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Gears of War movie rears its head at Comic-con; Kate Beckinsale, new story, no wrestlers August 10th, 2009

Just as I cast my doubts on the pro­duc­tion of the Gears of War movie, it rears its head at this year’s SDCC with a panel fea­tur­ing Len Wise­man (direc­tor) and Chris Mor­gan (writer, Wanted). Pro­duc­tion is still in the ear­li­est stages, but more importantly—it is still in pro­duc­tion. How early? No con­cept art, cast­ing or pro­duc­tion stills yet. Wise­man and Mor­gan did how­ever offer up their thoughts on the adaptation.


The first ques­tions con­cerned cast­ing, in par­tic­u­lar the (entirely unsub­stan­ti­ated) rumors that wrestlers would be cast as main char­ac­ters. Wise­man said that cast­ing strong men wouldn’t be his choice, instead, “I’m look­ing for an actor for the role and then [I’ll] put him into shape”, adding “I’m always think­ing who could play the best Mar­cus. You want to get hooked into the char­ac­ter [first] and then all the amaz­ing spectacle.”

As for the cast­ing of Maria, Len Wise­man wants his wife Kate Beck­in­sale to play the badass female role, “If I can con­vince [Kate Beck­in­sale] — and I think I have a shot — I’d love to see that.”


Emer­gence day will play a big role in the movie’s plot, but the films are unlikely to closely fol­low the games. Whilst promis­ing to fol­low the Gears his­tory closely, he made no guar­an­tees about “appeas­ing gamers”. Rod Fer­gu­son, the game’s exec­u­tive pro­ducer, explained:

“You can be too tied to what is the game. We’re so ori­ented at grab­bing the gam­ing audi­ence, we don’t leave behind what shouldn’t be in the movie. We’re about mak­ing the best movie pos­si­ble, not about mak­ing Gears of War the game into a movie… pre­vi­ous movies haven’t been will­ing to let go. We had only three pages [of notes for Wise­man]. ‘Please don’t kill Marcus.’

To sum­ma­rize, the stu­dios have been asked to:

“make the best movie pos­si­ble that fits your medium.”

Changes may include female COGs.

Wise­man and Mor­gan add:

“The tone of the char­ac­ters and how they inter­act with each other [lends to] the over­all expe­ri­ence of the movie. Look at Aliens in terms of the dark envi­ron­ment, but then how much fun you have with the characters.”

“Even though the world is lit­er­ally at an end, they still joke. They have real emo­tion and compassion.”

Before Wise­man concludes,

“There’s so much opin­ion out there about what this movie should be and shouldn’t be, it falls on a very small group of peo­ple… and I’m one of those peo­ple. Are you going to respect the game? Of course I am. It is a dif­fer­ent expe­ri­ence from watch­ing a movie, but it’s my job of trans­lat­ing it into the best cin­e­matic story [possible].”

Thanks Bill!

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TALEN August 10th, 2009


Ariel August 11th, 2009

Ray Steven­son could be a good choice

Chris August 13th, 2009

It should be Mickey Rourke!

Raven August 13th, 2009

Kate Beck­in­sale as Maria? I’d think she’d make a bet­ter Anya, myself.

Blue August 14th, 2009

Female COGs? That’s the dumb­est thing I’ve ever heard in my life, and I won’t see the movie if that hap­pens. Cast Dolph Lund­gren as Mar­cus, he has the look & cor­rect age, and he’s in great shape.

Ikbuh August 14th, 2009

Dom: Adam Rodriguez
Baird: Robert Downy Jr.
Cole: Ade­wale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Tai: Luis Guzmán
Carmine: Bren­don Frasier

Mar­cus is hard to say. Vin Diesel might work, but I don’t think he has the voice for it. Karl Urban maybe, but still iffy. As for the oth­ers, I think they’d do it well, some oth­ers would eas­ily do well.

the come­dian August 14th, 2009

i think between johnny mess­ner or dave batista to play maruc phoenix…i know no wrestlers but at least batista. mess­ner and batista were born to play this role. they bet­ter not f**k up this movie.

the comei­dan August 14th, 2009

johnny mess­ner or dave batista as marcus

the come­dian August 14th, 2009

johnny mess­ner or dave batista as mar­cus. one of them were born to play mar­cus fenix. len wise­man done mess uup this movie. dont just put no skinny S.O.B. get some real big bad ass motherF***ers…make us proud.

