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Prince of Persia Extras in Outfits October 15th, 2008

The French site Cloneweb has posted shots of extras form the Prince of Per­sia movie adap­ta­tion in full cos­tume, some­where near Mar­rakech in Morroco.

Thanks Kyle!

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R. November 12th, 2008

As excited as I am about this movie, these cos­tumes don’t appear to be his­tor­i­cally or cul­tur­ally accu­rate. I real­ize the movie is not sup­posed to be a doc­u­men­tary nor is it aimed towards pleas­ing the Per­sian com­mu­nity; how­ever, Per­sians are EXTREMELY proud of their her­itage and any­thing slightly Ara­bi­cized (as these cos­tumes are) will be a huge turn off for them. I’m afraid this movie will get neg­a­tive reviews because of this :( Their dis­plea­sure can be quite wrath­ful, lol. And I say this only because I AM Persian!

paul December 6th, 2009

This site is like house flip­ping for dummies.