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Spider-man 4 & 5 filming together, James Vanderbilt May 19th, 2008

Accord­ing to Cin­e­mat­i­cal, Zodiac screen­writer James Van­der­bilt has turned in a work­ing draft for the 4th spider-man movie. The real kicker is that the story arc pre­sented spans two films, poten­tially allow­ing both to be filmed at the same time.

We’ll see how this and Spider-man 5 develop in the com­ing months.

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A Venom Movie? August 3rd, 2007

 In an inter­view with Dark Hori­zons, Avi Arad, pro­ducer of Spider-man one to three and every Mar­vel film in-between, men­tioned that he would be work­ing on two new projects: Venom AND Spider-man.

Ques­tion: And the other thing of course is you haven’t really left Mar­vel behind com­pletely right? I mean you’re still per­son­ally involved in Hulk and Iron Man …

Arad: ..and Spi­der­man. And I’m mak­ing Venom.

Ques­tion: So what’s dif­fer­ent about you doing those movies now as against when you were directly in charge of Marvel? 

The Lizard and Sinister Six as Villains? August 1st, 2007

The Lizard

Who knows which vil­lains will star in the fourth fea­ture film, but there are a few hints out there as to which char­ac­ters will be favoured. First up, in Jan­u­ary this year, Dylan Baker, who por­trays Dr. Curt Con­nor, said this in an inter­view with IGN:

IGN: Have they talked to you about becom­ing The Lizard in a future sequel?

Baker: Only Sam [Raimi]. Only Sam. And, of course, the whole thing is in his head. So as long as his bril­liant ideas keep com­ing, I’ll go with him.

IGN: When Sam hired you for Spider-Man 2, did he talk to you about the char­ac­ter in the comics and what hap­pens to him?

Baker: Yeah, but only in broad strokes. We’re get­ting a lit­tle more spe­cific now, but it’s still pretty broad.

IGN: So you’d be up for a lot of hours in the makeup chair to add the green skin and scales?

Baker: Absolutely!

And in a more recent MTV arti­cle con­cern­ing the next movie, Raimi talked about some of the vil­lains he would like to see:

“I would love to see Elec­tro, Vul­ture, maybe the Sin­is­ter Six as a team”

Slash Film have a great fea­ture dis­cussing the odds and like­li­hood of see­ing each of Spider-man’s foes. They gave The Lizard a 95% chance, Elec­tro 73%, Hydro-man 68%, etc. with lonely Rhino at the bot­tom with a measly 9%.

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