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Iron Man 2 footage description from Comic Con, War Machine seen July 28th, 2009

Jon Favreau pre­miered the first Iron Man 2 footage at this years Comic Con. Many descrip­tions have appeared online, I’ve included two in-depth descrip­tions in the full post and sum­ma­rized below.

- The footage opens in the giant donut and a con­ver­sa­tion between Tony Stark and Nick Fury — Stark doesn’t want to join the team.
– It then cuts to a court­room scene that sees the gov­ern­ment attempt­ing to strip Stark of his Iron Man suit
– Rhodey enters to tes­tify against Stark.
– Whiplash is out to get Tony as revenge for the Stark fam­i­lies’ atroc­i­ties, explained by a voiceover whilst Rourke con­structs a suit of his own.
– There’s a quick shot of Black Widow in action and then Whiplash flick­ing his two great electro-whips.
– Justin Ham­mer (Sam Rock­well) is now seen, talk­ing about Iron Man suit mod­i­fi­ca­tions “fire­power” — retro­fitting guns and armor. Rhodey says he’ll take it.
– Then there’s a quick shot of the com­plete War Machine suit.

Descrip­tion via SHH

As men­tioned before, the footage opened with Iron Man sit­ting in a giant donut enjoy­ing one of those fine pas­tries when Sam Jack­son shows up as Nick Fury and shouts to him, “Stark, I’m going to have to ask you to exit the donut!” Then they’re in the cof­fee shop and Stark is telling Fury he doesn’t want to join his “super secret boy band,” and Fury says that he remem­bers that Stark likes doing every­thing him­self. Stark jokes that he’s not sure whether he should be look­ing at Fury’s patch or his eye and sug­gest that maybe Fury is a fig­ment of his imag­i­na­tion, but Fury assures him that he is “very real, I’m the realest per­son you’re ever going to meet.” “Just my luck,” responds Stark.

The court­room scene is fairly reveal­ing about one of the main plot­points, which involves the gov­ern­ment want­ing to get the Iron Man armor away from Stark, because they con­sider it a “spe­cial­ized weapon” that they should own. The scene starts with Shandling’s Sen­a­tor Stern bang­ing his gavel on the table to call the hear­ings to order, sug­gest­ing they con­tinue where they left off and when he tries to get Stark’s atten­tion, Stark quips, “Yes, dear?” Stern wants to know whether Stark con­sid­ers the armor a “spe­cial­ized weapon” but Stark says that he sees it more as a “hi-tech pros­thetic.” But Stern insists that it is a weapon, and they go back and forth for a lit­tle while with the type of quick dia­logue that was all over the first movie. Stark ends the dis­cus­sion by say­ing, “I am Iron Man, the suit and I are one” and he sug­gests that turn­ing over the suit would be “tan­ta­mount to inden­tured servi­tude or pros­ti­tu­tion.” When Stern begins to respond that he’s no expert, Stark says, “In pros­ti­tu­tion? Of course not, you’re a sen­a­tor.” Stern then calls Lt. Col. James Rhodes to the stand and Chea­dle walks in, met halfway down the aisle by Stark who says he’s sur­prised to see his friend Rhodey being called to tes­tify against him. Rhodey responds, “It’s me, I’m here, deal with it and let’s move on.” (That first bit sounds like a response to the fact that Chea­dle was replac­ing Ter­rence Howard in the role.) Stern asks if Stark is try­ing to make a point to which Downey gives one of those great speeches from the first movie, claim­ing to be a “nuclear det­ter­ent” who is keep­ing Amer­ica safe, say­ing that he has suc­cess­fully “pri­va­tized world peace.” “What more do you want?” he asks to cheers from the court­room (and the audi­ence). He gets the sen­a­tor so riled up that he yells, “F*ck you, Mr. Stark” but it’s bleeped by the CNN cameras.

Watch­ing the scene with Mickey Rourke as Whiplash was much eas­ier to hear and under­stand a sec­ond time as the audi­ence remained a lot qui­eter, and essen­tially the voiceover reveals that Whiplash is get­ting revenge on some of the things that the Stark fam­ily has done in the past. The voiceover explains this as Rourke’s char­ac­ter sits at the work­bench sol­der­ing his own bit of tech­nol­ogy that will turn him into Whiplash. The voiceover starts some­thing like, “You come from world of thieves and butch­ers” and it talks about how Tony is for­get­ting how many lives the Stark fam­ily has destroyed with their actions. It states that there will be blood in the water and the sharks will come, which is clearly refer­ring to him­self and the Black Widow, who we see briefly in action, and then Rourke lets out a great laugh. As men­tioned ear­lier, the quickly cut footage leads to the first look at Whiplash in his full cos­tume (sim­i­lar to the pic­ture that was released a few weeks ago) and he’s whip­ping these insane energy whips on the ground send­ing up sparks. That leads into a shot of Iron Man fly­ing through the air and the new “Iron Man 2″ logo to the open­ing chords of the Sab­bath song.