Ze Con­man August 16th, 2009

Mar­cus: Dave Batista
Dom: John Cena
Cole: The Rock
A. Carmine: Bren­dan Fraser
Baird: dunno ?????????????????

no way should there be females no way t will ruin it baldly get mus­ley men wif a bad a** attudutte

kakorot842 August 16th, 2009

this movie prob­a­bly, will suck, just like other movies based on video games, how­ever, since res­i­dent evil was a hit, i guess you need some­one like that beau­ti­ful woman, to play the role of Anya. and Maria, kate, i dont know, batista i dont know, watch­ing that smal­l­ville episode, already tells me he can’t act. and i hope the film is a pre­quel to the game because the game didn’t explain nothing.

Fenix August 17th, 2009

Hi to all fel­low GOGs i was just talk­ing to a cou­ple of mates after the footie about mak­ing a movie Gears Of War and here i come down on this site today and i think it should hap­pen but a make a good movie stick to the plot and please choose the right peo­ple for this movie whether it is going to be a real life movie or well advance ani­ma­tion just make the main char­ac­ters look the ones in the game but never the less here are my choice as Actors

Mar­cus Fenix :D ominic Pur­cel (From Prison Break)
Dominic San­ti­ago :The Rock
Augus­tus Cole :Lester Speight (The man him­self)
Damon Baird :Ryan Reynolds
Minh Young Kim :Jason Scott Lee
Anya Stroud :Jes­sica Biel
Vic­tor Hoff­man :R. Lee Ermey

Now to me that would make for a per­fect Gears of War movie team what do u guys think if u don’t know some of these actors just Google their names and com­pare there pic­tures next to the actual game char­ac­ters, u will see it matches this should be the cast!!

blahh August 17th, 2009

How are they going to meke lou­cust that is going to be hard. And that per­son who said john cena as dom u are stu­iped he isn’t mexican.

sat­une August 21st, 2009

Mar­cus: Adam Rodruigez
Dom: Johnny Hans­kette
Baird: Brad Pitt
Cole: Ving Rhames
Carmine: Robert Downey Jr
Kym: Vin Deasel

Lorcan0c August 25th, 2009

Per­son­ally i think that Josh Duma­hal would be per­fect as Baird.
I say this because
(A). he’s my favourite COG
(B). he both looks and sounds the part.

Any­one here who saw trans­form­ers ROTF remem­ber when Opti­mus says
“What if we leave and you’re wrong?”

–long silence–

Lennix –qui­etly– “That’s a good question…”

I imme­di­etly thought of baird when i was that.

Abra­ham August 27th, 2009

please dont f*** up this movie it will mean so much to every fan of the game, Girl cogs i will not be happy with because it was such a hard hit­ting bru­tal game and i want the movie to be like that, the movie should still stick to the game and not go to fair from it,i know you guys probly are going to fuck it up,and cast mar­cus not a big dude or young one,marcus is a older guy and every­one looks up to him in the game so make a good choice,

PS: dont skip out on the gore i plan to see a MA or R Rated Movie

travis August 28th, 2009

bruce willis would make a good marcus,just have to worry bout him beef­ing up,the guy that played the casino owner in the walk­ing tall movie with the rock would be a great baird

rhyno klein August 31st, 2009

mar­cus — dominic pur­cell (prison break)
dom — Amaury Nolasco (prison break)
cole — “the ter­ri­ble” terry tate
baird — ryan reynolds or sean william scott (both would have to bulk up like crazy but both have the cocky/sarcastic atti­tude need. as far as the other ones go dom and amaury have worked together so they would work well as story line friends and are of an ade­quate size to play the roles and terry tate can just be himself.

