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Blizzard laugh away Uwe Boll April 21st, 2008

It appears that Uwe Boll applied to Bliz­zard for the role of direc­tor in the World of War­craft movie. Shock hor­ror I hear you all cry, espe­cially when such an astound­ingly bad direc­tor has these views about mak­ing a faith­ful adaptation:

“You go for it, to please the game fans, but on the other hand if you have the hard core gamers, they live in their own world. And you can­not ful­fill their ideas from a video game based movie, it’s impos­si­ble. And to be hon­est, the real gamers are the typ­i­cal down­load guys, right? They don’t pay any­thing for movies, because they ille­gally down­load the movies. So why I should please these guys? I need the nor­mal audience.”

In the MTV arti­cle, Boll goes on to say that he spoke with Bliz­zard about helm­ing the WoW movie:

“I got in con­tact with Paul Sams of Bliz­zard, and he said, ‘We will not sell the movie rights, not to you…especially not to you. Because it’s such a big online game suc­cess, maybe a bad movie would destroy that ongo­ing income, what the com­pany has with it.”

Good news all round I say! Here, here, let’s move on to some good poten­tial directors…

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lan­gua May 8th, 2008

TAHNK YOU!!!now hope­fully there won’t be any close calls like this. A lot of ppl want it good.

Richard May 14th, 2008

So much obvi­ous­ness in this update… very con­fort­ing nonethe­less.
”…espe­cially not to you.”. Paul Sams is now a pub­lic hero.

On the other hand, he quoted Paul Sams said “We will not sell the movie rights” and even if the con­text fits the phrase its rather dis­turb­ing after think­ing about it for a while.
Per­haps that means no War­craft movie untill no less than 2012 or 2020?
Fine by me. I would like to see a good movie instead of a rushed one.

Alex June 19th, 2008

Peter Jack­son, Michael Bay, Steven Spiel­berg … get one of these and add 2–3-10 more hours to the movie … please, please, please and some­one shoot Uwe Boll FFS !!!!!!

peggy July 6th, 2008

I like how he says “I need the nor­mal audience”.I find that very funny.

Anony­mous July 9th, 2008

Thank god. I do NOT want Uwe Boll work­ing on a movie of this popularity.

Adameth July 23rd, 2008

What about Guillermo del Toro, Chris Nolan, maybe Alfonso Cuaron or Peter Jack­son or even Tim Bur­ton, but not Spiel­berg please!

Red August 5th, 2008

Zack Snyder…and a few other brain storm­ers from the cre­ators of 300.…hands down

Anon August 5th, 2008

Just hire Mar­tin Falch — the cre­ator of tales of the past

vsh August 25th, 2008

Con­sid­er­ing how much time we spend run­ning instances, 2 hours for a movie length would be absurd… Christ, i run Kara for 4–6 hours… make this one a long film. Just like the raids.

Karpo1991 August 31st, 2008

Tales of the past direc­tor! Its best movie iwe seen in times. I just won­der how nice movies he could cre­ate whit 100milj. budjet:D

fher98 September 3rd, 2008

Ok its been a while since this post… is there any news?

Ven­omi September 6th, 2008

Get Guillermo, make it 3h epic movie and start film­ing for tv series. AND NO love sto­rys or make them not to be the main thing like in Hell­Boy 2, that was fck disapointing.

Ven­omi September 6th, 2008

Oh and gief us one char that is beau­ti­ful dark skinned night elf shad­ow­priest named Ven­omi (“venom eye”). That would make me happy.

Jus­terin September 12th, 2008

burn in hell, mr. boll

dmh2000 October 2nd, 2008

but didn’t Uwe Boll kick butt on the Dun­geon Siege movie? NOT

ssjakal October 3rd, 2008

Boll game movies are 2 funny 2 funny for hard­core gamer 2 funny for me

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rad­draff October 11th, 2008

nO direc­tOr can ever make a goOd movie out of this except when bliz­zard does it by itself it.this gaMe is toO goOd tO ruin.

