this and there are already com­plaints. They don’t care what a bunch of ran­dom inter­net com­ments have to say. It’s their movie, and even with any infor­ma­tion out on it, there is no right to neg­a­tively com­ment on it.


“Since at lest half of the play­ers play Horde, you’re going to alien­ate them. And new­com­ers to the game will base their ideas on the movie. All of the Horde will be EBUL to them, and it’s just not true.”

“i 100% agree with Stella O , thats just not fair
why cant we have both the fac­tion stories

hav­ing “Alliance’s per­spec­tive” thing totally sucks

its gonna be just like LOTR with the humans being the good­ies and the orcs being the bad­dies and you know its not like that

so no im not look­ing for­ward to it,i think bliz­zard should make a movie with their cinematic’s =D but thats just my opinion

lol could you guys imag­ine “Gnome”actors hehe
much love

For the horde”

“I think the movie must be from a horde pre­spec­tive because there are a lot of Horde fans out there.”

“if the per­spec­tive will be just alliance side THATS BULL come on lets do it from both sides be fair


so wait a minute, they dont want the movie to be told by a green look­ing dude, so they are gonna tell the story from a blue look­ing dude…. doesnt make sense to me. plus sure it would be harder to make it a horde per­spec­tive but it would be bet­ter over­all… FOR THE HORDE”

Another rea­son for 13year old Alliance play­ers to gank low lvl Horde.

Although, I am really excited for the movie. But I wish Horde were shown in a bet­ter light.”


I’m sorry, but these few com­ments, and oth­ers, are quite stu­pid. This isn’t World Of War­craft game­play and one piece of infor­ma­tion that they sup­plied on the per­spec­tive shouldn’t be igno­rantly talked about. The movie can be set in any race, fac­tion, or side and I’m sure all will be included regard­less of per­spec­tive. Stop whin­ing like [insert syn­onym for imma­ture, baby, young, unso­phis­ti­cated, etc].


WoWrox April 8th, 2008

This movie would be amaz­ing if it was CGI instead of live actors… I’m strictly Allience not Horde, but it still would be bet­ter if it was both sides view. I hope they have night elves gnomes and undeads.

glog April 10th, 2008

bahh its just cheaper for blizz to make it from alli point of view, and blizz hate the horde..they always have.

im a horde fan and the horde story would be far greater and more interesting,so i hope they do include the horde in the movie and dont shine them in a bad light, wich im sure they will. FOR THE HORDE

Marino April 11th, 2008

War­craft is a world… I hope they make the movie just like a world…

Malakh April 11th, 2008

First things first:

…to those peo­ple who have com­ments like “Alliance are n00bs” or “Horde are ugly”, please leave your prej­u­dices at home. This movie is obvi­ously going to be about LORE, not PLAYERS. That rogue named “Gankuhard” who went around snip­ing low­bies in Gold­shire or that gold­farmer who cussed you out in trade chat last night isn’t a lore char­ac­ter with a fam­ily or a home town or a mis­sion in life, unless you’re play­ing on an RP server, and in that case he has noth­ing to do with the big­ger pic­ture. Char­ac­ters like Thrall, Cairne, Magni and Tyrande ARE impor­tant to the big pic­ture and the movie will be about peo­ple like them.

I’m a proud Alliance player but I love my Horde char­ac­ters too. War­craft III pretty much proved that Bliz­zard could break the mold and make a game where orcs and mino­taurs were decent crea­tures and humans and elves could be cor­rupted. So I doubt we’d have to worry about favoritism, since War­craft gets kudos all around for this bal­anced worldview.

The story’s been around long before Bliz­zard even con­sid­ered mak­ing WoW, and it’s far deeper than even a frac­tion of the nine mil­lion play­ers realise. I’ve been play­ing War­craft since WC2 and lov­ing the ride every minute, and I really hope Bliz­zard won’t spoil this. But then again, they’re such per­fec­tion­ists that I don’t see that hap­pen­ing as long as Metzen’s at the helm of the cre­ative department.

