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Sam Raimi on Spider-man 4 April 23rd, 2009

Sam Raimi is talk­ing about Spider-man 4 again, this time with Scifi Wire, although again noth­ing too spe­cific. Raimi hopes that Kirsten Dunst will come on board for Spider-man 4. He goes on to explore the idea of a darker and more edgy Spider-man movie in light of The Dark Knight and Watch­men movies.

“I’m hop­ing that she is going to come aboard, and I’ve got a meet­ing com­ing up with her,” Raimi said in a group inter­view last week in Bev­erly Hills, Calif., where he was pro­mot­ing his upcom­ing hor­ror film Drag Me to Hell. “I think she would like to. But I don’t want to speak on behalf of her.”

With the advent of The Dark Knight and Watch­men, do you expect that Spider-Man 4 will be a lit­tle darker and edgier, too?

Raimi: What­ever it is, I think will be a direct result of the best style to bring about our writer’s screen­play. And as soon as I read that, I will know what that is. Edgy could be a direc­tion, but I don’t think it will be applied with­out really under­stand­ing the character’s jour­ney from the inside out first and then fig­ur­ing out the best way to bring that about.

And then, as far as the other influ­ences, mak­ing it dif­fer­ent from the other films, … I hope we don’t react to these very good and some­times bad super­hero movies around us. I hope that we just [look] ever deeper into the truth of who Peter Parker really is—as a human being and the unique char­ac­ter, and that we cel­e­brate that, which is a lot of the rea­son I want to make this next pic­ture. I still believe I have an under­stand­ing of Peter Parker as the char­ac­ter that I have not quite put onto the screen yet.

I’m not talk­ing about Tobey Maguire’s per­for­mance, which I very much love; I’m talk­ing about my under­stand­ing of the char­ac­ter. I feel like some­times a kid at the piano recital. And I know this piece really well. I know it by heart. And I some­times get it right, and some­times I don’t. But I want a chance to really play it the way I feel it. So I’m hop­ing it’s a really good screen­play and I can express the char­ac­ter through that. I’ve got a really good writer [David Lindsay-Abaire]. …