Odin September 5th, 2009

If not for his lack of height, Jason Statham would make a great Mar­cus. Who­ever said Robert Downey Jnr. as Baird was spot on as well. Lester Speight is Cole and Cole is Lester Speight, end of. Can any of us really pic­ture a guy that’s sup­posed to be Cole with­out THAT voice?

Antilles September 11th, 2009

They’re gonna have a hard time find­ing some guys with tree trunks for arms :)

GALENO September 12th, 2009

Your blog is so infor­ma­tive ?keep up the good work!!!!

boss September 15th, 2009

cole-the rock
baird-brad pit
dom-robert down­ney jr
carmine-brendon fraser
minh-stone cold stave asten

bpz September 16th, 2009

i dont know about all the other char­ac­tors but i do know that COLE should be played by none other that TERRIBLE TERRY TATE the office line­backer. i thought that was him doing the voice for the game any­ways.… . . think about it.

Astr0 Physics September 17th, 2009

yo i think hav­ing female COGs would be a great idea and more realistic

7seven7 September 19th, 2009

female COG’s could work there is in the book’s why not the movie and besides anya is a female and a COG is she not, karl urban could make a good mar­cus they are more then a lit­tle simalar

gearhead1 September 20th, 2009

why not let cole be him self? baired is easy just fine some dude how lookes like him and talks alout of trash. dom is sort of hard cant think of some­one for him. fenex well theres a lout of guys. besides cant the make up artest make any­one look older. theres just one thing im won­der­ing. is this before or after mar­cus gos to jail. cause we dont really see why. on part one carmine looks up to him because he fout at astrode fields or what­ever yet he whent to jail for some other resin. so tec­nicly who said cole or baired would be in it. what if the gears tryd to use female cogs but it faled. and what was mar­cuses squad before delta? lots of qus­tions butt zero ansewers

joe facer September 28th, 2009

i am excited about this film. gears is my fav game. not just because of the graph­ics but the amaz­ing story. i would love to see this movie to become a work of art not with just action. but with story, cinaphotg­ra­phy and with all the major ele­ments that make a mas­ter piece film. i do have high hopes. i hope that the love of story telling is see and felt in this film.

jack­on­crack October 2nd, 2009

i think the obvi­ous man for the job has got to be the man who cre­ated the cae­sar­ian sec­tion by round house kick­ing his way out of his mother womb. the man who when he does push up he isn’t really doing push ups he is push­ing the world out the way of a meteor the one and only chuck Norris

oh yeah

ben October 4th, 2009

ron perl­man for mar­cus fenix, he basi­cally resem­bles him, Lester speight for cole

Andy Mac October 21st, 2009

NO wrestlers. Never in the his­tory of cin­ema have those clowns made a good movie. Maybe as a cameo one can come in as mar­cus but over­all i think they should write in their own story (whilst work­ing with the good folks at epic) and cameo the char­ac­ters from the VG story. That way nobody gets hurt and there is room for the direc­tor to make an awe­some movie that escapes the clutches of the VG toouch of death

Mar­cus October 22nd, 2009

I agree with the peo­ple above who said Micke Rourke should play Mar­cus Fenix.
He would be the best choice con­cern­ing facial fea­tures and most impor­tant voice.

Mon­sti October 23rd, 2009

No wrestlers! some don’t know how to act.

As for the story E-Day would be good. Telling the sto­ries of that and how Mar­cus ended up in prison, as well as Dom and his wife. And how Mar­cus dad is involved.

Ger­ard But­ler– As Marcus

Sam Worthington-One of the rookies(always dies) lmao

the Rock-As Cole Train would be good, maybe even fifty cent. :P

The voice can be impor­tant but not really.

