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Green Lantern supporting characters revealed in casting call September 18th, 2009

In August 2008 we revealed a char­ac­ter list of sup­posed vil­lains and allies that might appear in the movie (fol­low­ing a screen­play first draft read), just over a year later we’ve got some proof that it wasn’t far off.

Warn­ing: spoil­ers ahead.

The movie will fea­ture mul­ti­ple vil­lains, a trend that hasn’t bode well in the past (take Spider-man 3 for instance). Com­bin­ing this with an ori­gins story (assum­ing that’s what we get) could prove too much. I’ll remain scep­ti­cal for now.

Cast­ing Call

Hec­tor Hammond


27–35, Char­ac­ter actor who is aus­tere and imper­sonal, he is real “scummy.” He is a pathol­o­gist and also the son of a Senator.


Vil­lain and extra-terrestrial. Sine­stro is the for­mer men­tor of Hal Jor­dan and the arch-nemesis of the entire Green Lantern Corps.

Mid-30s to Mid-40s, he is smart, tough, intim­i­dat­ing and in great phys­i­cal shape.


Abin Sur

A mem­ber of the Green Lantern Corps, he recruited Hal Jor­dan as a Green Lantern. His role may not be huge, in the comics he presents the ring to Hal Jor­dan as he is dying.

Mid-30s to mid-40s, he is a great warrior.

Abin Sur

Carol Fer­ris

She is one of many supervil­lains who has used the name Star Sap­phire, and is a long-time love inter­est of Hal Jor­dan. The cast­ing descrip­tion doesn’t hint at a super alter-ego, so it’s not likely this sul­try vil­lain will appear, but in a sequel maybe?

[CAROL FERRIS] and pos­si­bly Star Sap­phire
26–32, a smart and attrac­tive woman with an MBA. She started as a pilot and now runs Fer­ris Air­craft. She is a work-a-holic…FEMALE LEAD

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gra­vatar January 4th, 2010

i dont think ryan renolds should play green lantern because hes in alot of com­e­dys ad i cant take him seri­ously as a super hero i think nathon fil­lios should ply him bcause he looked really cool in that fan made trailer.