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New Prince of Persia movie footage May 10th, 2009

Our first exten­sive look at the Prince of Per­sia movie has come via ABC, in a fea­ture that inter­views PoP pro­ducer Jerry Bruck­heimer. The footage, which bears the text ‘this film is not yet rated’, could be the snip­pets of an unfin­ished trailer; it appears to be edited in a fash­ion that matches a trailer. We get to see Jake Gyl­len­haal train­ing to become the Prince, Ben Kings­ley, numer­ous shots of Jake bat­tling top­less, the expan­sive Moroc­can set and Gemma Arter­ton as Tamina.

“Great adven­ture and won­der­ful action“

Ben Kings­ley

Jake Gyl­len­haal as Dastan

Gemma Arter­ton as Tamina

Mor­ro­can Set

Comments 38 Responses to “New Prince of Persia movie footage”

mar­shall revell May 11th, 2009

it seams every time an update comes out i am either really impressed or rather dis­ap­pointed, its always one extreme or the other

…in this case its the for­mer. i am really look­ing fore­word to this movie

Vien Du May 12th, 2009

When see­ing some screen shots, I’m afraid that this movie stray far away from the great story of “The Sand of Time”.
Although they (pro­ducer) will argue that the game story of “The Sand of Time” had been known and afraid that peo­ple won’t see the movie that they know the con­tent. But please note that, only the gamer know the story. And we (gamers) all appre­ci­ate the orig­i­nal story and will view the movie even we know the end­ing.
Dragon Ball Evo­lu­tion Movie is a worst movie of 2009 just because it change the orig­i­nal good story.
Please respect the orig­i­nal story! Please make some­thing like 300 and watch­men. They have adapted the orig­i­nal story so great.


Regards and hope all sup­port my idea.

Wellz May 29th, 2009

U got my vote man. I mean i actu­all felt kinda sad when i realised the huge changes they are mak­ing to the orig­i­nal SOT story. I got realy f@#king angry too when saw the cast, i mean every­t­ing about dis movie screams TOTAL FUCKING FAILURE!!, why cant these hol­ly­wood retards see that their just fuck­ing EVERYTHING UP GOSH?!!

Man­ches­ter Freddie June 3rd, 2009

I’m not gay or nothin’ but Jakey Gyl­ley­wag is hoootttt.

Jay June 3rd, 2009

The movie isn’t sup­posed to be based off of the sands of time its based off of the orig­i­nal prince of per­sia sto­ry­line from when the game first came out in ’89

Lex­ius June 3rd, 2009

Jay June 3rd, 2009

The movie isn’t sup­posed to be based off of the sands of time its based off of the orig­i­nal prince of per­sia sto­ry­line from when the game first came out in ‘89
check imdb, the title is Prince of Per­sia: THE motherf@#%@#^$&ing SANDS OF TIME!!!

revDude June 3rd, 2009

that’s why my mom taught me to always check IMDB before run­ning off my illit­er­ate mouth!

xeres June 4th, 2009

just say­ing, DBZ Evo­lu­tion made me cry at how ter­ri­ble it is…and that was at 1/5 of the movie

this movie look okay-ish

tanusha June 4th, 2009

««<»» (^_^) >*_*< ( * _ * )

eboc June 5th, 2009

lol..why is the prince of per­sia white

love my persian June 6th, 2009

Per­sians are white. they have any­where from light to dark skin, but with black hair and brown eyes. the Per­sian king­dom that orig­i­nated in the region now known as Pars province (Fars province) of Iran. the per­sians were instru­men­tal in the devel­op­ment of civ­i­lized trade. per­sia is also noted for it’s love and poetry.

Zaid74 June 11th, 2009

They seem to be chang­ing a great story in this com­ming movie…why change the story?! All three Prince of Per­sias worked so great. How is the movies sequel going to work if they are chang­ing the first one?! There is too many ques­tions here and I have a feel­ing I’m going to hate this movie.

Jahangir June 15th, 2009

Always chang­ing the story is bad habit. I thing film maker should always respect the orig­i­nal story for their business.

C4 June 24th, 2009

I’m a big fan of the POP but this movie KInda
Sux com­pletely the trail­erz the worst i’ve ever seen, and the prince luks like a jerk Wahaaaa… they f*@#@ ed up every­thing and the worst part is the change in story line, I bet it’z not gonna work neway I’ll watch the movie lol.…

=))=)) did any­one see the sword in the trailer =)) =)) Haha luks like a plas­tic sword painted gold. and NO CG workz, too neway wait­ing for the movie

dani­aaaaal June 28th, 2009

they always fail to make the envi­ron­ment like per­sia, its always a desert which is not exactly per­sia, so.… dont know how this one is gonna be

ghost32 July 1st, 2009

lol… its sad to say, but the game trail­ers for POP look 100 times bet­ter than the movie. and i agree with the plot change, its stu­pid. It makes sence to me that if one of the rea­son that the POP games were pop­u­lar is the story, then why not make the movie with the same story line? I think that POP fans want to see the same amaz­ing story and action from the game turned into real life.

Empress July 13th, 2009

Who the hell is TAMINA? There is no Tam­ina in the orig­i­nal game; there is only a girl called Farah,which doesn’t even look like this “Tamina”…I don’t have a good feel­ing about this movie, not as a fan of the prince of per­sia game trilogy…

Sheila Whar­ram July 17th, 2009

I am really look­ing for­ward to see­ing this movie. I am totally con­vinced that it will be a good one, even before see­ing it. You see, my niece, Mar­i­anne Jenk­ins, is the pro­duc­tion man­ager, so I guess you could say that I am a lit­tle prej­u­diced! Seri­ously, though, I believe that this will be a great movie. Mar­i­anne also worked on Troy, and that, too, turned out to be excellent.

