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Gears of War Script Leak April 28th, 2007

Oh my word, that was fast. Latino review, who also posted an early treat­ment of the Halo Movie back in the day, have posted up a sneak pre­view of the Gears of War movie adap­ta­tion. How much of this will appear in the final film remains to be seen, though it seems fairly rep­utable and Stu­art Beat­tie (Pirates of the Caribbean, Col­lat­eral) has done a good job. I’m going to say this now — this sto­ry­line will change before the film is released, likely when a direc­tor is assigned to the project and he begins assert­ing his vision.

The arti­cle at Latino is pretty long so I am going to pro­vide a sum­mary here.

Warn­ing, this post now con­tains spoilers.

To sum­marise the treat­ment for those not want­ing to read, the plot unveiled cov­ers the first parts of the film (we can only assume), stop­ping at a ten year “jump” sup­pos­edly, whether this is 10% or 90% of the film it’s hard to tell.

It fea­tures Mar­cus Fenix, Dominic San­ti­ago and Cole Train as well as Maria, who play’s Dom’s wife and mother to his children.

The events:

Crash­ing chop­pers, rock­ets and gun­fire open the show. Already a more faith­ful adap­ta­tion than Doom was. There’s a highly risky attack/maneouvre tak­ing place and a bru­tal out­come rem­i­nis­cent of everyone’s recent favourite 300. This is the open­ing action sequence, like the atyp­i­cal action movie has. It pen’s lit­tle sig­nif­i­cance on later events it seems. So feel free to read this bit if you just want a flavour.

When the action’s over there are some scenes of the beau­ti­ful Ephyra, and here the char­ac­ter devel­op­ment begins, with the story of Dom and his wife Maria and their kids. All the while in Ephyra Mar­cus grows frus­trated at World Peace and a back­ground mys­tery begins to unfold.

The world is calm, and then it trem­bles and then an emer­gence begins (did you expect that to hap­pen?); locust hordes fronted by drones and drone grenadiers. The bat­tles com­mences with Bru­maks et al. The world is once again thrown into tur­moil and a das­tardly solu­tion is needed to fix it again. Its a story of sur­vival and the ends jus­ti­fy­ing the means, with lots of skull crush­ing, swear­ing, vio­lence and the Kryll (in what seems rem­i­nis­cent of Pitch Black).

The Script

Here’s a pre­view of the start of the script, I’m not going to post it all because I see no real need to:

Planet Sera. The Bat­tle of Aspho Fields. The last bat­tle of the Pen­du­lum Wars.

We meet Sergeant MARCUS FENIX and Cor­po­ral DOM SANTIAGO rid­ing pen­sively in the back of a Raven, one of hun­dreds fer­ry­ing in gears to assault the enemy head­quar­ters.

Sev­eral chop­pers go down in flames. Mar­cus keeps his eyes and his squad on the tar­get. The Ravens touch down and the gears pile out into an insane hail of rocket and gun­fire. Most Ravens never even back it back up. This is mad­ness. Bod­ies are ripped apart. Wounded sol­diers scream for their moth­ers. A grenade anni­hi­lates an embed­ded media crew. Nobody knows where he or she’s sup­posed to be.

Comments 33 Responses to “Gears of War Script Leak”

Ryan May 20th, 2007

The begin­ning of it was awe­some but then it slipped up… the movie will be frig­gin sweet though

jimbo May 20th, 2007

it sucks that its not on earth though

Vixen Hunter June 8th, 2007

Sounds like we will be thrown into wild bat­tle from the begin­ning! Seems like the movie will be cool…I was won­der­ing if you could sup­ply a link for the actual draft? Thanks

jonow June 21st, 2007

i luv the game so i hope the film is kick ass too!!!!

ben June 26th, 2007

dont change the sto­ry­line, the only rea­son the game is becom­ing a movie is because of a great sto­ry­line. if u change it your only gonna dis­s­a­point the play­ers on xbox 360 that have played the game. might as well keeep the sto­ry­line, if its money u want, dont worry. every one who plays the game will see the movie regard­less of the sto­ry­line because they loved the game and see no rea­son to hate the movie. plus, every­one who doesnt play video games but loves the action shooter every now and then will also be attracted to the movie. just keep it the same. the peo­ple who came up with the orig­i­nal sto­ry­line didnt make it to have it mod­i­fied for a dif­fer­ent audi­ence. if any­one has xboxlive, con­tact me at Dog­tag Duke or email me at dogtagduke@​hotmail.​com

Bee­tle­Dude July 2nd, 2007

well i’d defi­natly go and see it but i agree wiv the dude above keep the orginal story line


thomas July 7th, 2007

its sounds good but dont throw us in the bat­tle with­out us even know­ing the sit­u­a­tion and what they’re about to do. because the audi­ance will get lost and wont know whats going on until some­one in the movie spills it

Kayleb July 11th, 2007

i beg that they cast Mickey Rourke as mar­cus, it only makes sense

boom­boomb­baby July 18th, 2007

when it come out?