Draenei­Priest­Mau­ryanna April 26th, 2008

I have to be one of the biggest lore buffs out there, espe­cially for War­craft. Yes, I play Alliance, but only because I’m a ressurec­to­pho­bic and the idea of par­ty­ing with For­saken makes my skin crawl (no offense to any­one intended). The lore behind Thrall and the Horde is why I love War­craft and World of War­craft so much. I agree with you hordies — the Horde’s point of view should be a huge part of the movie. This is a war movie, but there is no real good and evil, right or wrong. I think that strug­gle, with valor and cor­rup­tion on both sides, would draw more peo­ple into the movie, as its some­thing almost no movie has — no solid side to ‘root’ for.

–Mau­ryanna, Sil­ver­moon server

Miwako April 26th, 2008

I too am annoyed with the whole Alliance POV thing — but is any­one ACTUALLY sur­prised? The first thing I thought when I heard about the movie was that it’s going to be like an Alliance pro­pa­ganda film.

Hordez April 28th, 2008

All you Horde fans i too fell your pain about Blizz choos­ing Alliance over Horde but i think it is more suit­able seem­ing though Alliance are con­sid­ered the “good” side.

Sec­ondly why do peo­ple leave com­ments like Horde suck or Alliance are only good at gank­ing, i mean the movie will have no rel­e­vance to WoW more to War­craft 1–3. (but it would be enter­tain­ing if the hero was called Leeroy Jenkins)

Finally You either love Blizz or hate them but all the peo­ple who know them as Game Pro­duc­ers will know that they are per­fec­tion­ists and hope­fully this will be the first Game to Movie that is actu­ally succesful.

Com­mand­ing April 29th, 2008

Augh, seri­ously, only from the Alliance point of view?! Could you try maybe mak­ing half of it from the Horde point of view? Maybe ‘Thrall’s’ Point of view?

MrElec­tric­Dream­Man May 6th, 2008

Lets not for­get one thing, unlike LOTR you can focus on the Alliance and still show a Horde side to the movie. and yes this would look awe­some as cgi, the only tragedy is if it came out poorly ren­dered like beowulf. and pg-13 is cool with me, just give me a good story with great bat­tle scenes, cause thats where its at. good luck bliz­zard, with a fan base this picky, you’ll need it.

Addela May 13th, 2008

Pfft! The Alliance pov? If any­thing it should give both sides an equal chance! I sup­pose I can under­stand the appeal of an Alliance based film over a Horde based, although Horde are far bet­ter imo ^^, because of the whole good and evil stigma, but this game isn’t about which fac­tion is ‘good’ and which is ‘evil.’ The tar­get audi­ence is not only gamers who are famil­iar with the game, true. Giv­ing them a biased opin­ion from the begin­ning… wrong move.

And cin­e­mat­ics PLEASE. I don’t think I could bare to even attempt to watch a live action. Not going to hap­pen for a lot of people.

Jack — Elival June 1st, 2008

if you scroll down and read Cre­brals com­ment, he men­tions set­ting out the films like LOTR, but in WoW, TBC, WoTLK. That is if this movie is a great hit, because it would give the fans more to look for­ward to! — And there is also more money involved as we all know thats what you love Bliz­zard! >:) :)

Adam g June 9th, 2008

i think a movie is a great idea, as long as it fol­lows the story, make it really relate to the game as much as pos­si­ble is the best idea. includ­ing pow­ers. show them rid­ing mounts i think the movie could be great if enough time was put into the plot. war­craft has poten­tial to be #1 block­buster with­out question.

That Mean Guy June 18th, 2008

To the guy/girl who says that Blizz loves Alliance… blah blah. I hear this on both sides. News flash the major­ity of Blizz employ­ees that play wow pre­fer Horde. They work their hard­est to try and keep bal­ance between the two fac­tions but with all of the major code that goes into this mmorpg it is so hard to make sure that all of the major and minor changes that come along do not effect the bal­ance. The gen­eral rule is that if no one is happy you have achieved that balance.

