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New Prince of Persia Dastan images surface September 18th, 2009

Mohammed Fathy has been in con­tact with some new images from the big screen Prince of Per­sia adap­ta­tion. You may recog­nise a cou­ple of these angles if you’ve watched the TV footage already.

New Prince of Persia movie posters and pics July 22nd, 2009

We had a sneak pre­view of a Prince of Per­sia movie poster via a shop win­dow reflec­tion in Con­fes­sions of a Shopa­holic, said poster does not resem­ble the oddly futur­is­tic ones recently released. The intense black and white posters are gar­nished with strong typog­ra­phy that I don’t rate highly — it feels some­how that they have missed the point? “Deny the future”. Although some are argu­ing that this stops the movie look­ing like a video game to movie adap­ta­tion — it is sleek and slick and could help the film find its audience.

Prince of Per­sia movie posters

Click for high res­o­lu­tion version:

Gemma Arter­ton minus text

Ben Kings­ley

Expect a Ben Kings­ley poster shortly, not our first view­ing, but this one is par­tic­u­larly men­ac­ing! Scoop via Com­ing Soon.

More of Jake as Prince

The EW also have a new shot of one star­tled look­ing Jake Gyllenhaal,

Thanks Suzy, Jerry, Javier and Ivan!

New Prince of Persia movie footage May 10th, 2009

Our first exten­sive look at the Prince of Per­sia movie has come via ABC, in a fea­ture that inter­views PoP pro­ducer Jerry Bruck­heimer. The footage, which bears the text ‘this film is not yet rated’, could be the snip­pets of an unfin­ished trailer; it appears to be edited in a fash­ion that matches a trailer. We get to see Jake Gyl­len­haal train­ing to become the Prince, Ben Kings­ley, numer­ous shots of Jake bat­tling top­less, the expan­sive Moroc­can set and Gemma Arter­ton as Tamina.

“Great adven­ture and won­der­ful action“

Ben Kings­ley

Jake Gyl­len­haal as Dastan

Gemma Arter­ton as Tamina

Mor­ro­can Set

More pictures of Jake as the Prince of Persia March 8th, 2009

The Huff­in­g­ton Post has nabbed some images of Jake Gyl­len­haal, top­less again, as Das­tan, the Prince of Per­sia. This is yet another look for the Prince, although Jake is once again look­ing buff, with a scar on left arm and abdomen. Which of the Das­tan video game por­tray­als do these images fit into? The descrip­tion that comes along­side the images, and reads as an offi­cial blurb, states:

“an adven­tur­ous prince who teams up with a rival princess [Tam­ina, played by Gemma Arter­ton] to stop an angry ruler from unleash­ing a sand­storm that could destroy the world.”

If you look closely, you can also see peo­ple behind Jake, pos­si­bly work­ing on the set, sug­gest­ing these shots are not lifted directly from the movie. These images link to two very large res­o­lu­tion ver­sions which come via Jake Gyl­len­haal .nl

Jake interview and first video footage November 19th, 2008

ET Online have posted a video inter­view with Jake Gyl­len­haal, show­ing quick snip­pets of action, Jake hav­ing some fun and Jerry Bruck­heimer. It’s pretty laid back, and, as media movie scoops tend to go, this one is pretty good.

Note the quick pan­ning shots of Morocco, the two sworded action scenes.

Pic­tures from the video

Thanks Mal!

Ben Kingsley in full costume October 15th, 2008

Defamer have revealed the first image of Ben Kings­ley in full cos­tume as Nizam!

Thanks Lucinda and hobo123!

Prince of Persia Extras in Outfits October 15th, 2008

The French site Cloneweb has posted shots of extras form the Prince of Per­sia movie adap­ta­tion in full cos­tume, some­where near Mar­rakech in Morroco.

Thanks Kyle!

First pictures of the Moroccan Movie Set August 31st, 2008

Our first glimpses at the con­struc­tion of the Prince of Per­sia movie set have come to us via Kor­ben & Rocho. These pic­tures were taken at Ait Ben Had­dou in Morocco; it looks like they are cre­at­ing a full town with streets et al. It is also inter­est­ing to com­pare them to the con­cept art that was released in April 2007.

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