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Kojima for Viggo Mortensen? April 27th, 2007

Here’s a lit­tle tid­bit of news we missed, back in an inter­view in 2006 Hideo Kojima announced that he thought Lord of the Rings star, Viggo Mortensen, would be the per­fect role as Snake.

Hideo Kojima : ‘It’s going to be a Hol­ly­wood film. It won’t be that Ger­man direc­tor [Uwe Boll]. Viggo Mortensen would make a per­fect Snake, but maybe he’s a lit­tle too old. Metal Gear Solid, which was set in Alaska, would make a per­fect set­ting for the movie.

Source: Jeux France

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Anwyn June 3rd, 2007

As a fan of all things Metal Gear I think Snakes voice is really impor­tant to the char­ac­ter, It’s just some­thing I’m used to and It would be so cool if David Hayter were to play Solid Snake in the movie and who knows Snakes atti­tude bet­ter than Hayter (other than Kojima of course). I know Kojima has his eyes set on Mortensen now, but I still felt like writ­ing this. Plus I’m not the biggest fan of Viggo Mortensen.

Hideo Kojima for­ever! :D

psy­cho­naut July 22nd, 2007

Oh my god…I think Viggo is NOT Snake…Christian Bale will be perfect…Just look at him in Bat­man Begins, when he is in a prison…

MCR fan August 13th, 2007

no no no!!!!!!!! — I think Sean Bean should be solid snake and liq­uid snake. Blond long hair for liq­uid and his brown hair for solid, he’d be per­fect if you can get over the fact he’s british.

And he’s around snake’s age too, which I’m guess­ing between 38 — 46.

Also no pansy pretty boy should even be con­sid­ered for Snake, this role requires a real man, with man attuidude, a bit of rough — that goes to Sean Bean who is also really hot!!!!

Sean Bean for Snake!!!!!!!!!!

also Jes­sica Biel for Meryl

Melissa George for Sniper Wolf

and R.Lee Ermy for Roy Campbell

Pollo August 15th, 2007

I Think that josh hol­loway is the per­fect snake, also his voice is sim­i­lar to david hayter so, what o you think about it?

Blood Hawk August 22nd, 2007

I think Hugh Jack­man thats right Wolver-freakin-rine would be perfect!!!

Viktor13036 August 27th, 2007

You know, I think that It wouldn’t be that bad of a move. Granted for me, Hayter would always be Snake, but Movies are a dif­fer­ent media. Who knows, per­haps Mortensen would be a pretty good vari­a­tion of Snake but not as good as the orginal.

Bren August 28th, 2007

I’ve always, since LOTR was made into film, that David Wen­ham (Faramir) wouldn’t be a bad Snake either.

Bren August 28th, 2007

my apolo­gies, should say “thought that David Wen­ham.…” it’s 5 am and I’m tired:D

gray­fox August 29th, 2007

I’ve thought Viggo and Bale would be good. Viggo can def­i­nitely get the expe­ri­enced part across, and Bale can bring the char­ac­ter out well. But I think that for Liq­uid Snake Sean Bean is per­fect. Also Adrian Brody for Ota­con and Rachael Leigh Cook as Meryl.

Blood Hawk September 1st, 2007

Well i believe Hugh Jack­man will be a great choice!!! You would agree if you saw Xmen2 and 3!!! But they should dub Hayter’s voice in it. Since when you film a movie your actors have to rea­peat there lines in a mic for clear­ness and other junk!!! Chris­t­ian Bale is also a good choice but Hugh just looks more like Snake in my opinion.

Mak­tits October 10th, 2007

Here’s a ded­i­cated fan’s opin­ion to any­one who might care.

I’m a huge fan of the game series. Not just for the game itself, but the epic story of Big Boss & his clone babies. I would be happy if they just made ‘Snake Eater’ into a movie, with Cate Blanchett as The Boss! She could be made into the tough­est bitch ever to grace the sil­ver screen. Pure epicness!

Hol­ly­wood doesn’t have the great­est track record for con­vert­ing videogames into movies. Just look how they slaugh­tered Res­i­dent Evil or Silent Hill! (Yay, lets all take the parts of games that peo­ple know & love, and change them to some­thing com­pletely different!!!).

