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A Venom Movie? August 3rd, 2007

 In an inter­view with Dark Hori­zons, Avi Arad, pro­ducer of Spider-man one to three and every Mar­vel film in-between, men­tioned that he would be work­ing on two new projects: Venom AND Spider-man.

Ques­tion: And the other thing of course is you haven’t really left Mar­vel behind com­pletely right? I mean you’re still per­son­ally involved in Hulk and Iron Man …

Arad: ..and Spi­der­man. And I’m mak­ing Venom.

Ques­tion: So what’s dif­fer­ent about you doing those movies now as against when you were directly in charge of Marvel? 

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austin March 19th, 2008

are they mak­ing a num­ber 4 with car­nage and lizard man

gilli­gan August 1st, 2008

okay a venom movie would be awe­some! as long as they stick to the comic book story this time! where Eddie brock is a body­builder and not a scrawny lit­tle guy no offense topher grace did a great job prtray­ing the emo­tions of venom but venom needs to be BIG! find some pro wrestler and teach him to act like bap­tista or john cena (john cena would be awe­some) or some­one… it would also defi­nately need venom to be team­ing up with spi­der­man thats obvi­ous. fight­ing car­nage also obvious…

])evin September 10th, 2008

I agree with gilli­gan, stick to what the comic is and the next three films of spi­der­man, and the spin off of venom included would kick the shit out of any DC movie any day. Hon­estly the new bat­man movies were good no lie. But when it comes to spider-man and venom .….… No con­test! Mar­vel wins.

I mean lets get real, bat­man can only go so far. And I think the next bat­man movie will be the last one that would actu­ally be good.
No one wants to see pen­guin, or mr. freeze. And the rest are just thugs with guns. Who gives a fuck. I mean really. And after bat­man what DC comic hero would be good? The flash? He sucks ass. Or maybe the green lantern? No way it would be a total fail, it would be like that lame ass phan­tom movie back in the 90’s. Just adjust your t.v. to green on the phan­tom movie, and BAM! there is your green lantern Movie.

But when it comes to spider-man and venom, that shit could just be awe­some by itself. Both spider-man and the venom movie could inter­twine to the last one with the bat­tle against car­nage (Which I think Jim Carey would be the per­fect carnage.)

Here is my thoughts, and here me out: Venom should be played by either VIn Diesel, or John cena Period. (Eddie brock could shave his head to be unno­ticed by every­one, like he did in the comics.)

Spider-man 3 at the end venom blows up, as well as Eddie Brock.
Why no just make it like Eddie sur­vives, he just gets blown off the build­ing. But the sym­biot does get killed.
Eddie then hides away to make spider-man believe he is dead. Eddie then has an even worse rage against spider-man because he was defeated, so Eddie then starts lift­ing weights to get big­ger and stronger, which is a slow process when you are skinny. (Because lets get real here, we can’t just have eddie be big right off the bat since he was skinny in SM3.)
Boom! there is the start of your venom spin off.
Eddie know­ing that peter Parker is Spider-man, and not being able to do any­thing about it just makes him even more furi­ous, because even if he did go to the press they wouldn’t believe him because of how he framed spider-man in SM3. Eddie is now in a lose lose sit­u­a­tion. The only advan­tage he has is that spider-man thinks he is dead, in which spider-man is the only per­son who knows Eddie is Venom.
Eddie stays away from Park­ers per­sonal life because he knows that would not do him any good with­out the sym­biot.
So Eddie try­ing to get his life together after the sym­biot, cant stop hav­ing dreams, and thoughts ran­domly every­day, of that of the Venom sym­biot. Till he finally puts the pieces together and finds out where the sym­biot is.….. The sam­ple that doc­tor con­ner took from Peter in SM3.
SO Eddie goes into Dr. Conner’s lab and breaks the con­tainer hold­ing the sym­biot. He then reunites with the sym­biot, becom­ing VENOM! Once again

So whats his first goal? To kill spider-man. But as soon as he gets attached with the sym­biot again, he has peo­ple after him, a secret ser­vice only known as the suits to the pub­lic eye, who only want the sym­biot to pro­duce more of it, to cre­ate an un-canny army, one that can never be defeated.
Their is your first movie, of Venom. His strug­gle to sur­vive and stay attached to his host Brock.