It will prob­a­bly be the same with the movie which, no mat­ter what side it is por­tray­ing, I will go see. FTH or FTA fools that are so engrossed in this fac­tion­al­ism that they lose per­spec­tive are just annoy­ing QQrs. The idea is that a good action movie is about just that, ACTION. Horde and Alliance are fic­tional enjoy play­ing it just because you do, and enjoy watch­ing the movie just because you do. Noth­ing else need be said.

cruize June 23rd, 2008

oh, yes, i can see it now the orcs will come off as blood thirsty ani­mals, the tau­rans will be like a rabid pack of dogs and the trolls will be dumb as a door nail.

thun­der­ing herd
all hail the horde

Blah­blah­face June 24th, 2008

“WAAA! It’s alliance POV!” quit your cry­ing
“WAAA! It’s not pure CGI!” Quit bitch­ing

It’s not your damn movie! Let Bliz­zard and the other pow­ers that be do things the way they want. The movie will be fine. Have faith in their story telling abil­i­ties. The movie’s about telling a story, dis­play­ing an epic saga… It’s not about appeas­ing you so sit back, stfu and watch the movie when it comes out…

sheesh… fuck­ing whiners

Guillermo Del Toro or Rid­ley Scot June 25th, 2008

As a long time player WoW, I think that mak­ing a move soley from the Alliance per­spec­tive would be detri­men­tal. I think it would be far, far more inter­est­ing to inter­lace the per­pec­tive of both sides. Unless they plan on doing 2 movies, one from alliance per­spec­tive and the other from the horde.

I think Bliz­zard should get Guillermo Del Toro or Rid­ley Scot as director!

sophie July 2nd, 2008

hey i think its soooo great that world of war­craft is bring­ing out a movie i cant wait to see it i love the game and those who love the game im sure will love the movie also

sophie July 2nd, 2008

i love play­ing the game because when you play it your in this whole dif­fer­ent world and you can like escape from reailty thats what i like about it and plus you meet new peo­ple and make new friends but i also think that the movie should be about both point of views from horde and alliance not just one but im sure if there is a sec­ond movie it with be based on that (ayeisha 39)

Ure July 9th, 2008

Tbh they should do both sides…Starting with 30 mins of ally, an hour of horde then an hour of them team­ing up in Out­land against the Burn­ing Leigon.

Then in the next film, fol­low Kael’Thas’ Life.

And for a final film, do the ulti­mate show­down, Kael’Thas join­ing and Naaru and their allies and fac­ing the Burn­ing Leigon. Epic Films!

Ure**s — Level 70 Blood Elf Hunter, Bronzebeard

Avian July 12th, 2008

A movie like LoTR is the way to go and with CGI etc the look can be achieved that we all want. It will be awe­some. Get some­one like the Rock for the war­rior, Natalie Port­man for a NE druid, Angelina Jolie for BE war­lock, Bren­dan Fraser for human pally, etc.

James July 14th, 2008

i think that the film shouldn’t be like real life graph­ics and should be like the Burn­ing Cru­sade trailer graph­ics. i think that would make the film more enjoy­able and more to relate to. Mak­ing it like Lord OfThe Rings i feel will take away the War­craft feel of the whole thing. But thats my opin­ion. Please read this some­one from Bliz­zard :) .

Wade July 15th, 2008

I’m glad they are doing it live action. It will be much eas­ier to get emo­tional over deaths, and eas­ier to get close with the char­ac­ters, as opposed to an ani­ma­tion. And I’d assume the whole movie isn’t going to be por­trayed as alliance being the good guys. They are going to develop both fac­tions, show­ing the good and evil of each side, and it will be a clash which some peo­ple will decide they want the Horde to win and some peo­ple will want the Alliance to win. They won’t be able to afford mak­ing it “Alliance Good Horde Bad”, because they’d lose too much profit. And all these horde-lovers say­ing Alliance sucks, don’t for­get that your fac­tion is a cow, some snot col­ored witch doctor-esques, a small ver­sion of the Hulk (twice as ugly), a dead race that looks like their armor came from a trash can, and the race with only men that are gay.

Scoope July 21st, 2008

dude.. i been wait­ing for this one for so long.. man.. i thank you for mak­ing my dream come true :D

Scoope level 70 shaman
Black­wing Lair

ricky July 21st, 2008

I am exited to see this movie but if it makes the horde look evil it will suck. I also think it should show both sides strug­gles and vic­to­ries through­out the movie. And alot of blood elfs they were meant for the cam­era :)

Eric August 6th, 2008

In my opin­ion, they should have Peter Jack­son (The Lord of the Rings direc­tor) direct this. He has a lot of expe­ri­ence in what an “epic” movie should be about.