R. Lee Ermey-general

Forthelulz October 23rd, 2009

Fuck the gen­eral pub­lic. Make it fol­low the game story and put it out on dvd. Oth­er­wise it WILL be shit. Count on it.

punkchick27 October 27th, 2009

I’am a huge G.O.W. fan. When I read in the game informer of a movie, I had to look in on it. Now I wish I hadnt. I mean come on dude is so gonna screw this up. Kate Beck­in­sale as Maria, what, has he even seen the game. Maria is his­panic and so is her hus­band Dom. As far as girl Cog’s, another screw up, the girls r Anya and Maria and they r all shaped like women, they dont eat the Gears Crunch, and they wouldnt be able to hold the weight of the Gear. Half of the peo­ple that will be lin­ing up to see this open­ing day are going to be Gear Heads, those peo­ple who have spent tons of money on DLC and mer­chan­dise. So to say it want be like the game, is just a douchebag thing and I think Weis­man is a lil to full of him­self. I do how­ever agree with the one guy’s com­ment that it should be pre-game, you know, this is how it started. Get with the game devel­op­ers and maybe read some of these forums, then you will real­ize that peo­ple are going to hate this movie, and trust me I play online and there are alot of us Gear Heads out there.

tif October 27th, 2009


anony­mus October 27th, 2009

There is no one who looks like Cole more than Terry Tate…in fact he does the voice for Augus­tus Cole. He is jacked…perfect size to do it.

nero_13 November 3rd, 2009

Oded Fehr as dom

hes the guy that played car­los in res­i­dent evil

dax­cata November 4th, 2009

Read the books peo­ple there are female COGS Bernie and ALex.

Ryan November 18th, 2009

even tho im a lil young, id be will­ing to try cast­ing for Baird. Any­way, cast wise i think it should be this:

Mar­cus: Unknown, A NFL guy? or John Tra­volta?
Dom: Another NFL guy?
Baird: Meeee! if all else fails, a Hockey or Soc­cer player?
Tai: Jason Mamoa or Christo­pher Judge
Carmine: Zachary Levi or Shia LaBeouf, they both got the right kind of per­son­al­ity…
Hoff­man: Deffinently R.Lee Ermey

Also i think some female Gears would be pretty cool, not just as pilots or medics but as ground pounders also

Marc November 19th, 2009

This movie needs to have a lot of gore bot­tom line. Also I have no Idea who they are going to cast for mar­cus that is so tuff

xMAM­MOTHx November 30th, 2009

ok so no female cogs or if there is no stu­pid love between mar­cus and the girl
i mean its ok but seri­ously you will ruin the entire sto­ry­line with that i will no longer be a fan if that hap­pens i swear it

MarcW December 2nd, 2009

@ Mam­moth

Mar­cus and Anya have a thing going on in the games and books anyways…

Ryan December 8th, 2009

I think that vin deisel would be a really good mar­cus. either that or micky rourke

Felix January 20th, 2010

Mar­cus Fenix: Batista or Vin diesel hard to get.
Dom: Frank G (the same face as Dom the same)
Baird: Neal Mcdo­nough
Cole: Lester Speight (duh is the same guy)
Maria: Megan Fox (they look alike but great paper for her)
Hoffman:R.Lee Ermey
Anya: Jes­sica Biel
Carmine: Can be any­one he wears a mask
Kim (if his ganna be in the movie): Jason Scott Lee

Those guys are per­fect in the movie they look alike are u guys agreed with me or i make a mistake?

Anton January 25th, 2010

I’d love to see “no-name” actors doing all the parts, I’d hate see­ing Vin Diesel, Kate Beck­in­sale, Jes­sica Biel, Brad Pitt or any other “A”-list actor doing the movie. Give some new peo­ple a chance and save some money while you’re at it. Because Mickey Rourke wouldn’t be Mar­cus Fenix, he would be Mickey Rourke play­ing Mar­cus Fenix if you under­stand what I mean.