Bur­den October 14th, 2008

The news is that bliz­zard fked the movie just like they fked the game.
incom­petant devs and really bad support.

for­mer wow player who isn’t drink­ing the kool aid.

tom­my­gun October 19th, 2008

I agree with rad­draff, no one but bliz­zard can make this movie, it is too pre­cious, it should be made like the pre­views in the game, that is awe­some, dont use real peo­ple, they are not big or intimidating:)

Mets October 22nd, 2008

The movie should defi­nately be done with cgi its Bliz­zards strongest asset but if it must be done live action get michael bay to do some badass action scenes =D

Woodrocker November 27th, 2008

I knew it!, i have con­fi­dence in Blizzard!

Bliz­zard Games were always high qual­ity and as good as pos­si­ble bug-free. I play since War­craft I, and was never dis­ap­pointed! More Com­puter Game Com­pa­nies should take a piece from you.

I am con­fi­dent that the movie will be a bom­bas­tic expe­ri­ence too.
Bliz­zard will find the cor­rect Direc­tor, thats for sure!

I am look­ing for­ward to the date the movie comes to cin­ema and to the date i can buy it on blu ray.

Keep on and thank you!

Simmo December 10th, 2008

Per­son­ally, I’d like to see a 2.5-3hr tril­ogy, start­ing from the very begin­ning, with Medievh (?) open­ing the first por­tal that allows the Orc hordes through. And it could end after where the games have taken place (the lat­est WOW exp) to lead up to the next war­craft game (free adver­tis­ing inbuilt…). Also, they should focus on both quest and war per­spec­tive, as this is the com­bi­na­tion which has made many great movies (and the lack of has made many duds), and because that’s what War­craft has always been about.

Over­all, the movie should be mostly com­pa­ra­ble to LOTR, since that is the realm most sim­i­lar to the War­craft world. Heaps of fight­ing and magic, lots of big fan­tasy crea­tures (drag­ons, ogres, ele­men­tals, etc) a dozen hero’s try­ing to save their peo­ple, a hand­ful of huge epic bat­tles, and a few roman­tic moments. That’s how you make a fan­tasy movie.

Mord December 27th, 2008

I’m gonna go with Bryan Singer. I think he’s earned it

Flu­id­mo­tion January 7th, 2009

Hey guys. Simmo GREAT GREAT com­ment. you are absolutely right. also I think Peter Jack­son (Lord Of The Rings) and Zack Sny­der (300) should direct the movie and just to sec­ond tom­my­gun, the movies should not have actors but should be made with the same engine as the intros are made with (this may cost ALOT of money). One last point is if you want Uwe Boll to stop mak­ing movies for­ever go to http://​www​.peti​tionon​line​.com and he will retire if the peti­tion to stop him reaches 1’000’000. Thank you

dudeguy February 2nd, 2009

It’s ok to have a comment.

Yami February 8th, 2009

lol, Uwe Boll

WoW OMG February 16th, 2009

i’m a HUGE fan of WoW and i love the work that bliz­zard has done but if they choose the wrong actors the film is gonna suck i think they should just use CGI and also after fol­low­ing there new ALLIANCE hero through the hope­ful 3 part epic they should make a horde one about the orcs when they bfcame cor­rupt and opened a dark por­tal into aze­roth and the plague the Undead are mak­ing should also be followed

Boys February 22nd, 2009

hope bliz­zard read this.
mak­ing a WoW live movie can be very risky. The char­ac­ters as ani­mate is giv­ing a totally dif­fer­ent feel with live char­ac­ters. Well, the process should come to an end soon but am sure this might not reach the peak of yours goal. I was very dis­ap­point when they say live movie. As i men­tion before, with ani­mate you got full con­trol of char­ac­ters and spells. With live is just gonna ruin it. “hey look, that spell is so fake”, “man, look at orc cus­tom.”… any­way, I’ll keep my fin­ger cross at the time being.

Boys February 22nd, 2009

after a few search, i see that Uwe Boll done a few movies from video game… and i think he’s right. If the movie didn’t impress fan the word of idea gonna ruin the show. And since ppl play online, then likely they’ll down­load it…