Already I’m wor­ried with the hints of actors theyre choos­ing. I’m still not con­vinced Mr Bale could be Solid Snake, let alone Viggo. He’s way too gay. Typ­i­cal Hol­ly­wood and its trashy pop culture-MTV-watching teeny fol­low­ers, they go straight for the near­est pretty-boy who just hap­pens to live clos­est to the film stu­dio. Ash­ton Kutcher as Snake? Sure, and why not have Lind­say Lohan as Meryl Sil­ver­burgh (she would be great at crash­ing a jeep). Paris Hilton as Sniper Wolf? Heck, why not shave Britney’s hair off again, and have her as Olga!? 50-cent could make an appear­ance as Vul­can Raven & also write the theme music! Actu­ally no, I have a bet­ter idea. Lets just grab the entire cast of The Fast & The Furi­ous (includ­ing the cars), and assign them each a role in the Metal Gear movie. It’ll sell like hot-cakes!

What’s with the lack of David Hayter too? He would know Snake like the back of his hand. At the very least, he could help with the voice coach­ing of the actor who does land the role of Snake. Fail­ing that, give him a cameo appear­ance in the film, or have him as a nar­ra­tor per­haps? He’s lent so much to Snake in the Eng­lish speak­ing world, he deserves a role in this pro­duc­tion one way or another!

Snake is a rugged, yet hand­some bloke. Tough, and most of all, inde­pen­dant. He has a frag­ile heart, but still a cold, hard killer. Only real moun­tain climb­ing, whiskey swill­ing, non-pansy men can single-handedly save the world! I never thought of Hugh Jack­man. Bulked up & with the right hair­cut, I’d like to think he could be a great Solid Snake. I won­der if any­one has thought about GERARD BUTLER for the role of Snake?


With the beard he’s Big Boss, or older Solid Snake. With­out the beard, he’s a younger Snake. Get him back into the phys­i­cal train­ing he did for the role of King Leonidas. Mr Hayter can coach his voice with heaps of whiskey and cig­a­rettes. Dump him alone in Alaska for 6 years… There’s your Snake right there! Now just imag­ine him get­ting his arse kicked by Cate Blanchett in a Soviet jun­gle. Ger­ard can do it all. From 1960s green beret, to a 21st cen­tury cloned super soldier!

Lonewolf October 26th, 2007

I can see why hideo wants viggo for snake. Just watch any of the movies hes in like a his­tory of vio­lence and the lotr tril­ogy. He could realy bring snakes atti­tude 2 the big screen but chris­t­ian bale in my mind is the only actor that can come close to doing the voice except mr hayter him­self. Which brings me 2 the wierdest point ìve heard. Why the hell isnt david hayter involved. Hes the voice of snake that we all know and thats part of snakes char­ac­ter which is a huge part of snakes appeal. A diférent voice is going to upset a lot of peo­ple, mainly because to them the voice is a big part of the charc­ter. But this does say that there not going to go down the ani­mated route. In the end who­ever they pick is going to have there hands full keep­ing us fans happy because snake is such a big char­ac­ter for us that goes dou­ble if they do met­al­gear in alaska because of liq­uid snake or if they include big boss.

Mr.Anonymous November 1st, 2007

I agree 100% with Mak­tits. Ger­ard But­ler can be a kick­ass Solid Snake, and the story would be even sweeter if it were to take place in the Jun­gle just as MGS3 did. I can also def­i­nitely see Cate Blanchett as The Boss! And also bald Clint East­wood as The End, a thin Michael Dou­glas as The Fear, Bren­dan Glee­son as the Pain, bald­ing Max von Sydow as the Sor­row, Tim Blake Nel­son as the Fury, Heather Gra­ham as Eva, a meaty and older look­ing Paul Bet­tany as Vulgin, Macaulay Culkin as Ocelot, Robert De Niro as Granin, and some very skinny guy to play Sokolov. But that’s only my opin­ion if the movie was taken place in the Jun­gles of Snake Eater. That would be the best expla­na­tion for the movie.

Dark~Vegeta November 7th, 2007

I have to say that they should offer david hayter any­thing he wants to play in this movie, or it wouldnt be snake.

Dew November 15th, 2007

I like how Kojima says “it won’t be ‘that’ Ger­man direc­tor”. It gives me such a sigh of relief. :D

As for Viggo as Snake. I don’t know. Per­son­ally I want Hugh Jack­man as Snake, and Sean Bean as Liquid.

