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Movie Titles & Trilogy Rumors April 16th, 2007

An undis­closed source at a news site called “The Instance” claims to have insider infor­ma­tion with regards to the War­craft movie adap­ta­tion. At such an early stage any infor­ma­tion like this is most cer­tainly false and this has been clas­si­fied as a rumor — which is giv­ing this far too much credit. Im not even sure actors are involved in the process yet — firstly a direc­tor needs to be named.

If you see this infor­ma­tion repeated any­where, know that this was an April Fool’s joke/prank. Peo­ple have been talk­ing about these details as if they were facts and I am dis­pelling them now.

I’m a per­sonal assis­tant for a very well-known actor, and I’ve just handed him a com­plete script treat­ment for the new War­craft movie. It’s going to be called “War­craft: The Fall of Quel’Thalas”, and it looks like it may be the first of a pro­posed tril­ogy, with a sec­ond part called “The Cav­erns Of Time” and the final install­ment called “The Bat­tle Of Mount Hyjal”.

With the suc­cess of LotR though, every­thing seems des­tined for a tril­ogy these days.

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garbage February 26th, 2008

well this is garbage because it has been stated (at a later date) that the movie time­frame will be after these events have happened.

leo­rex September 6th, 2008

The war­craft movie is going to be taken place 2 years after war­craft III lore.

DMT May 7th, 2009

That info was posted on April 1 and, given the rest of the “news” is obvi­ously a joke.

FFS August 17th, 2009

I’m sorry but if there gonna make a movie about WOW and take it from an alliance only per­spec­tive its gonna suck, and makes no sense. this movie is gonna be totally crap­tas­tic. i bet it wont stick with wow lore, i bet the horde are made out to be the bad guys, it just shows blizz com­peletly bones the alliance pussies.
if this movie goes thro im gonna boy­cott wow, ill go as far actu­ally to make sure its never played in my local movie the­ater.
I think wow has stooped to an all time new low :(
tis a shame it was good once now its just sold out.….