The Babaloo Bandit July 18th, 2007

skull crush­ing action u say, humm.. this makes me very happy, and alit­tle bit malictious

The Babaloo Bandit July 18th, 2007

Fyi i heard it was Bruce Willice play­ing Marus, its a roumer though

Brian July 20th, 2007

They’ve not changed the story that I can see, other than Mar­cus and Dom’s ranks. The Pen­du­lum wars are before E-Day. The wars con­sist of sev­eral coun­tries going to war over Imul­sion. This ended when the Coali­tion of Gov­ern­ments (COG) took con­trol of the planet. Shortly after this, the Locust attacked the major cities and took con­trol of urban, mil­i­tary, and man­u­fac­tur­ing cen­ters within 24 hours.

You would know the rest right?

destry July 25th, 2007

wait what about when Dom comes and gets Mar­cus out of that jail cell??

ben July 28th, 2007

i think that this movie is gonna be thrown out just like halo. i dont want it to, but i think that hol­ly­wood is gonna get too lazy and not go through with it. not to men­tion all the peo­ple that hate video games and will hate the fact being pro­moted. it sounds crazy but im sure theres some­one out there that is gonna hate the idea. and,another rea­son it could be dumped is the fact that it is based on a 1st per­son shooter videogame. the sto­ry­line is strong but the only actual cin­e­mat­ics that have any dia­logue are the 30 to 60 sec­onds between the 2 hour peri­ods of non­stop shooting-no talk­ing or any­thing– i think that the non­stop action would be awe­some, but some peo­ple would like a break from all the shoot­ing to really rec­og­nize the sto­ry­line and basics of the movie. the main thing that will be dif­fi­cult to maneu­ver around would be keep­ing a decent sto­ry­line. they might have to change it in very lit­tle ways or they might have to make deras­tic changes to make it wor­thy of being on the big screen. thats the dif­fer­ence between halo and gears. in halo they waited until there was a true and deep sto­ry­line before they started the movie so that they could seep it in to the 1st movie to make it wor­thy of a sequil. with gears they wont be able to seep any his­tory of the locusts or humans and make it more inter­est­ing. all they have to fol­low is the 1st game and that doesnt have all the great info that you would want in a movie. theyre takin the same route that halo took but halo waited to have a good sto­ry­line. i dont know, this is my opin­ion. well all find out soon. (dogtagduke@​hotmail.​com)

chris July 29th, 2007

gears was great.……but i found the story line rather weak with alot of plot holes.… they should most definitly stick to the gist of the game.…. but i think it would be good if the had a strong por­tion of the move based off of ithere a) flash backs to before where the game took place.… or B) start the movie at emar­gence day like many ppl who bought the game thought the log­i­cal begin­ing would be… this would fill in many gaps related to his fathers work in find­ing locost tun­nel data and the rea­son for fenixs improisen­ment rai­se­ing more over­all intrest in his point of view and adding to the over­all effect of the movie.

XxDark­BlazexX July 30th, 2007

I love the fact that they are mak­ing a Gears Of War Movie. Accord­ing to the adap­ta­tion at Latino Review it sounds like a kick ass jaw drop­ping movie. To every­one who thinks they are chang­ing the story around just for a movie or to give peo­ple some­thing new instead of the same story they aren’t. The movie takes place before the game think of it like a pre­quel to the game. If any­one wants to talk to me send me a Friend Request on Xbox Live to XxDarkBlazexX

XxKraigD320xX August 11th, 2007

Face Punch­ing is my skill Sons, I will face punch you if you say this movie is gonna be weak, BaDow!!

Dave August 17th, 2007

Lookin at the leak this will be a kick ass movie!
But if it is gonna be live adap­tion it bet­ter have all the graphic killing and skull crush­ing like the game.
To those who think they are chang­ing the story line, im sure it will be fine.
Even if they do change it we will all go see it because we are addicted to gears of war.
Now that they have the movie on its way they bet­ter have gears of war 2 coming.

Lt Mash Tater August 25th, 2007

WTF? Cole’s real name is Gus Cole.….Cole Train is a nickname

alex August 28th, 2007

hope­fully the gears of war movie is good. ps the game kicks

imp_515 September 25th, 2007

I think John Tra­volta should play Mar­cus Fenix… after see­ing him in Wild Hogs and see­ing him in that hair rag/do-rag, he and Mar­cus Fenix look alot alike!

Just my opinion…

shawn September 30th, 2007

well what i per­son­ally belive is that the movie will be a finan­cial sucess because every­body loves Gears(if it gets made which im sure it will) but i belive that they need to not change the story but Bull-Shit the story because it was not a very com­plex or long stroy so if the movie was a com­plete full adap­ta­tion of the game…then it would be only about an hour but if they bull-shit by hav­ing moe bat­tles with Corpsers And Berserk­ers and mak­ing the final fight with Gen­eral RAAM more long and vio­lent and maybe…possibly fight the Bru­mak because it sucks ball we could never fight it in the game so thats just what i think

blaze September 30th, 2007

Cole Train. Cor­po­ral Augus­tus Cole of the Alpha Squad. He says his real name first when they save him and Dom comes out and rec­og­nizes him by ask­ing “Cole Train?” It be funny if they cast Quentin “Ram­page” Jack­son as Cole.