The last bit clearly ties into the court­room scene ear­lier where Rhodey is remain­ing faith­ful to his gov­ern­ment like a good sol­dier and they have called upon weapons expert Justin Ham­mer, played by Sam Rock­well, to mod­ify the first wave Iron Man armor into some­thing more suit­able of either tak­ing on or replac­ing Stark’s Iron Man. Ham­mer walks up to the orig­i­nal Iron Man lying on a table ask­ing what they did to it, which Rhodes says is clas­si­fied then asks what Ham­mer is going to do for them. “I’m talk­ing about fire­power,” he clar­i­fies. Ham­mer says they’re talk­ing to the right guy and he starts pulling out all sorts of guns and weapons to retro­fit on the armor, but doesn’t seem to be get­ting much reac­tion from Rhodes or the gen­eral, even with some­thing he calls “Uncle Gaz­pa­cho or Puff the Magic Dragon.” Chea­dle says “I think I’ll take it…” and when Ham­mer asks which one, Rhodey responds, “All of it.” And then we see our first look at the retro­fit­ted Iron Man armor as WAR MACHINE, which looks BAD-ASS!!

Descrip­tion via /Film

Tony Stark is eat­ing a donut while lay­ing in the hole of the huge donut on the roof of Randy’s Donuts. Samuel L Jack­son as Nick Fury yells up “Sir, I’m gonna have to ask you to exit the donut!”

Cut to: Stark and Fury inside the restau­rant eat­ing and chat­ting. Stark asks if Fury was going to ask him to join his group again, to which Nick responds “I remem­ber, you do every­thing your­self. How is that work­ing out for you?” Stark asks Fury if he is supossed to look at his work­ing eye or the eye patch.

Cut to: A gov­ern­ment court hear­ing, where Tony is talk­ing with Pep­per Potts a few rows behind him. Sen­a­tor Stern Asks Tony if he pos­s­eses a weapon, the iron man weapon. Stark says that its not a weapon, and that tech­ni­cally it’s a high tech prosthesis.

“Its a weapon Mr Stark!

“If your pri­or­ity was to protect…”

“Well you can for­get it!”

“I am Iron Man, the suit and I am one. You cant have it!”

The Sen­a­tor calls Rhodey to the stand. Rhodey walks by Stark and tells him he’ll deal with it.

The Sen­a­tor asks Stark what his point is and Stark responds that his point is “You’re wel­come, I’m your nuclear deter­rent,” … “I’ve kept the world safe, what more do you want? I tried to play ball with these ass clowns!” The Sen­a­tor then says “F— You Mr. Stark!”

A mon­tage begins with shots of news­pa­pers and mag­a­zines with Stark on the cover. Voice over in a Russ­ian accent “You come from a fam­ily of thieves and butch­ers…” Shots of Rourke putting together his whiplash suit. A bunch of ran­dom shots, includ­ing a bunch of girls danc­ing in front of a dis­play with the Amer­i­can flag, and Scar­lett Johans­son as Black Widow, kick­ing ass. Rourke arrives at the race car track in his Whiplash suit. He acti­vates it and the wires light up with elec­tric­ity as he whips them around. Stark is bloody, in his rac­ing suit, down on the con­crete. We see a close-up of Rourke laughing.

Cut to: Iron Man fly­ing through the night air, dodg­ing mis­siles which explode behind him, as he blasts towards Earth.

The Iron Man 2 logo appears on the screen, along with the music.

Then we get an extra sequence. Rhodey in a air plane hanger. Justin Ham­mer walks over and asks what this is about and Rhodey says it’s clas­si­fied. Ham­mer looks down at a suit, which appears to be Stark’s old Mark II armor. “Is that what I think it is?” “What can you do for us?” Ham­mer shows Rhodey a bunch of dif­fer­ent weaponry. Rhodey tells Ham­mer “I think i’ll take it.” “Which one?” “All of it.” Cut to: A shot of War Machine blast­ing off his guns.

Don Chea­dle interview

MTV cor­nered Don Chea­dle at SDCC, allow­ing him to com­ment on War Machine:

“War Machine makes a very impact­ful appear­ance in the movie. It’s significant.”