If I had to chose one at least semi-famous actor for the movie, it would def­i­nitely be Vin­nie Jones to play Mar­cus Fenix.

gear­zone January 31st, 2010

Mar­cus Fenix:Sylvester Stal­lone fits role per​fect​.no dumb wrestlers! Baird:seann William Scott Cole:got to Terry Tate! Carmine:Tobey Maguire Hoffman:R.Lee Ermey was born to play Hoff­man Tai:would be real hard. Anya:Kate Hud­son email me tell me what you guys think.

Jor­dan KO February 1st, 2010

Damn i’ve been wait­ing for this movie for 4ever. I like Len Wise­man & Wanted was a decent enough action film i’d trust chris with a script. Im not cast­ing speci­fis but peo­ple who could fit: Dominic Pur­cell, Ger­ard But­ler, Vin Diesel, Tim Olyphant, oded fehr, Dwayne John­son, Bruce Willis, Kate Beck­in­sale, Terry Tate, but i could live with michael jai white or terry crews. Liev Schriber? pretty much the peo­ple who should’ve been in the new Preda­tors movie

Ryan S February 4th, 2010

ok ok ok first off there are girl cogs gota read the books… sec­ond i say the movie should start off right when mar­cus and doms older brother enlist into the cog like in the books and con­t­nue from there intill what­ever cer­tain point where u can con­tinue a sec­ond movie. For the cast well thats a lit­tle tough
Mar­cus — Micke Rourke
Dom — a mex­i­can built like a brick shit house
Carmine — Shia Leabouf
Cole — The Rock or an nfl player
Baird — Ryan Renoylds but needs to beef up a lit­tle
Anya — some­one hott o course
Maria — Some­one hott of course
Doms older brother well could be any­body isnt much of a speci­cfic there

Liz March 15th, 2010

Rock as Cole? WHAT? Rock is not a black dude, he is some trop­i­cal island dude. Do you just not want a black dude to be a star. Too bad. ~laughing~

I like Anton’s idea, do NOT pick from the A list because the rea­son­ing is right too; you won’t see the char­ac­ter, you’ll see the actor play­ing the character.

But please, I’m beg­ging who­ever is cast­ing the actors, please make sure to get solid actors that can own the part, not just play the part.

ching chu­ing March 19th, 2010

shit try anto­nio ban­deras as dom

Angel Arms 2 March 29th, 2010

Sam Wor­thing­ton should play marcus

Rick March 30th, 2010

Really peo­ple? Wrestlers for actors? That would ruin the movie. How many wrestlers are hon­estly decent actors? And wrestling itself doesn’t count because it’s obvi­ously fake; there­fore, they’re hor­ri­ble actors(with maybe two exceptions).

Mike April 14th, 2010

No female COGS. That ruins every­thing about the story for me. When I think of Gears of War, I think of Mar­cus Fenix, Dominic San­ti­ago, Cole Train, Baird, the whole lot of them. I don’t think of women on the front lines fight­ing the ruth­less Locust Hoard. Women could not han­dle the exces­sive weight of COG armor on their bod­ies while still being able to func­tion as a sol­dier. Women could not han­dle the size and force of many of the weapons wielded by the COG forces. I guess I’m say­ing, if there will be women in the COG army, they’ll have to be body­builders or WWE divas.

Dave Col­lier April 18th, 2010

Randy Rou­toure or some heavy­weight UFC fight­ers might fit into the char­ac­ter roles…rampage as Cole train… Sweet

logan April 27th, 2010

none of the main peo­ple should die and i was told mar­cus was in jail because he killed every one in his first team but dom because the leader was curopted and was curopt­ing every one else i though it was because he helped save his dad or didnt lis­ten to orders

Blue is gay April 27th, 2010

Blue you are a twat — the new gears game (GoW 3) has a female COG in it!! Why would it be dumb??? It’s dumb to have Amer­i­cans as leads because they’d be the first to die cause of friendly fire — then run outta money because they fuck the economy.