Venom 2nd Movie: Venom still strug­gling, bat­tling, and run­ning from the suits, then gets away by being Eddie Brock and keep­ing the Sym­biot dis­cuised that way the suits can­not find him, since the suits don’t really know who venom really is. So while being Eddie Brock and elim­i­nat­ing the suits one by one in dis­cuise he finds out why they are try­ing to cap­ture him, through the tor­ture of one of his cap­tives. But although venom finds out why they want him, he was kept in secret of what was being done in cap­tur­ing him. (But the new spider-man movies should give out lit­tle hints such as dark mon­ster van­dal­izes the city but has yet to be seen again! In the daily bugle. That way it is noticed through­out the spider-man films. But mostly ignored, like a con­spir­acy.) After Venom finds out what he needs, he tries dis­pos­ing of his cap­tured secret agent (Alek­sei Sytsevich)(Who should be played by Sylvester Stalone) by web­bing him down on he sub­way tracks, which in the end splits Alek­sei Syt­se­vich into two pieces seper­at­ing his upper body from his lower body. After this hap­pens to Alek­sei Syt­se­vich the suit find him, and notice he still has a pulse, and is still alive, so they bring him back to their lab which they give the almost dying man a choice to be part of some­thing big, and the chance to still live, and of course Alek­sei Syt­se­vich says yes.
The suits then give Alek­sei Syt­se­vich a cyber­netic body which forms him into the RHINO!
Mean while, venom thinks he has won and defeated the suits (Which he doesn’t really because they are a mass secret indus­trie.) he goes back to the main plan destroy­ing spider-man, but that plan becomes short lived when Rhino con­fronts Venom and they bat­tle it out! After Venom defeats Rhino the suits then cap­ture Venom with enhanced sound waves (They used the Rhino as a decoy to get to Venom un noticed.)
Which brings us to the end of Venom Movie 2, Eddie is cap­tured and the sym­biot is detached from him as well. So while Eddie is impris­oned they take a sam­ple of the venom sym­biot and run test to make it bet­ter, and stronger than the old sym­biot which inturn cre­ates the blood red, CARNAGE Sym­biot. A failed and unsta­ble dan­ger­ous virus that should have never been made.
Since the exper­i­ment was a com­plete fail­ure the suits dis­cuise the red sym­biot in a blood doner bag, that way they can safely dis­pose of it in secret. End of Venom Movie 2
Spider-man 4: Dr. con­ners sci­ence lab gets thrashed and doesn’t know how or why? (Venom movie 1) Dr. Con­ner becomes the lizard. Spider-man and him have final bat­tle at the end in which a blood bath van gets destroyed in front of an insane silem and the car­nage sym­biot gets out and attaches itself to its host Cle­tus Kasady (Played by Jim Carey). End of spider-man 4

Spider-Man 5: Ulti­mate Car­nage!!!
Brock some­how gets out, and once again reunites with the Venom sym­biot which was kept there as well. And has to join forces with spider-man to defeat car­nage! At the end car­nage is defeated by a space port by get­ting burnt to death by the first rocket boost­ers of a space shut­tle (The only way car­nage can die was by heat) Eddie doesn’t hate peter any­more, and so the sym­biot con­sid­ers eddie week because the venom sym­biot wants to kill spider-man for aban­don­ing it in SM3. So while it detaches from Brock, and try’s to attach itself to Peter again, Spider-man then uses the sud­den loud burst of the space shut­tles 2nd rocket booster to pull away Brock from the sym­biot, and web the sym­biot to the shut­tle which goes to outer space.
In the end Brock is left with can­cer from the sym­biot and dies.
And after Eddies funeral Peter is addressed by the S.H.I.E.L.D End of spider-man 5

Spider-man 6 Ulti­mate Advengers!

So there you go, both Venom and Spider-man movies would be awe­some by itself which inturn could make one hell of a movie at the end, and give Venom its jus­tice back from SM3

kique October 25th, 2008


Mark December 11th, 2008

For the Venom movie they should have at least one scene where venom fights Spi­der­man with the Sym­biote suit. I know that the sym­biote took over Eddie brock but there must be more sym­biotes, then how would there be car­nage if Venom has the only sym­biote suit.

MikeAp December 26th, 2008

There is another sym­biote due to Venom. Car­nage is his off­spring. Then later Car­nage has an off­spring called Toxin.

ado­nis December 31st, 2008

In the comics.They said that spider-man went to space and got dif­fer­ent powers.He became the strongest in mar­vel. I for­got the name,but you should be able to fine it.