SFBSAFBALSF August 21st, 2008

You all seem con­fused in that its not set in WoW times, its more like War­craft III not WoW. I dont like WoW, too timely and costly. But I do love War­craft III for the Cus­tom Games!

Mr.X. September 5th, 2008

I hope the WOW movie will be like the style of the cin­e­mat­ics of the games.
that would be freak­ing awsome!

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joz­ica September 15th, 2008

Game have a lot of details and it will be hard to put all that in movie so you can try with mak­ing samo tv seria.… or more movies … it will be easyer to make move based on wae­craft 3 and TFT.. not wow

Matt September 18th, 2008

You guys should make more then one World Of War­craft tril­ogy. The first one should kind of tell more of the story to help peo­ple who havent really played the game that much or at all under­stand more, and yeah have big epic war scenes in there. Then the other two can get more in depth about all sorts of other things. With bet­ter war scenes. :)

Mike September 18th, 2008

You guys should make A world of war­craft tril­ogy!! Because there is soo much in the game you cant squeeze it all into one movie with­out cut­ting out so much or mak­ing the movie crap. If you guys do make a tril­ogy it will be much bet­ter the Lord of the rings and all other movies out there. I would camp out­side the the­ater to be the first one in a WOW movie!

Mike September 18th, 2008

Just make it more of a quest movie with hard­core badass war scenes.
Because i liked 300. But i would have liked 300 so much bet­ter if it was longer with quest(s) in it. The war scenes were great though.
Just have amaz­ing war scenes but have per­fect sized quests that let you know the char­ac­ters you choose and the WORLD of war­craft more.
If you make this movie some­thing like a quest/war tril­ogy, it will defi­natly go down in his­tory as the best ani­mated movie, wait the best MOVIE ever!

Jiska October 2nd, 2008

I really do hope that they won’t screw this up… Live action film from a game like this sounds like a damn huge risk… I’f I could dicide I’d go with the CGI… But, Im intrested what they’re going to push out non the less.

jak­abok botch October 14th, 2008

even though a lot of peo­ple say­ing that war­craft movie should be make by CGI.…but in cris nolan gifted hand…the real action movies will be more better.…don’t you guys agree with me???.…please nolan…take the chances to make this movie.…i’m goin to wait for this

blane November 14th, 2008

its gonna be sweet
i kinda wish it would just be ani­mated but mainly because blizz makes some beau­ti­ful ani­ma­tions
like if u watch the vids on the login of wow
it will still be great tho!!:DD

nynavae November 19th, 2008

I think this is an amz­ing idea, and i cant w8 to see it. i dont think it should be a “quest” movie. but more of a film based around the dif­fer­ent races within the Game. there is so much you can pull out of the game. that a tril­ogy would be a good idea. i have one ques­tion though is the film going to be CGI like the cina­mat­ics. because i reackon that would be real sweet.

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Jon November 20th, 2008

I really like this idea and I hope they do a fan­tas­tic job on it. What would be cool since it is told from the alliance side is to have the orcs speak orcish elves speak elven and so on. Instead of them all speak­ing Eng­lish. I have been think­ing of doing some­thing like this myself just cre­at­ing scripts and stuff, but what would be really amaz­ing is if they could pos­si­bly make the view more a neu­tral view where you don’t know who to really go for and the viewer chooses who to go for and then at the end of the movie have it as a kind of neu­tral end­ing. Some­thing like the World of War­craft book Cycle of Hatred. Where it shows the story from both sides and then ends in a way where the viewer that roots for the horde isn’t like “WTF no fair” but I am just ram­bling on and I can’t wait until it is released. W00t

Isill­dath December 2nd, 2008

So, iv’e been hear­ing about peo­ple want­ing “cutscene” graph­ics, but haven’t you ever thought about how fuck­ing long it would take to make a movie of these graph­ics and pro­por­tions? Jesus! By the time they got it done there would be a WoW 7. ( Not that theres any­thing wrong with that.…) And just what in fucks name are they think­ing? Mak­ing an “RL” movie about a, get this Leg­endary, FANTASY GAME! It’s total epic BS. It’s gonna turn out to be the next Mario Bros movie. FOR THE HORDE, DK FTW alliance=bs

Elfa December 6th, 2008

aawww i dont want a “wow” movie i want a WARCRAFT I-III movie >_< and its going to be with real actors? i think there is a big chance that this movie will become a flop if thats the case. i hoped it would be a pure CGI movie much like the cin­e­mat­ics i War­craft I-III.