Female COG isn’t new or a change — just shows that peo­ple who read this and make this site haven’t both­ered read­ing mate­r­ial on the gears world.

justin May 1st, 2010

wow for real. Most of you have played the game right? who­ever said Robert Downey Jr for baird was not on spot he was on crack. also Brad Pitt hon­estly? peo­ple shouldnt use drugs and then post things on sites like this. I even made this account just to say that most of you guys should maybe play a dif­fer­ent game because you cant even cast accu­rately. go break your gears games, either one or two, in half you don’t deserve them.

Thun­der Child19 May 3rd, 2010

the rock as Cole? hell no!
that Neal guy as Baird? pos­si­bly, hes kinda got the face.
females gears aint a bad idea, there just cant be too many of them, (this is ainty gonna hap­pen) but they tech­ni­cally shouldn’t be hot per say. all the “hot” woman or capa­ble to bear chil­dren are put into breed­ing.
mighty rusta should defi­nately play Cole.
some no name actors would be great, authen­tic, you could say.
in the first gears, i think Anya slightly resem­bled Kris­ten Bell.
wise­ment doesn’t know shit, Kate cant play Maria, mainly for the fact that she AINT hes­panic; hes just try­ing to get his wife work.
in the end though, it doesnt mat­ter what we say; when does Hol­ly­wood ever lis­ten to the peo­ple, espe­cially when it come to VG movies.
i agree with you justin, go play bionic com­mando or some­thing people.

thethun­der­child May 3rd, 2010

–the Rock as Cole? Hell no! Mighty Rusta all the way.
–that Neal guy as Baird? pos­si­bly, he does kinda resem­ble him.
–Female gears? they do exist, if they do appear in the movie they shouldn’t (they will be) “hot”, and they should be rare, all the ‘hot’ or capa­ble of child bear­ing woman are put into breed­ing.
–i like the idea of no-name actors in the movie.
–Kate beck­in­sale as Maria? Len wise­man is an idiot, he’s just try­ing to get his wife work.
–in the end it doesn’t mat­ter what we say or think; when has Hol­ly­wood ever lis­tened to the peo­ple, espe­cially when it comes to VG movies. all we can do it sit back, com­plain at all the news and rumors and hope for the best.
–by the way, i agree with justin; go play Bionic Com­mando or some­thing peo­ple.
–by the way: Shia Lebouf in a Gears movie? what are you folks smoking?

AlphaS­pades May 10th, 2010


First off, every­one of you guys makes good points and picks great actors for the roles. Here is my list of who should which char­ac­ter and a rea­son why:

Augus­tus “Cole Train” Cole — Lester Speight
Lester Speight is the voice of Cole in the games, and Cole
is based on Lester Speight.

Damon Baird — Robert Downey Jr.
I have a lit­tle reluc­tance to sug­gest the devel­op­ment team
to try and attempt to cast Robert Downey Jr. for the role of
Baird as there is a chance he won’t accept the role as he
has become quite famous because of the Iron Man movies, but
it is also because of his por­trayal of Tony Stark that I
would like him to por­tray Damon Baird. It is my opin­ion that
Baird and Tony Stark are the same kind of char­ac­ters, highly
intel­li­gent smart alecs (smart *sses), but do care about
the peo­ple around them.

Anya Stroud — Gemma Arter­ton
Some peo­ple may want to cast Scar­lett Johans­son, but I
believe that Gemma Arter­ton would be a bet­ter choice as
from what I’ve seen from her movies, Gemma Arter­ton is very
sim­i­lar to Anya Stroud in her movies.

hobo­cat May 11th, 2010

ok i like the whole idea with pregame you know using E-day and all but Maria wasn’t a badass in the game she played as Dom’s wife and then she dies in gears 2 from tor­ture she never had entered com­bat.
I’m not so much wor­ried about the cast­ing just that you guys might screw the whole gears uni­verse to hell.