Lance November 30th, 2007

Here should be the cast:
Meryl:Milla Jovovich from Res­i­dent Evil
Snake:Leonardo Decaprio(Think back to Blood Dia­mond)
Liquid:Sean Bean
Ocelot:Christopher Lee from LOTR
Naomi Hunter:Liv Tyler
Roy Cambell:R.Lee Ermy
Sniper Wolf:Kate Beckinsale

The rest I can’t quite think of, but I think that would be the ideal cast for the Metal Gear movie.

George December 9th, 2007

i think mak­ing the metal gear movie will be good and i think theres only 1 voice that can plat snake david hayter but theres bet­ter actors that look like snake so you should still involve david hayter in the film seen as he did do the story line and voice to metal gear and it was a bril­liant game!!!!!!

jeff December 11th, 2007

Nice toughts mak­tits. Although there’s one thing i dont agree with, your opin­ion of mortensen. To me, when u say: “Snake is a rugged, yet hand­some bloke. Tough, and most of all, inde­pen­dant. He has a frag­ile heart, but still a cold, hard killer” that sounds like Viggo to me, espe­cially if you con­sider his com­po­si­tion for the char­ac­ters of his­tory of vio­lence and east­ern promises. Although, i think But­ler would be an inter­est­ing choice. Aside from that, David Hayter IS NOT Snake, although his input and knowl­edge of the char­ac­ter and mythol­ogy ( and much more) is essen­tial to any MGS movie project…
Even if i’m scared of hol­ly­wood destroy­ing a great story , i do trust that Kojima will do all he can to con­tain them from mak­ing mistakes…

Alex January 3rd, 2008

I nom­i­nate Kurt Rus­sel for Snake. Kojima admit­ted in a inter­view that snake was based of Kurt’s snake pliskin in the movies escape from new york and LA. There is even a nod to this in MGS2 when snake hides his iden­tity and say to call him pliskin!

–orion-pax– February 3rd, 2008

well, i have noth­ing against Viggo, the voice itself is very very impor­tant! it makes one char­ac­ter its pro­file! if Mr. Hayter were to be the SOLID SNAKE in the movie.. damn it would be a great one! now they’re talk­ing about Viggo.. as i’ve said i have noth­ing against him.. and if i were to choose, i’d rather go with Kurt Rus­sell! i guess he’s the one that’s the orig­i­nal in this kind of thing.. remem­ber;;; Escape from New York and Escape from LA???? coin­ci­den­tally, his char­ac­ter was just like that of SOLID SNAKE! and his name was SNAKE PLISKEN(?)… but i guess he’s too old for this kind of movie.. who knows?!?! (^-^)

caitlin April 9th, 2008

I hon­estly think Viggo would make a great Snake. He puts hard work into becom­ing his char­ac­ters. I really think he could pull it off. But I’m also so dis­ap­pointed that David Hayter has noth­ing to do with the movie. The voice is what makes snake…… why don’t they just make Metal Gear Solid like the Final Fan­tasy movies? It would save them the trou­ble of find­ing the right actors and they would all have the same voices. Every­one is happy. lol.

mr. x April 18th, 2008

chuck nor­ris all the way

Rômulo May 31st, 2008

Keyfer Suther­land is the per­fect snake, the voice fits, espe­cially in the angry scenes that he makes.

Jack Bauer for Solid Snake, NOW!

Sno­ogy July 26th, 2008

David Hayter would be per­fect if he con­verted all his weight to mus­cle, then piled on some more mus­cle. Really, he’s just not bulky enough. If he were will­ing to do that then god­damn that would be awesome.

Chris­t­ian Bale I could see, but I just like the guy in gen­eral. Bet­ter him than many oth­ers. Shit, I could see Bale as RAIDEN even.

Josh Hol­loway also could work, I sup­pose. He’s got a good voice, and a good jaw, some­thing required for Snake.

Ger­ard But­ler… no. Really, he just doesn’t look the part at all. Not a bad actor by any stretch of the term, but he looks com­pletely dif­fer­ent from Snake. His voice is per­fect, pro­vided he does his 300 style growl­ing and scream­ing, but he’s just wrong facially. To be fair, so is Chris­t­ian Bale.

Viggo is way too old. Like Kurt Rus­sel, were he twenty years younger, he’d be perfect.