Been dream­ing of a war­craft movie since 1998 and i hope they wont be ruin it

David December 9th, 2008

IDC how cool the movies will be at least make a scene where a cap­tial get destroys by the horde.…FOR THE HORDE!!!!!! :D

Tha­toneguy December 31st, 2008

haha they should use verne troyer for a gnome mage hahaha

Viki January 1st, 2009

Can’t w8 till the film but what month and day will it be runnin?

War­craft January 10th, 2009

really he’s not ganna base it on thrall thats the most stu­pid thing they could do on there part .…read­ing thrall’s story is very intrest­ing i couldnt get enough off it there mak­ing a big mis­take not goin the prospec­tive of the horde .…of thrall

Amanda January 17th, 2009

The infor­ma­tion found by me on this site appeared very use­ful! Thanks to the owner!.
I am from Iran and also now am read­ing in Eng­lish, give true I wrote the fol­low­ing sen­tence: “I remem­ber, years ago, I was baf­fled by the lit­tle x icons that were show­ing up in my url toolbar.”

Thanks for the help ;-) , Amanda.

Ascul January 18th, 2009


I Don’t down­load every­thing!!! I want to movie!!!! T.T PLUS we are pay­ing to play WoW any­way! those money should be used on the movie!!! ^^

Dohor Alterac Mts lvl 72 pally! February 15th, 2009


On behalf of “Sap it then tap it” guild from Alterac Moun­tains, “Inner Fïre” guild from Den­targ, and “X Sol­diers” guild from Onyxia,

Armand Tyllhi.

Prince Kele­seth February 15th, 2009

The movie should be based on Richard A. Knaak’s “Well of Eter­nity” tril­ogy, on Arthas or the Sec­ond War. Maybe there should be mul­ti­ple movies bout warcraft!

WoW FAAAAAN February 28th, 2009

GUYS GUYS… what r afraid from is the real pic idea…? well i insure u bliz­zard wont do somthing may broke WoW for ever beside LotR was real life action… no way in WoW movie they wont add some ani­ma­tion becuz they cant ; they will do it like LotR i mean real ppl act­ing but they got some ani­mated scenes like in the cities and some crea­tures … its not life action 100% ; they gonna add ani­ma­tion for ness­esery scenes ;)

matthew March 7th, 2009

its cool that their’s going to be a movie about WoW but i dont see how it can be put into a movie like are they going to make it so its like the game or is it going to be totally dif­fer­ent.
ill be intersting.

WoW fan March 16th, 2009

Well the thing is I think what most war­craft and WoW play­ers want to see is a more real­is­tic ver­sion of the fan­tasy game they play in. So that some­how when they play the game it feels more real to them. What i dont think is too impor­tant in that regard is whether or not it is a “quest” or “war” movie. What i feel makes the most dif­fer­ence and will be the most impor­tant is that it A)Is well scripted, B) Stays true to the War­craft lore and his­tory, and C) exposes the view­ers to alot of real­is­tic yet still fantasy-based mate­r­ial. IF it is a purely war movie, I think you run the risk of not hav­ing enough lore and fan­tasy mate­r­ial to make it appeal to the gamers who love the game world. To make it a good war movie, it will need a very active and detailed plot (with view­points of mul­ti­ple char­ac­ters) with a dynamic cli­max that hap­pens grad­u­ally. Also the music will HAVE to have the cor­rect mood, attached to dis­tract­ing scenes. THEY WILL HAVE to have a unique antag­o­nist (and this is where 300 got screwed imo) to make the war-movie plot inter­est­ing. an exam­ple would be a skilled undead assasin or some­thing who plays an impor­tant role in hin­der­ing the enemy, or a char­ac­ter who abuses or mis­treats the main char­ac­ter in the begin­ning of the story who he seeks revenge on. Too many war movies just have Side A and Side B hav­ing a series of mini-battles lead­ing up to a final war. It has to have some cre­ative dis­trac­tion, even if it isnt an adven­ture movie. Any­way I hope this movie turns out some­thing like the movie Mon­gol. What will REALLY MAKE OR BREAK the movie, once again, is the script qual­ity (none of that Uwe Boll cheesy shit thank god), and the qual­ity of the graph­ics and how true they relate to the game.

