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Character list and plot details: Hal, Abin Sur, Sinestro, Legion, Hector Hammond August 31st, 2008

The IESB have had a chance to sit down with Greg Berlanti’s Green Lantern. After read­ing the screen­play through it appears that first impres­sions are very good; Berlanti and writ­ers Marc Guggen­heim and Michael Green have got the char­ac­ter just right. (Unlike some unmen­tion­able Jack Black treatment).

To setup the story, it opens with a narrative;

With the rev­e­la­tion of Oa and The Cen­tral Bat­tery with a voice over nar­ra­tion explain­ing that 1) there are extrater­res­tri­als that pro­tect the uni­verse, 2) they have power rings, 3) there are thou­sands of Green Lanterns and 4) one of us has become one of them.

Con­tin­u­ing, the plot arc fol­lows the ‘tra­di­tional’ Hal Jor­dan / Green Lantern route, mak­ing sure to include a bat­tle scene between Legion and Abin Sur; Sur’s crash­ing to Earth and the “choos­ing of Hal Jor­dan over Guy Gard­ner and Clark Kent”.

Abin Sur

IESB’s Robert Sanchez also reveals this list of char­ac­ters that are set to appear in the movie:

Mar­tin Jor­dan (Hal’s father)
Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
Thomas Kalmuka
Carl Fer­ris
Carol Fer­ris
Abin Sur
Thaal Sine­stro
The Guardians
Hec­tor Ham­mond

Cit­ing that the Sine­stro plot arc has changed some­what — in keep­ing with a setup story and stor­ing more for a pos­si­ble sequel. This leaves Hec­tor Ham­mond as the cen­tral threat to Earth. This script heav­ily focuses on the sci­ence fic­tion ele­ments — with inter­stel­lar travel and other galax­ies. Whilst the real­ity hit that the Dark Knight gave us may have swayed stu­dios away form the fan­tas­ti­cal, I’m sure with the release of Star Trek they’ll all be rush­ing to cash in on the next big scifi phe­nom­e­non; as fickle as this busi­ness is.

First word from the stu­dio exec’s is that this is good, no word of a bud­get yet but the mur­mur­ings are encouraging.