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Jake interview and first video footage November 19th, 2008

ET Online have posted a video inter­view with Jake Gyl­len­haal, show­ing quick snip­pets of action, Jake hav­ing some fun and Jerry Bruck­heimer. It’s pretty laid back, and, as media movie scoops tend to go, this one is pretty good.

Note the quick pan­ning shots of Morocco, the two sworded action scenes.

Pic­tures from the video

Thanks Mal!

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mar­shall November 20th, 2008

yes finally some video footage!

and that was a nice white robe jake was wear­ing, 1989 prince anyone?

Uchiha Itachi November 25th, 2008

Why did they made him even look like Prince from War­rior Within and Two Thrones…??

K-Mart December 3rd, 2008

@ Uchiha Itachi: Because they were going for a look that every­one knows and remem­ber most peo­ple for­got what he looked like in SoT

san­dro December 8th, 2008

so what about that war­rior within cos­tume they are mak­ing the 3 parts in one movie? or mixin the 3 i hope this wont be a max payne again and where is farah??

Light­De­mon December 9th, 2008

They expect to be a tril­ogy. They prob­a­bly choose this clothes because are the clothes that Kick­ass!!! whith the two swords !!!!

André Gota December 10th, 2008

I really liked this footage and to see Jake as the Prince.
He was a good choice for act­ing. Look­ing sim­i­lar to him and also a great actor.
Bruck­heimer usu­ally makes his pro­duc­tions very styl­ished. Let’s see what’s gonna hap­pen with POP.

natlie December 12th, 2008

well, did you peo­ple know that Jerry Bruck­heimer is 63 years old? I did found that out on one web­site there are lists of any movie you want to find and infor­ma­tion about almost every actors and actress.

Malachi December 14th, 2008

Please don’t kill the Prince Dis­ney + Jake!!!!

Malachi December 14th, 2008

@ K-Mart: Who the hell could for­get what the Prince looked like in SoT? That’s is an incred­i­bly lame rea­son to change his appear­ance for the movie *disgust*

The Sam­son December 18th, 2008

I really hope he got buffed for the movie,because it would be a shame otherwise.He seems really awesome,a great guy,a sense of humour,with the prince’s dash­ing looks.I have a good feel­ing about the movie,hope its great! ;)
(,games are awesome)

7z7 December 28th, 2008

pff. Dis­a­pointed… Jake doesen‘t looks like an ara­bian, what­ever you‘ll do to him„,he‘s too soft for the role.
Fol­low Mel Gibson‘s great ideea: if u make a movie with\about the mayas, use them in the cast, or atleast some­one who has the looks.

7z7 December 28th, 2008


nazgul January 27th, 2009

like it very much ^^ im look­ing for­ward to see the movie!

Touza February 4th, 2009

Per­sians are not Arab.
And yeah, he doesn’t look Per­sian at all.

But then again, did any­one stop to notice that most actors in Hol­ly­wood are white? Just sayin’.

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John April 22nd, 2009

I’d like to see Oded Fehr(Ardeth in Mummy) as Prince of Persia.That could be much better

M July 21st, 2009

jakkke is awwwe­some!! sweet jake)))) very nice movie, I can smell it from here, aww cant waitt!

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