CHAD PRUETT September 30th, 2007

Gears of War rocked the nation. It was bal­is­tic every where from the chain­saw­ing to the ger­nade tag­ging. If any­one, who is envolved in mak­ing the movie, cares about the fans expec­ta­tions, DO NOT only focus on lit­tle details and story lines such as Doms fam­ily, put forth extreme effort mak­ing the locust as kick ass as they look in the game and also the bru­tal fight­ing sequences such as chain­saw­ing and demol­ish­ing shot­gun kills. In doing this you will not only blow me away, an enor­mous gears of war fan, but you will also make an unbe­liev­able impact on GOW fans all around the world.

Ash February 27th, 2008

As in the words of Cole:
“Yeah! Bring it on sucka, this my kind of Shit!”

I hope Cole train has a good and exten­sive part in the movie; After all, every movie must have some comedic value added to it’s dark atmosphere.

“Stay cool baby!”

The­Fire­Boy March 3rd, 2008

Per­son­ally i think that if they stick to the game sto­ry­line it would suck.

I’m not say­ing the story line is bad because its not its really good but for all us gamers we already know what hap­pens so it would be pointless.

So long they get the cast (E.G for Cole they could use the NFL Player Terry Tate that voices for him in the game as they look alike)and i think they are aim­ing for a Sum­mer 2009 release.

Per­son­ally I think This will be a really Good film

Any opin­ions or ques­tions just e-mail me thefireboy0​8​@​yahoo.​co.​uk
title the e-mail Gears Of War Movie or some­thing of that kind

Ram­say July 18th, 2008

i have to say that the antic­i­pa­tion of this is doing me in! i can’t frig­gin wait!!! but this one thing has to be said:


Ziaros December 26th, 2008

no offense but who­ever sug­gested that micky rorke or john tra­volta play MARCUS FENIX has to be just short of FUBAR retarded! come man think big­ger. Micky is used up & gone. Tra­volta … need i say more, GAY! i dont know about Bruce Willis … maybe. one thing for sure those shoes are going to be hard to fill. one of the rea­son Lord of the Rings was so great was that they stuck to the story & got excel­lent actors that matched the char­ac­ters in the story. if they stick to that then all is well, if not then they will yet again pro­duce a crapy movie.

Aaron April 15th, 2009

Man the movie would be great if it stuck to the orig­i­nal story of the game. but i agree w/ ziaros… Tra­volta and rourke are not big enogh to play the parts. they are great actors (for the most part) but per­son­ally i just dont see them play­ing those parts. And think­ing on a big­ger scale i think that they should look into the wwe of ufc fight­ers… they def have the size and if they can act, well i just think that would be sweet. i could see it now Brock Lesner (UFC) as Mar­cus, Batista (WWE) as Dom, and Bobby Lash­ley (WWE) as Cole. i think u could get the picture.

william May 7th, 2009

If any­one should play mar­cus fenix, it should be Clive Owen.
The guy looks like Mar­cus, and he kicks ass in his movies. He can even pull of the voice. If he plays it, it will kick ass, he’s a great actor.

Josie January 5th, 2010

The begin­ning draft is true to the story if you’ve read the Ashpo Fields book by Karen Traviss witch is the pre­quel to the first game. I hope they include Bernadette Mataki(Bernie) who is a add on char­ac­ter from the books. She is a bad ass sniper chick. Per­son­ally, I think they should make it C.G.I. or what­ever they call it (like the first Final Fan­tasy movie)and have the same guys from the game do the voice overs. I just don’t think that the real actors and direc­tor are gonna cap­ture the char­ac­ters like they need to. I am a huge fan of the game and I prob­a­bly won’t go see the movie if they use real actors for fear they’ll ruin it.

Josie January 5th, 2010

The begin­ning draft is true to the story if you’ve read the Ashpo Fields book by Karen Traviss witch is the pre­quel to the first game. I hope they include Bernadette Mataki(Bernie) who is a add on char­ac­ter from the books. She is a bad ass sniper chick. Per­son­ally, I think they should make it C.G.I. or what­ever they call it (like the first Final Fan­tasy movie)and have the same guys from the game do the voice overs. I just don’t think that the real actors and direc­tor are gonna cap­ture the char­ac­ters like they need to. I am a huge fan of the game and I prob­a­bly won’t go see the movie if they use real actors for fear they’ll ruin it. One more thing, I wanna make a pre­dic­tion. They will prob­a­bly pick Ger­rard But­ler to play Marcus.

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