SUKHVINDER SINGH July 20th, 2009

hi i m sukhvin­der singh (sikh)
i m indian
my fevroit game prince of per­cia 1,2,3,4
i want see theaes movies (i have no more eng­lish speak and write)

PoP fan August 4th, 2009

I have a few things to say about this movie, I’m not con­vinced they’ll be able to pull of any major changes in the first movie with­out totally mess­ing up the next two parts of the tril­ogy. I wish they’d do some­thing like the Lord of The Rings movies, where only minor changes were made to the movie so it wouldn’t be unbear­ably long. Also, why make the Prince a street urchin instead of a prince by birth? Hol­ly­wood always over­does that rags to riches thing. Mor­roco also wasn’t a good choice for the shoot­ing loca­tion. The sets that I’ve seen so far don’t exactly cap­ture the riches and mag­i­cal feel­ing to the loca­tion in the Sands of Time game.

Bridge August 17th, 2009

The movie script has been leaked online, here is the link…
(Just scroll down and click on the pic­ture of the script)

For those of you who are fans of the games will be EXTREMELY disappointed/pissed.
This movie is going to suck ass.

New­PoPis­gay August 18th, 2009

This makes me want to cry, why would good actors make such absurb career deci­sions. I liked the 3 ps2 Prince of Per­sia games a lot, but this most recent one is in my opin­ion the worst game ever cre­ated (3 worst games of all times in order 1. Prince of Per­sia 2. Blitz the League 2 3. Def Jam Icon) but for God’s sake what were they even think­ing turn­ing this into a movie? I won’t even watch this when it’s on free t.v.

K’em August 25th, 2009

Yo New­poPois­gay, if you dont like it why u wast­ing your time on this page, just dip set k niggy

Soheil September 2nd, 2009

Is all of the united states deserts?Iran like united states also
have jungles,forests,green hills and mountains,beautifull waterfalls,and in some parts deserts,I dont know why they think the coun­try is cov­ered in deserts?I think the devel­op­ers should
have at least vis­ited Iran.

soheil September 2nd, 2009

Is all of the united states deserts?Iran like united states also
have jungles,forests,green hills and mountains,beautifull waterfalls,I dont know why they think the coun­try is cov­ered in deserts?I think the devel­op­ers should have at least vis­ited Iran.

POPFAN180 September 13th, 2009

Hol­ly­wood is tak­ing a BIG chance with this movie. I’ts either so good it wins dozens of oscars & is a NO.1 best sell­ing DVD, or it is one of the worst movies ever made.

james September 19th, 2009

hey dudes, i agree they are try­ing with its orig­i­nal story from ’89
but the game story is much bet­ter than that. And where is Farah(the Indian princess)? she looks cool with her bow and arrow.
is Tam­ina the Indian princess? at least i hope they didn’t change the char­ac­ters of the sand monsters.

sami September 25th, 2009

this is great.the movie well be great. i think it well be like the lord of the rings

dur­den September 28th, 2009

bruck­heimer = douchebag

mory October 7th, 2009

I am sure its going to be a greate movie ‚I cant wait to see it in a big screen a few of my friends have taken part in it but as extras , I should be ask­ing the Direc­tor Mr newel why there are no per­sian super stars in this movie ? and why the call the prince Das­tan ? Das­tan is the fam­ily name and the name of the prince should be Sohrab the son of Ros­tam ‚I have red in the books that also Sohrab Das­tan like his father was of a huge build body and much taller than Jake whos play­ing Dastan(Sohrab).

AquaGoat October 20th, 2009

First off… I REALLY..really hate peo­ple who com­plain about chang­ing the story. Ok…You like the story in the game, so maybe you should be play­ing the game. Movies are a seper­ate Genre. Its like a movie based off a book and peo­ple say­ing “ZOMG they didnt include every line.” and if your going to argue a point atleast do it in a way that doesnt sound like, “Whaaaa dis movie gunza sux so muches cause itz diff dan dah story in dah gamez.” You cant say it sucks because you havent see it…just like I cant say its good. Again movies are a dif­fer­ent genre…Just like books, and video games…certain this only work in their respec­tive genre.

Mikie October 22nd, 2009

I know I’m at the end of the string here, but who the fuck cares about the actual story, it’s a game. “Sus­pend your your dis­be­lief,” as my friend always said. I LOVED all of the POP’s, but noth­ing was ever orig­i­nal. I hope i get the chance to arrange music for ubi one of these days.

Chris October 23rd, 2009

With any video game movie adap­ta­tion, there are going to be changes. I’m an avid Prince of Per­sia fan, I’ll even go as far as to say that it’s my favorite action/adventure game fran­chise. But I’m still look­ing for­ward to this movie. I know that the story won’t be the same, but as long as it stays true to the core of the game (i.e., the acro­bat­ics and action sequences) along with the Prince’s witty dia­logue exchanges with his Princess, I think the movie will do fine. I highly doubt it will suck as much as the peo­ple before me think it will.

Ray February 11th, 2010

This movies goin to be sick! cant wait may yesss woop! woop!

Beaudet March 10th, 2010

Wow, It’s really great. I just got to know about this site. Great effort. Wish you all the best.

parsi May 22nd, 2010

this is very bad

Eizie July 31st, 2010

is there another new prince of per­sia com­ing soon? im inster­rested to see the war­rior within i wish they could do it!

Mele­Cid­wilk October 30th, 2010

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