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GoW art director to direct Thundercats film October 11th, 2007

Not related to the gears of war movie directly, how­ever it is of inter­est to the read­ers of this blog, so I am men­tion­ing it here.

Jerry O’Flaherty, art direc­tor for the Gears of War video game, will be under­tak­ing the chal­lenge of direct­ing Warner Bros’ CG-animated Thun­der­cats adap­ta­tion — so reports Vari­ety.

I think I would pre­fer a live action Thun­der­cats, maybe it’s just the thoughts of who could pull off the Chee­tara role, whilst look­ing sexy and not ruin­ing their career.

Are many peo­ple inter­ested in this movie?

Thanks to John again for the heads up!

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Ernesto October 24th, 2007

Hey instead of it being Real life actors it should be ani­mated that would be cool , same voices same every­thing , that would be the best movie​.us

kevin January 31st, 2008

i think it should def be live actors.…not sure who would play all the roles but here’s a few ideas: tigro played by the guy who played mr. fan­tas­tic in Fan­tas­tic 4, Vin Diesel as pan­thro, Sean con­nery as jaga, and vern troyer as snarf..hahaha thats my call

Petja March 5th, 2008

Halle Berry. Need I say more?

Madonna Holder November 12th, 2008


mike February 18th, 2010

this movie would be ter­ri­ble if it were not ani­mated. live actors would make it look so cheesy