Julian May 15th, 2010

I have only one cast sug­ges­tion that i can’t believe no one ha even both­ered bring­ing up — Thomas Jayne as Mar­cus, think about it, he looked and sounded bad­dass enough in The Punisher…

SPARTAN MENA June 3rd, 2010


SPARTAN MENA June 3rd, 2010


Dr Shock­en­burg June 3rd, 2010

ok now im a per­son likes a good movie and the movie should be amaz­ingly awesome…now find­ing peo­ple to play them is hard as every­one has seen thus far…so i pro­pose wise­man team up with the peo­ple who made Final Fan­tasy 7 Advent Childeren. Mak­ing the movie in CG would be much eas­ier and would look bet­ter to. Search­ing for that actor with the best per­son­al­ity and physique would be unnec­es­sary. So why not go for it. if your going to make this movie why not do it the best pos­si­ble way.

codered1222 June 17th, 2010

Marcus-Mickey Rourke
Dom-George Lopez just to shake things up haha(I don’t have an actual actor in mind)
Cole-Lester Speight
Baird-Brad Pitt for the look, Ryan Reynolds for the smart-assery
I love who­ever said Bren­dan Fraser for Carmine…poor Carmines
And I think it would be awe­some to have have female Gears in the movie, they played a big part in the Pen­du­lum Wars so why not have them in the movie?

Crim­son June 18th, 2010

im assum­ing that almost none of these peo­ple have read the gears books? oth­er­wise they would know that there are females cogs, bernie mataki for one…oh and anya strouds mum was a cog war hero. female cogs need to be in it, they add to the stroy, as long as they dont sex them up, as long as they pick some­one who can pull off marcus’s voice and atti­tude it will be good.

anony­mous June 18th, 2010

all you peo­ple seem to think that there isnt female cogs…and some of them seem to call them­selves gear heads…any gear head should have read the books to call them­selves this and in doing so they would know that there is plenty of female cogs, con­sid­er­ing that anya’s mum is a war hero from the aspho fields bat­tle in the pen­du­lum wars. you peo­ple need your facts straight before you say theres no female cog. and some seem to say that females wont hold the armour weight first off thats crap, females are just as strong as men or stronger in some cases, also you dont think that maybe just maybe the cog hadnt already thought this and designed a dif­fer­ent type of armour for females if need be. also lis­ten care­fully this isnt set on earth these aren’t humans, they live on a planet called sera, as far as we know the females could be stronger.

Brenda July 8th, 2010

Lester Speight has to be Cole … he has the looks, knows the char­ac­ter already, and he IS the voice already!

Josh Duma­hal would be awe­some as Baird.

Adam Rodriguez as Dom would work. He’d make a good whiny ass (Am I the only one who kept telling Dom to shut the hell up?).

Rose­lyn Sanchez as Maria.

Tai: Peter Navy Tuiasosopo

Mar­cus: Andrew Divoff

If Vin Diesel even steps on the set, I won’t watch the movie. He can’t act and does not even look like Marcus.

Anya: Nan McNamara

Eric Q 4rm SD Cali July 11th, 2010

Mar­cus– Chris­t­ian Bale. Bat­man voice very sim­il­iar to mar­cus fenix
Dom– Frankie G
Baird– Paul walker
Cole– Lester speight
Kim– Jason scott lee
Tai– Dwayne john­son did u see the movie awards looked just like him
Carmine– James franco
Hoff­man– Tom sizemore

bigjit 420 July 29th, 2010

You all are for­get­ting about the PERFECT Mar­cus, A wrestler would be a lit­tle over the top but how about a more real­is­tic per­son that we’ve all seen.….….…the true hero Vic­tor Samuel Mackey (The Shield) A.K.A. the actor Michael Chik­lis hed be Awesome.

CRISPY85 January 5th, 2011

You hear many dif­fer­ent com­ments on what would be right and what would be wrong, sorry book read­ers but gam­ing has launched this idea of the movie and the com­mon per­son knows gears as big meaty men!!

Female gears = Meat shields for the Locust and we know they dont want them!!!!!

Defo no wrestlers they couldnt act in a school play!!!!