Bad­prenup March 2nd, 2009

Boys is 100% wrong. He’s also Uwe Boll. In the WoW uni­verse its very easy to see what the play­ers want.
A) It has to be an epicly long movie. as long as an entire Raid, maybe longer.
B) Can­not be directed by Uwe Boll.
C) Should be CG if pos­si­ble
D) Has to focus on an actual story. It can be some­thing done like Arthas or some­one like that.
E) Also should be like the man­gas (hear me out) The man­gas have the lit­tle love story parts. but they are only a few pages long (so about 1–2 min­utes) and ONLY to set up the epic­ness of the bat­tles. So we see what their lives mean.
F) No Uwe Boll at all.
G) Can’t just be like Shoot em Up where they blow through some 10000 ene­mies with 5 peo­ple. (We need major bat­tles here)
H) Has to fea­ture all races to some degree (depend­ing on where it is placed in the time­line, no draenei before the BC era, that crap)
I) The main group has to be a mix of Alliance and Horde, ally­ing for the greater good of every­one.
J) Uwe Boll must die because of this film (at the very least there has to be a very vague ref­er­ence to this:
“I got in con­tact with Paul Sams of Bliz­zard, and he said, ‘We will not sell the movie rights, not to you…especially not to you. Because it’s such a big online game suc­cess, maybe a bad movie would destroy that ongo­ing income, what the com­pany has with it.”)
K) Some very well hid­den easter eggs.

Hell we need to tell them what we want., thats my list so far.

Rathlon March 25th, 2009

To Bad­prenup from what I under­stand the movie is sup­pose to take place a few years before the mmo so before the core game and after Frozen Throne, prob­a­bly 3 at the most and fol­lows the life of an alliance solider who or name is I don’t know. This is all I under­stand from over hear­ing hear­ing some GM’s who was in Lor­daeron under­city, when I was still play­ing WOW till my trial ran out of time.

Cryst March 29th, 2009

Not that PG-13 is bad but seri­ously, if it ham­pers with the cre­ativ­ity and por­trayal, you don’t need it.

Don’t turn the first movie into some half-baked com­pro­mise. Tak­ing the cur­rent sto­ries in the game and putting it into a movie isn’t a bad move either. You have the char­ac­ters, lore, storyline.

In short, get the very best, I’m sure the gamers and fans of WoW will rise to pre­serve a game that we love. Too much crappy adap­ta­tions out there. We don’t need another one try­ing to fake a fan­tasy show that ends up B-grade.

To lousy direc­tors like Uwe Boll: U fail. The direc­tor must first know the game, do the research, and under­stand it from within before he even starts open­ing his mouth about doing any form of direct­ing. Same for any other project. How can a man of no vision cre­ate any­thing visionary.

WoW OMG May 21st, 2009

Uwe Boll = Epic Fail CGI = :)

xnaruto137x June 21st, 2009

Wow he thinks peo­ple will down­load the video?! If it is a CGI, same qual­ity and awe­some­ness of the WoTLK cin­e­matic, then how much room do you think it would take up on a com­puter?!? The cin­e­matic trailer was what 30 sec­onds and it was almost 100MB so in about 5 min of movie it would be 1GB so it would be a HUGE space on a com­puter. I am guess­ing some­where around 18GB if it is the usual 1.5 hours long.

Bloke June 29th, 2009

I agree, no Uwe Boll.

How­ever, he DOES cast Kris­tanna Loken lots, and she would be worth hav­ing, no?

Alexan­derW July 16th, 2009

Thrall will be in the movie. It will be told pri­mar­ily from the Alliance point of view The time of the movie is set about 1 year before World of War­craft begins. The film is mainly about cul­tures in con­flict. It won’t be an adven­ture movie like LoTR, more of a war film.

(Source : Bliz­zCon 2007)

The movie are set to be fin­ished in 2011

Dewd July 21st, 2009

So it is going to be a “Only 3D” film? and not like LoTR? If they make it like the cin­e­matic i srly going to puke big time.. And whats with hole “down­load” thing…? If this film kicks ass who the f would down­load it? it needs to get up the big screen on B-Ray!!

daz July 22nd, 2009

How close to the game will they make it I won­der? How many tries will it take them to get inside an instance “Addi­tional instances can­not be launched..” ROFL

spinez August 2nd, 2009

Holy crap. Uwe Boll should get a spot in the movie as an actor… of a kobold, or murloc…

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PvPriesting101 January 20th, 2010

Uwe Boll should be a name of a grey ‘short sword’ auto-equipped on a NE war­rior upon creation.

ONTO the movie… wtb Disco/Shad specced priest melt­ing face, EVERYONES face.

Least thats how it hap­pens on my server.

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