Alex April 3rd, 2009

cant wait we r in 2009!! @_@

HORDELOVER May 10th, 2009

(Why sim­plify the plot? Every war has hero­ics and cor­rup­tion on both sides.

Since at lest half of the play­ers play Horde, you’re going to alien­ate them. And new­com­ers to the game will base their ideas on the movie. All of the Horde will be EBUL to them, and it’s just not true.

It would only take a lit­tle stretch of brain power to cre­ate a sce­nario that shows the good and bad of both groups. Your audi­ence is per­fectly capa­ble of under­stand­ing “a green-looking dude” Hell, Shrek is a green dude, and he’s doing okay!)

***I TOTALLY AGREE**Good movies come from the heart , if you heart is for the Horde and you make them evil this movie will suck.I like the cin­e­matic ver­sion. GO HORDE WHOOA

Wowa­holics Unite May 12th, 2009

I hope they who are going to pro­duce direct and act in this movie read the war­craft and world of war­craft nov­els before they make this movie and play the game. The first one I read was Rise of the Horde. Excel­lent nov­els, but they shouldn’t focus just on one side. I think they need to show both sides wants and dreams and make the burn­ing legion/scourge the enemy. show­ing how the legion turned them from mak­ing peace to being at war with each other,for there own plan of destroy­ing Aze­roth.
Also show­ing how the orcs where brought to Aze­roth and also the draenei. In rise of the horde Orcs and draenei lived in peace together trad­ing goods until the evil that came turned the orc against the draenei with lies.Just because one draenei leader who turned evil with evil magic want to kill his brother in lead­er­ship who would not fol­low him.This per­son chased him across the uni­verse and found him on Aze­roth after the naruu saved them.This evil vow­ing to destroy him and all the oth­ers who fol­lowed him.
There is soo much more though,and many twists and more evil that use these races to take con­trol and to destroy them. There is soo many ways to go about this movie but going on just one side is a sad waste of the life story line of War­craft and world of war­craft. The Scourge/burning legion needs to be the big enemy. I also would love to see the titans, Aspects,the drag­ons are sooo cool.

Noogai June 6th, 2009

Hmmmm.…i REALLY dont see real life actors act­ing out WoW. its just.…in-proper. With all that makeup for the orcs night elvs undead..its just weird. and how are they gonna find 100000 Gnomes and Dwarfs? Hope­fully its just not 1 midget repeated over and over into 100000’s like in Char­lie and the choco­late fac­tory. They should Ani­mate it well like they did in the Cin­e­mat­ics. THAT would be bet­ter. Oh and they HAVE to add Blood Elvs and Draenei. They just HAVE to. And they should make it like the series in the game also. Like the first movie will just be WoW. The 2nd will be Burn­ing Cru­sade, 3rd is Lich King.

Allyrule June 12th, 2009

I agree, Real actors would SUCK! It should be CGI, they can do so much more than any actor could. Also, ALLY RULE. Horde can’t beny it. We kick your butts!

Dead­git June 29th, 2009

Lol, i love wow and im look­ing for­ward to this movie but have they even started? because the movie would be like 3 hours long :P But to be hon­est i think blizz will make mil­lions out of this movie and more peo­ple will start join­ing wow, I play Eu its bor­ing lol US is bet­ter. So there look­ing for actors? hmm i think it should be defi­nately Ani­mated, because look at the Expan­sion trail­ers there awe­some and so i think BLIZZARD get your asses into gear and make it, ANIMATED you will get tonnes of vei­w­ers and new­com­ers both ways wether it be Ani­mated or Acted by actors, Lol and whos gonna the voices? i can do good orc For the horde lol.

