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Bradley Cooper the Green Lantern? May 6th, 2009

Chris Pine and Ryan Gosling have both been linked to the Green Lantern role, now another name has been thrown into the mix, one Bradley Cooper (The Hang­over, Alias, Wed­ding Crashers):

[…] I’ve just spent the last hour or so on the phones, track­ing down a rumor I heard, and Hit­Fix can exclu­sively report that Bradley Cooper is now one of the guys most likely to don the suit and slip on the power ring as The Green Lantern for direc­tor Mar­tin Campbell.

Let’s be clear: they have not hired him yet. But the process is far enough along that this is more than just a meet­ing or some spot on a wish list. Keep in mind that Camp­bell likes to see a lot of peo­ple when he’s cast­ing… and even when he’s screen-testing, he seems will­ing to explore as many options as pos­si­ble… but with the film set to shoot later this sum­mer, they’ve got to start mak­ing their choices, and now’s the time to put peo­ple in front of the cam­era and see who really works in the suit.