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Iron Man 2 at Randy’s Donuts May 6th, 2009

As per our report, Iron Man 2 filmed at Randy’s Donuts yes­ter­day, our only pic­ture so far comes from Jon Favreau him­self. We also know that both Scar­lett Johans­son and Samuel L. Jack­son were on set.

Another day at the office. http://​yfrog​.com/​0​m​q​zsj

More first day photos April 9th, 2009

A cou­ple of new images from the first day of film­ing in Pasadena show­ing Robert Downey Jr. and Don Chea­dle with inter­est­ing poses and/or facial expressions.

Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle as Rhodey on set April 7th, 2009

It didn’t take very long for the first on set pic­tures from Iron Man 2’s first day of shoot­ing to show up online! Spoil­erTV have posted a gallery of images show­ing Gwyneth Pal­trow, Robert Downey Jr. and new­comer Don Chea­dle as Rhodey on set.

Besides the usual nature of can­did on set imagery one inter­est­ing thing to note is the box that Tony Stark is car­ry­ing, a small black lunch box that bears the Iron Man emblem and the phrase ‘X-treme’. What does Tony Stark have in his sandwiches?


Tony Stark

The Box

Full Gallery

Garry Shandling in Iron Man 2, pictured on set April 7th, 2009

WENN recently con­firmed via Robert Downey Jr. that Garry Shan­dling would be appear­ing in Iron Man 2, and there were reports that he was on set at an ‘undis­closed loca­tion’ yes­ter­day. His role? The IESB com­mented on this:

Shan­dling is a reporter or Sen­a­tor or some sort that appears in a con­tin­u­a­tion of the final scene from the first IRON MAN film, you know that famous “I am Iron Man” scene. We start this film from there is what it looks like.

We have since had an image from Pacific Coast News show­ing Garry Shan­dling on set:

Iron Man 2 filming is underway, Favreau twitters April 6th, 2009

And direc­tor Jon Favreau has been twit­ter­ing again, to our delight, updat­ing through­out the first day with a num­ber of sta­tus reports:

Going over script with RDJ one last time before shooting.

On my way to set. Not much sleep, as one could imag­ine. First day at camp. Very excited.

Lunch! Boy it’s great to be back at work. Many famil­iar faces in cast and crew. I am so blessed to do what I love with won­der­ful people.

First day went great. I’ve never worked on a sequel before. It’s like we picked up where we left off.

He also posted a cou­ple of shots to stoke our excite­ment. The first shows “no cam­era on set”, which I guess Favreau is exempt from, being the direc­tor and all. I am enjoy­ing this new trend of tid­bit social movie report­ing from those behind the scenes.

Favreau’s tidbit tweets from Twitter March 27th, 2009

I’m quite enjoy­ing Favreau’s twit­ter­ing, it gives me that strange per­sonal win­dow into the Iron Man 2 pro­duc­tion cycle. Recent tweets of note to Iron Man followers,

Rehearsed today with Gwyneth. She looks ripped. I gotta read GOOP and see what the hell she’s eating.

Great rehearsal today with Gwyneth, RDJ [Robert Downey Jr.] and Don Cheadle.

Rehearsed today with Mr. Rock­well. http://​twit​pic​.com/​2​h​f93

Sam Rock­well is play­ing the multi-billionaire vil­lain Justin Ham­mer:

First Iron Man 2 set photo, Tony Stark’s house March 10th, 2009

Jon Favreau has released the first image from the Iron Man 2 set, show­ing him­self and cin­e­matog­ra­pher Matthew Liba­tique stand­ing amongst the build­ing work that is Tony Stark’s house. Despite the early stages of the set con­struc­tion, the style of Stark’s house can already be spot­ted in the cir­cu­lar ceil­ing pan­els and styl­ish steps.

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