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Spider-man 4 in 3D? April 23rd, 2009

Sony Entertainment’s co-chairmen Amy Pas­cal and Michael Lyn­ton, when inter­viewed by Forbes for “What’s next for movies?”, revealed the pos­si­bil­ity that Spider-man 4 could be in 3D. There’s a lot of buzz sur­round­ing this news, so I should point out that the 3D point came from a lead­ing ques­tion, it is mere rumor and pos­si­bil­ity at this stage. Nonethe­less it is an excit­ing proposition.

What about for live action movies?
Pas­cal: I think James Cameron’s new movie [Avatar] could change the world. I think every­one is in antic­i­pa­tion think­ing it’s going to be like Star Wars. It’s going to change the way you con­sume enter­tain­ment. I don’t know that it will ever be the way you see dra­mas, but I can’t say any­more that it won’t be.

Are you con­sid­er­ing doing any live action movies in 3-D? What about Spider-Man 4?
Pas­cal: Could be.
Lyn­ton: Peo­ple are pay­ing a pre­mium to see movies in 3-D and that’s a very big deal. It’s never been done before that some­one says you have to pay more to see Spider-Man than a roman­tic comedy.