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CliffyB Talks Gears of War Movie July 15th, 2007

Here’s our first solid video dis­cussing the live action adap­ta­tion of GoW and the ongo­ing pro­duc­tion of the film — from the man himself.

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the Babaloo bandit July 20th, 2007

Is carmine gunna be it teh movie

ben July 28th, 2007

i dont see why not. he is a main char­ac­ter. it makes for bet­ter real­ism if at least 1 main char­ac­ter dies. of course he’ll be in the movie:)

Lance Var­rall (GoW Player) August 7th, 2007

I think that the GoW movie will be a guar­enteed award win­ning movie and i am left on the edge of my seet wait­ing for it to be fin­ished and released , i am also hope­ing and prey­ing that they release a gears 2. GoW 1 woz one of the best graph­i­cal games i have ever played and has left the door open to com­struct GoW2.

Plz post your com­ments on this and your opin­ion about a GoW2 :)

XxKraigD320xX August 16th, 2007

I hope that they dont use real life actors in the movie. I think it should be like the game, but smoother and in alot bet­ter detail.

cal­lum boii August 21st, 2007

i heard carmine is sup­posed to die in the first 15 min­utes but what im lookin for­ward to is sum 1 get­tin chainsawed

Andy August 26th, 2007

awe­some stuff…

whose the hot interviewer ?

Chris Far­ley September 2nd, 2007

Hey, Gears (my life) is great. If the movie is bad the game will be bad. So, who are the actors going to be?

Vince September 9th, 2007

im look­ing for­ward to the movie and a poten­tial GoW2 if it gets made … but in GoW you dont fight that dinosaur you see when you leave the fenix estate in the cam­paing , but its in the video

did i miss some­thing or is that like a deleted part?

ben s October 26th, 2007

i actu­ally hope it isn’t like the video game cuz if i really wanted to see it in ani­ma­tion id play the game. plus it will be a whole lot cooler see­ing who they pick to play as the char­ac­ters. Vince the Bru­mak or the dina­suar is in the game for win­dows and that is prob­a­bly what the game will be based around since it has 5 new acts of the game in it.

woot January 5th, 2008

well kool new line cin­ema, just recently new line cin­ema went to blu-ray a bit of an irony that MS pro­duced GoW and thay back up HD-DVD, WHAT A TWIST!!! DO A BARREL ROLL CLIFFY!!