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Release pushed back to May 28th 2010 August 1st, 2008

Dis­ney has today announced that the Prince of Per­sia movie adap­ta­tion will no longer be hit­ting its June 19th 2009 release date — instead being pushed back a whole year to May 28th 2010. Rather than con­tend with the likes of Trans­form­ers 2, the PoP movie will now be up against Shrek Goes Fourth and Marvel’s new title, “Thor”.

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lebnash1 August 2nd, 2008


alexey August 18th, 2008

How could they!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate Walt dis­ney
I hate JB!
Just imag­ine when they are gonna shoot T2T!!
Damn you Dis­ney!

Venus Fuentes November 12th, 2008


Geor­giana April 25th, 2009

I can imag­ine the Two Thrones and War­rior Within being released in the very, very far future. This is heartbreaking.

Abdul­samed April 24th, 2010

I know every bot is excited about the movie & can’t wait for it to watch it but sooner or later we are all are gonna watch it once & twice.The world wasn’t cre­ated on hurry.