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Halo Live Action Short, Part 3 September 25th, 2007

Doesn’t this just make you crave for a Halo Live Action movie? Neill Blomkamp really is some­thing spe­cial, and imag­ine that com­bined with the mas­tery of Peter Jack­son. Why isn’t this being made faster?

Oh, and I hope you are all enjoy­ing Halo 3!

Official Short: Combat Part 1 August 28th, 2007

Neill Blomkamp and Weta are back, this time in true colour:

Still no high res­o­lu­tion HD down­load yet, but at least the colour is fixed. See a slightly higher qual­ity ver­sion here.

Halo Live Action Short Leaked August 23rd, 2007

The sec­ond live action short film cre­ated by Neill Blomkamp and Weta has been leaked by Gamer­Syde. The colour seems a lit­tle off and it’s not great qual­ity, but it’s the real deal. This time we get to see Warthog’s in action, Banshee’s and Covenant.

Down­load a higher res­o­lu­tion ver­sion here.

Doesn’t it just make you ache for a fea­ture film? Rumors are abound what with the forth­com­ing Halo 3 release, these short sequences and the Fox pub­lish­ing deal that the movie is being devel­oped in secret. As far as I am aware this is not true. We can still hope how­ever and I do believe this film will see the light of day.

Shane Kim talks about the short movie July 31st, 2007

Can you explain what that Halo short movie was about? Was it real time?

It was live action. What you saw was a short film that’s not related to any movie. Neill Blomkamp is the direc­tor, with Peter Jack­son as exec­u­tive pro­ducer, and he wanted to work on the Halo movie. The Halo movie is not in pro­duc­tion. The stu­dios that were involved, for what­ever rea­son decided to back out of it, but we’re still very inter­ested in talk­ing to peo­ple in Hol­ly­wood about it.

In the mean­time, we’re going to use these film shorts to help pro­mote the Halo uni­verse and get the world super excited and crazy for Halo 3. Neill did an amaz­ing job on that short film. I’m a huge fan of the Halo uni­verse, and watch­ing that short film sent goose­bumps all over. That’s Halo com­ing to life in a way that I think I lot of peo­ple can really get into it, even if they’re not videogame play­ers. We think Halo can be one of those epic sto­ries like Star Wars. We still have work to do, there’s no ques­tion about that, but we believe that Halo has the potential.

Source: Game­Pro

Halo 3 Arms Race July 21st, 2007

From the offi­cial press release,“A col­lab­o­ra­tion between Bungie Stu­dios, direc­tor Neill Blomkamp, WETA Work­shop and Origami Dig­i­tal LLC, brings the first dig­i­tal short depict­ing humanity’s strug­gle to save Earth.“This is our first offi­cial look at the cre­ative bril­liance that comes about when you com­bine the inno­v­a­tive think­ing of Neill Blomkamp and the artis­tic tal­ent of WETA. Just imag­ine throw­ing Peter Jack­son into the mix. The Halo movie, if it ever gets going again, will be some­thing truly special.

A vision of The Halo Movie…

Down­load Large HD versions

And, if you some how missed it, the newest Halo 3 trailer: