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Iron Man 2 comic-con footage leaks August 10th, 2009

The full 5 minute Iron Man 2 Comic-con footage has leaked online. In it we see the full court room scene, our first look at War Machine, Whiplash’s electro-whips, Scar­lett Johans­son as The Black Widow and much more. It matches per­fectly the descrip­tions we’ve read about from SDCC.

This is our first look at Iron Man 2 footage,

Iron Man 2 footage description from Comic Con, War Machine seen July 28th, 2009

Jon Favreau pre­miered the first Iron Man 2 footage at this years Comic Con. Many descrip­tions have appeared online, I’ve included two in-depth descrip­tions in the full post and sum­ma­rized below.

- The footage opens in the giant donut and a con­ver­sa­tion between Tony Stark and Nick Fury — Stark doesn’t want to join the team.
– It then cuts to a court­room scene that sees the gov­ern­ment attempt­ing to strip Stark of his Iron Man suit
– Rhodey enters to tes­tify against Stark.
– Whiplash is out to get Tony as revenge for the Stark fam­i­lies’ atroc­i­ties, explained by a voiceover whilst Rourke con­structs a suit of his own.
– There’s a quick shot of Black Widow in action and then Whiplash flick­ing his two great electro-whips.
– Justin Ham­mer (Sam Rock­well) is now seen, talk­ing about Iron Man suit mod­i­fi­ca­tions “fire­power” — retro­fitting guns and armor. Rhodey says he’ll take it.
– Then there’s a quick shot of the com­plete War Machine suit.

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Iron Man 2 casting call March 1st, 2009

Spoiler TV have posted details of a new Iron Man 2 cast­ing call, out­lin­ing the need for Mon­go­lian Gang­sters, Russ­ian Guards and Hot Brunettes. The “Male” role is intrigu­ing, very lit­tle detail is pro­vided, /Film spec­u­late the very slight pos­si­bil­ity that this could be the recently vacated Rourke role — rumored to be Whiplash, as well as the “Hot Brunette” being Black Widow — although the chance of this is very slim.

In terms of the plot it looks like Rus­sia, France and Mon­go­lia may all have their place in the sequel.

Iron Man 2 — New Cast­ing Call

[HOT BRUNETTE] Beau­ti­ful, sexy and author­i­ta­tive. Please sub­mit Cau­casian actresses ages 25 — 28.

[MONGOLIAN GANGSTER] Var­i­ous ages.

[FRENCH WAITER] Male, 30’s. Must have authen­tic Monaco accent.

[RUSSIAN GUARDS] Var­i­ous ages. Must speak flu­ent Russian.

[MALE] late 40’s — mid 50’s. Hand­some, intel­li­gent and dynamic. Please sub­mit Cau­casian actors.

[TECHNICIANS] Smart, capa­ble, 20’s. Please sub­mit all ethnicities.