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4th and 5th Halo Concept Pieces September 3rd, 2008

These are the last two con­cept images brought to us by Latino Review as part of Stu­art Beattie’s Fall of reach pitch.

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Spartan-051 September 3rd, 2008

man these pics are awsome

Daniel October 25th, 2008

The sec­ond pic­ture looks like the Pil­lar of Autumn about to crash into the Halo Ring.

Halo Fan December 30th, 2008

Learn to read books, Halo fall of Reach DOES NOT have a “halo” in it… I dunno why these pic­tures show a halo in the back­ground… and the pil­lar of autumn was intro­duced at the end of the story… where the game begins and they dis­cover halo… seri­ously ren­der some­thing that doesn’t exist? Don’t make some­thing if your not going to make it right

Tejay March 2nd, 2009

when does halo 3 the movie come out

liveG­amer May 8th, 2009

I think in order to suc­cess­fully have more halo fran­chise games they need to broaden their hori­zons to intro­duce dif­fer­ent alien life­forms or alter­nate uni­verse or some­thing. The same sto­ry­lines get old, or should I say have got­ten old.….…

Bigjoey June 14th, 2009

The guy about the book is right. There was no halo in that story but there was some fore­run­ner tech which the story is revolved around. I am intrested to know how they are going to play the mul­ti­ple spar­tan role in the sin­gle player game. In the book chief goes to a dis­abled unsc ship to retrieve the mem­ory core or some­thing and a team of spar­tans goes down to defend reach from covenant inva­sion. I would love to see at least one level where you get to fight along side some 6 or 7 spar­tans and just tear the covene­nat a new A hole.

In all hon­esty i wouldnt mind just fight­ing the covene­nat in an all out brawl not fight­ing the flood then the covenant then team­ing up with the covenant then team­ing up with the flood, cmon pick a side already.