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International Prince of Persia trailer November 4th, 2009

A sec­ond offi­cial Prince of Per­sia movie trailer has been released, this time it’s the inter­na­tional ver­sion. It is slightly dif­fer­ent with the odd new glimpse, although it doesn’t show Ben Kingsley.

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Farah123 November 4th, 2009

Looks great!!!

Jonatan November 8th, 2009

this is a shit…like Dragon Ball Evolution…where are the mon­sters sand?

chichidimo November 8th, 2009

esto es una mierda total primero dragon ball evo­lu­tion y ahora esto Dis­ney es una mierda y esos idio­tas que dicen que esta bienisimo son unos pelo­tu­dos y no saben nada

cos­ito November 8th, 2009

chuca de su madre men­tanse el dedo por el culo y dejen de criticar la pelic­ula que esta exe­lente mejor no ceria porque super mejor putos de mierdo.….….…..respondeme y beras que te culeo.….……

Cameliya November 10th, 2009

^ Umm… English?

I like this trailer even more! has more action and aims more at the nar­ra­tor fairy-tale style :D

zir­voeh November 11th, 2009

Como pueden emi­tir un cri­te­rio neg­a­tivo sobre una pelic­ula viendo tan solo in trailer de unos minutos.

How can you say some­thing neg­a­tive about a movie just for watch­ing the trailer.

Quien es el idiota?
Who’s the stupid?

sil­ves­tad November 16th, 2009

Busyet Top abis dah! mudah2an lebih seru dari gamenya

Pxramin November 25th, 2009

It’s pride of Iranians(Persians).

anto­nio banderito December 3rd, 2009

iho de puta! Looks great!

blue-print December 12th, 2009


yoni21dj February 5th, 2010

hei i knew and i sad even since prince of per­sia 1 has ben cre­ated that after that game whell apear a movie :) its a good sto­rie :P i can’t whait the movie to apear :) i say it can bee the best movie ever :)

puji February 27th, 2010

Kerennn.abiss Gue bgt.….

Dante March 14th, 2010

Its reaaly looks great I cant wait til the film !!!!!!

098765432 April 17th, 2010

Insert gib­ber­ish and une­d­u­cated puerto rican bab­ble here

the monza May 4th, 2010

Looks good to me…:)

sohail May 18th, 2010

when it is going to release the movie reply

utham May 24th, 2010

is this like prince of per­sia sands of time game?

Door Cur­tains · November 3rd, 2010

movie trail­ers on youtube are so cool, they even got trail­ers of the lat­est movies ‘

Cross Coun­try Run­ning Shoes December 2nd, 2010

i always watch moview trail­ers on youtube, it is really fun to watch so many movie trail­ers at once :;”