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Gears of War being scaled back, delayed. Len Wiseman unlikely to direct. July 30th, 2010

The Gears of War movie adap­ta­tion has been pretty quiet of recent. In April this year rumors that pro­duc­tion on a Gears of War movie had slowed down kicked up again–this time from New Line stu­dio sources (as reported by LATimes). Reports sug­gested the sto­ry­line and bud­get were being dra­mat­i­cally scaled back and that Len Wise­man would be focussing on other projects, namely Noc­ture. The orig­i­nal bud­get was expected to be around $100m, it is now thought to be con­sid­er­ably less.

The script by Chris Mor­gan (“Wanted”) had a lot of buzz around it, and was tweaked late last year by Billy Ray, which included a lot of char­ac­ter work. Reports were good, a sprawl­ing and epic action movie. The change to the bud­get how­ever makes the film much less epic, and much more a sim­ple inva­sion story. With this in mind, New Line are search­ing for writ­ers to make these changes. Until this is ready, pro­duc­tion is stalled.

Wise­man has now been attached to the Total Recall remake, and will almost cer­tainly not be direct­ing the Gears movie. Add to this that Kate Beck­in­sale is his wife, and we’ve lost our only cast member.

What now for the Gears of War movie? A 2012 release? A low bud­get action film?

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Dylan August 10th, 2010

Thou­sands and thou­sands of gears fans includ­ing me, agree that a low buget crappy movie can never be a
gears of war the movie, you would be really piss­ing off alot of gears fans includ­ing me, so what most of the fans agree on is to give the movie to Warner bros, or some other com­pany that will make Gears Of War The Movie, at the full stan­dards it should have and deserves, and espe­cially have Karen Travis as a writer, thank you, dylan

josh September 15th, 2010

at least gears of war is get­ting a shot at being on the big screen halo movie is falling apart and wont be pro­duce luckly direc­tors and cliff like the idea of a sci fi action movie i as long as the graph­ics and action, and drama i will be happy show me the pen­du­lum wars then e-day then mar­cus going to jail and his father being cap­tured then gears2 when the locust horde rises and falling then to gears three and the destruc­tion of sera and the lam­bent ris­ing then mar­cus find­ing his father and all the char­ac­ter deaths and war and vio­lence in the gears series play the games then right the movie i think it will be awe­somw with a lit­tle money and good script

Scott December 21st, 2010

I agree with Dylan. Thou­sands and thou­sands of gears fans are indeed going to be pissed off at a low bud­get movie. The story plot is an exce­lent plot to put on the big screen. I also agree that the prog­ect be given to some other com­pany that will actu­ally take the time and make gears into a great movie.