For­saken July 4th, 2009

the relese date of the movie is still 2009? cuz its already july.

elfor­est July 13th, 2009

bored ?? no more wow ??? retired.

wolf July 15th, 2009

look­ing at the con­cept art it is most likely a live action movie and i know a lot of peo­ple are say­ing it should be ani­mated like the expan­sion but it wouldn’t be as good as live action it would be like lord of the rings with dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters and plot line but it would some­what look bet­ter as a live action than an ani­ma­tion and cina­mat­ics are bet­ter with live action movies than animations,i mean com­pare the matrix animé with the live action movie it looked bet­ter as a live action

tay July 26th, 2009

I cant beleave their mak­ing a movie of world of war­craft thats awsome but i dont think they should use real peo­ple it seems kinda hard i meen how are they going to pull off tau­ren and orcs but oh well and im a huge fan of the horde. I cant wait until the movie is out in theaters.

rahul gijare August 7th, 2009

oye maaa kaaa naaka bhen­chod tumhari maa ki chood mein danda
gonna be a nice movie anywas

MDK August 28th, 2009

What pisses me right off is the fact that they had to make this film with actual people.

The intro movies of the game & it’s expan­sions are com­pletely mind blowing.

They could blow JC’s Avatar right out of the water if the entire film was CGI, done by the boys at Blizz.

I don’t give a rats ass what the story will be. I want it to look good. Not some 5 course cheese meal like Sam Raimi’s Spi­der­douche; Final Fan­tasy style. Although FF had a ter­ri­ble plot, their artists were tight for what they had to work with back in the day.


Roflloll­mao October 29th, 2009

I won­der what if they’re gonna have all the expan­sion bosses in it. I hope so.. Or make a per­fect tril­ogy :D
I hope Arthas will be the “main boss” :D But have they even started the movie?

Car­men October 30th, 2009

I love this game! Too bad they aren’t gonna do CGI…

It would look so amaz­ing. Real peo­ple are eas­ier to model and stuff (due to the fact that they are mobile), but Tau­ren (ma home race) and Orcs will look noth­ing like they should. Maybe the two will be CGI and the rest will be people?

I can’t wait to see Gnomes…they’ll look ridiculous.

As for the in game WoW: I will never stop play­ing until an expan­sion so uncre­ative Blizz HAD to pull it straight outta their asses comes along.

Aw, too late. BC already came out (wow, so off topic. any­ways…) I can’t wait to see this movie! I hope it’ll be as stun­ning as I hope!!

Car­men October 30th, 2009

And to Wade, a lit­tle bit above:

Who the hell gave you per­mis­sion to call trolls snot-colored? They’re obvi­ously bruise col­ored :)

For the *awe­some* Horde!

Shan­non December 25th, 2009

Of course the movie should be from both per­spec­tives; oth­er­wise it will look like a LOTR rip off. The whole damn point of the game is that there are two war­ring factions–neither all good or all evil–that had to come together to defeat a com­mon foe. Besides, I can see humans (even really short ones, and ones with pink pony­tails) any day on the street. Whether in a fan­tasy game, or a fan­tasy two hour ride in the movie the­ater, I’d like some­thing more inter­est­ing. “Zom­bie” char­ac­ters that are smart and fast? Mino­taurs with a Native American-type cul­ture? Trolls and orcs that do more than grunt and hit things? Awe­some! And for the Alliance side, who wouldn’t want to see a gnome whu­pass on foes twice their size, dis­pelling their “cute” image? And, from a fem­i­nist per­spec­tive, I hope they keep the WOW trade­mark equal­ity of the sexes, and the female char­ac­ters are more than jig­gle bobs in leather bikini’s.

Sylanea January 8th, 2010

blizzzz ur going to lose a lot of respect for this movie if u dont tell it from both fac­tions! per­son­ally im upset that its being told only from the alliance point of view and i see that other peo­ple feel the same.telling it from the alliance does make for an inter­est­ing sto­ry­line because being human our­selves we can pretty much relate to being human (even though we dont live in aze­roth with elves and orcs) but the horde also offers a bit more fan­tasy into the movie. why do you think older teens play horde? lets face it! its badass and its some­thing new, some­thing were not used to! every movie we see is told from a human point of view, twi­light, lotr, even avatar (kind of) lol n even thts rly pop­u­lar so telling the story from thralls point of view would really do no harm… not to men­tion thrall has a really inter­est­ing sto­ry­line! think about it, WoW has more fans than twi­light (which is basi­cally made up of com­mon age groups) but if its all about the allies the horde play­ers may not go see it, depend­ing on how seri­ous they are about it, and youll only get about 1/2 the fans. but if u include the horde a bit more im pretty sure ud get many maaaaaany more peo­ple to see the movie.