Sean Bean as Liq­uid? Why is every­body jump­ing on that? You real­ize he has to look nearly exactly the same as Snake, or at least near the same age? Really, peo­ple who say Sean Bean must not have played the games or some­thing, he doesn’t even look the role, or have even close to the right voice. If he were twenty years younger, and did some­thing bizarre to his voice, he’d be good for both Liq­uid and Solid Snakes. But he’s not, so thus, he’s wrong in every sin­gle aspect other than talent.

Peo­ple need to remem­ber that tal­ented act­ing doesn’t make one suit­able for a role.

Mark August 4th, 2008

I think Viggo Mortensen would make an excel­lent snake!

sweaty August 13th, 2008

what about christo­pher walken as old snake? lol
after­all, hideo kojima revealed that he based solid snake’s face on christo­pher walken’s…
other than bale, i saw some­one sug­gest ger­ard but­ler and i thought he would make a per­fect snake (facially)

Matt W December 18th, 2008

Viggo what­ever his name is would be a SHIT snake as would any­one else. Chris­t­ian Bale? SHIT. I lit­er­ally spat out my beer all over the screen and said WHAT THE FUCK is he doing? when I heard him do that stu­pid forced Bat­man voice (which actu­ally made my throat hurt lis­ten­ing to it.) I dont care if it takes TEN YEARS, get David Hayter and force him at gun­point to build mus­cle and make his motion act­ing as good as his voice act­ing and he should play snake, no other voice is good enough, but actu­ally Christo­pher Walken would make a good old snake (which is the only good sug­ges­tion iv’e read, but the voice isn’t there. as for the other char­ac­ters im sure they’ll all be dis­s­a­point­ing, hope­fully not as dis­s­a­point­ing as the sug­ges­tions made on here. In fact the only way it’s not going to be dis­s­a­point­ing is if the whole film’s in CGI and the get the ori­gional cast in to do the voices. Im sure hol­ly­wood will fuck­ing slaugh­ter this mas­ter­piece any­way, just like every­thing else. It’s just going to be another churned out piece of shit with a nice sell­able label slapped on top writ­ten by some prick who hasn’t even played the games.

Liq­uid March 26th, 2009

Hugh Jack­man would be a good snake, but Ger­ard But­ler would be per­fect! He can come pretty close to david hayters voice + he looks very much like Solid Snake!

EVA142.52 July 3rd, 2009

No way Bale would be good as Solid way man. Hon­estly i don’t think any­one could fill David Hayter’s boots on that..that voice is awe­some! if i HAD to pick some­body right now it would be Sean Bean as Solid..he’s an actor he can fake an amer­i­can accent..for that mat­ter Bale is a brit too, but no Bale or Jack­man PLEASE!…what is it with Hol­ly­wood any­way? they get a cou­ple male actors in good roles then they have to dom­i­nate and play everything..urg! and Bean could dou­ble as Liq­uid, their clones of Big Boss any­way so why not? maybe they could voice over Bean’s voice with Hayter’s.

The­Joy January 9th, 2010

jack­man as snake!? holy shit he doesn’t look like him his eyes are as small as a rat poop david hayter would be awsome is a shit that he wouldn’t be involved in the film if you’re ask­ing for some­one else I agree, viggo would be awsome:


and whats up with some peo­ple? this is not mars attacks​.It would cost too much to put in this movie all those very known actors you are suggesting

Tex­TheRip­per August 10th, 2010

Okay I was just won­der­ing around the web look­ing for NEWS about the movie and I hap­pen across this thread… Come on Milla as Meryl? 2 things are miss­ing, MUSCLE AND BOOBS! Jes­sica Beil is the only option here she matches per­fectly no argu­ment. But­ler is awe­some but not snake his crooked mouth would annoy me. Hayter is a voice actor for a rea­son he can’t act on cam­era for shit nobody saw “The Guyver”? Facts are facts Jack­man would work just fine and wouldn’t really need voice over. Chris­t­ian Bale would work just fine as well. Next how the he’ll does any­one know what snake really looked in mgs? It was pix­e­lated to hell. Viggo must obvi­ously be a good option if Hideo likes the idea. I have faith in hideo he has given us an amaz­ing game that stands above any­thing else so give him some faith and don’t use peo­ple who look absolutely noth­ing like their char­ac­ters if you are going to bitch about snake.