Voltron545 January 9th, 2010

Hello Bliz­zcom! im sorry to burst this bub­ble, but it’s 2010, and there is no “100 mil­lion dol­lar invested” world of war­craft movie, even close to pre­views yet!the only recent movie that was both epic x100000 and cost a lot for the film­mak­ers was: James Cameron’s AVATAR! sorry!
p.s.: AVATAR was an awe­some movie! any­one who hasnt seen it, should! and before it leaves the­atres, too!

Ricky cer­vantes January 10th, 2010

i hope it will show in 2010 ^_^ keep up the good work i will look­ing 4 it ^_^!

Alex January 25th, 2010

peo­ple peo­ple calm down, Bliz­zard has prob­a­bly fore­seen the prob­lem that mak­ing it from a humans per­spec­tive will not make live up to expec­ta­tions with their lim­it­less smarts, and if they do make a 2nd one it will obvi­ously be from say the orcs POV to com­pro­mise… u have to have faith in Bliz­zard u guys

Anonymys January 29th, 2010

I rhink there should be made alot of world of war­craft movie along time ago, there are so many things to make a movie out of.
You can almost make a movie for every zone and inst­nce in the game, and then even more after the new expan­sion packs.
When bliz­zard talk about the mak­ing of the movie, they say they are going to make on out of ONE of the expan­sions.
What they should do instead is make alot of movies, explain­ing most of the story of world of war­craft, i have heard and read pieces of the story and im really curi­ous of the rest of the story. Im sure that other peo­ple like me also have found out lots of the story, but not many peo­ple know the whole story, and im sure that it bugs lots of peo­ple that they dont the whole story. So if you make a movie about the story im sure alot of peo­ple will be pleased. I know that i will atleast watch the movie is you do :)
Also you can make a movie for every zone, it will take a houndred years to make a movie for each zone, but you can make movies fore lots of the zones espe­cially the ones that are in northerend or outlands.

Ivailo February 10th, 2010

I love this game!I will never stop play­ing until an expan­sion so uncre­ative Blizz HAD to pull it straight outta their asses comes along. And i want work in Blizz :)

chris February 10th, 2010

omg im going to die. I just love a good sto­ry­line and this game one of the best i have ever seen in a game that i enjoy play­ing its just awe­some. i really hope they update us on how there work­ing on it and if it will be com­ing soon like in a year or 2.

W3 April 29th, 2010

I think that it would make a great movie/movie series to start off with Wacraft 3 and War­caft 3 Frozen Throne series pro­gress­ing on to WoW Games. Then you have all points of view and a very amaz­ing sto­ry­line mixed with war and quest. Plus, it’s much more under­stand­able than start­ing off at WoW 1. And of course, the War­craft 3 sto­ry­line is cool any­way. As I see it, this can go one of two ways any­way: Great and LOTR epic or hor­ri­ble like the DnD movie (I was very dis­ap­pointed when I saw that hav­ing played the old DnD myself). I can’t wait to see it. I just hope it doesn’t take 4 years for each, say­ing they do more than 1.

J3 April 29th, 2010

I think they should start the movies off at the War­craft 3 game then go on to War­craft 3 Frozen Throne sto­ry­line from all char­ac­ters per­spec­tives with a good amount of 3rd per­son. After those sto­ry­lines, they should move on to WoW. That would be pretty amaz­ing. Mostly because the orig­i­nal games are pretty amaz­ing with the sto­ry­lines. That also gives all per­spec­tives. And of course, you have a time­line pro­gres­sion. Plus, freak­ing amaz­ing sev­eral sto­ry­lines sup­port­ing both old and new game lik­ers. I should also state that this could go either way how­ever they do it. It could be great and as epic as LOTR, or hor­rid like DnD (I was very dis­ap­pointed by it because I actu­ally played that game). So, I’m look­ing for it. Can’t wait–hope they fin­ish soon. And if they make more movies, they should know that they shouldn’t take for­ever mak­ing it. Prob­a­bly eas­ier and faster to make it com­puter ani­mated. Just saying.

TrAk May 5th, 2010

just one thing FOR THE HORD BICHES !!!!

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fran February 8th, 2011

like the trailer of the game