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Stuart Beattie in talks with Microsoft to get his new screenplay put into action October 2nd, 2008

Hol­ly­wood screen­writer, Stu­art Beattie, who was respon­si­ble for Gears of War screen­play for New Line Cin­ema last year, has writ­ten the new Halo script.  Word says that Microsoft like it and that they are dis­cussing pos­si­ble plans for it to be made.

Bet­tie beleives the old style Halo movie inca­r­a­tion is dead and is ready to release his vision, Halo: The Fall of Reach, a pre­quel to the first game.  John Gau­diosi finds out what this vision is, in his inter­view for game daily.  See the full tran­script below.

And thanks to Blair Allan for send­ing us this news.

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Halo: Fall of Reach Concept Art August 5th, 2008

Latino Review have the exclu­sive on some con­cept are released to coin­cide with Stu­art Beattie’s Halo: Fall of Reach treat­ment which acts as a pre­quel to the Halo video game series. The image is by con­cep­tual artist Kasra Fara­hani (pre­vi­ous work includes Spider-man 3 and Han­cock) and is part of a larger pre­sen­ta­tion to Microsoft.

Accord­ing to Latino writer El May­imbe, there are some big time Hol­ly­wood pro­fes­sion­als that are also major Halo fans that want to see this movie made — let’s not give up hope yet.

Neill Blomkamp’s first big screen work has also started a viral stir at SDCC, Dis­trict 9 which looks very inter­est­ing. “For Humans Only”. Due for release next August, if this film can deliver the goods then the old Jackson/Blomkamp part­ner­ship may get its finan­cial back­ing after all.

We can also look for­ward to five more con­cept images being released over the next few weeks, stay tuned.

Microsoft hiring Halo team for Peter Jackson April 27th, 2008

MTV have pointed out Microsoft’s qui­etly added new job list­ings for the Jack­son helmed, highly secre­tive Halo project:

A Peter Jackson-helmed Halo project was announced at X06 in Barcelona,” said a Microsoft spokesper­son. “Since then, Microsoft Game Stu­dios has been hard at work col­lab­o­rat­ing with Peter Jack­son and Bungie on the devel­op­ment of that project. At this time, it’s nec­es­sary to grow the inter­nal team to keep pace with devel­op­ment. Bungie will con­tinue to remain involved in mul­ti­ple aspects of the Halo Uni­verse with MGS.”

Halo Movie still in Production October 31st, 2007

Who hon­estly knows what is going on with the Halo Movie adap­ta­tion at the moment? Last week Neill Blomkamp came out and stated that the movie in its cur­rent form was dead and that we shouldn’t look for­ward to a Halo Movie any time soon.

I’d seen sto­ries like this before so I was a lit­tle reluc­tant to post the news arti­cle, that and it would mean the end of this blog, which isn’t some­thing I look for­ward to. So I held on with what lit­tle hope I had left.

Seems like my hope wasn’t entirely in vain. This week Peter Jackson’s rep­re­sen­ta­tive, Ken Kamins spoke to Com­puter and Video games. It first out­lines the das­tardly ways that Fox and Uni­ver­sal attempted to force the film mak­ers to a less than oppor­tune deal. Most impor­tantly how­ever, he states that every­body is supremely con­fi­dent in Neill and that pro­duc­tion is still under­way and that give Halo 3’s $300 mil­lion in sales a num­ber of movie stu­dios have renewed inter­est.

Shane Kim talks about the short movie July 31st, 2007

Can you explain what that Halo short movie was about? Was it real time?

It was live action. What you saw was a short film that’s not related to any movie. Neill Blomkamp is the direc­tor, with Peter Jack­son as exec­u­tive pro­ducer, and he wanted to work on the Halo movie. The Halo movie is not in pro­duc­tion. The stu­dios that were involved, for what­ever rea­son decided to back out of it, but we’re still very inter­ested in talk­ing to peo­ple in Hol­ly­wood about it.

In the mean­time, we’re going to use these film shorts to help pro­mote the Halo uni­verse and get the world super excited and crazy for Halo 3. Neill did an amaz­ing job on that short film. I’m a huge fan of the Halo uni­verse, and watch­ing that short film sent goose­bumps all over. That’s Halo com­ing to life in a way that I think I lot of peo­ple can really get into it, even if they’re not videogame play­ers. We think Halo can be one of those epic sto­ries like Star Wars. We still have work to do, there’s no ques­tion about that, but we believe that Halo has the potential.

Source: Game­Pro

Life Size, Fully Functioning Warthog July 21st, 2007

We have all, by now, seen Neill Blomkamp’s brief E3 trailer which had been made in part­ner­ship with Weta Work­shop. Now we can reveal the full life size replica, fully func­tional Warthog that Weta cre­ated for Blomkamp to use in his shorts. This is a thing of beauty.

Click for full size image

user posted image

Via Bungie​.net

Halo 3 Arms Race July 21st, 2007

From the offi­cial press release,“A col­lab­o­ra­tion between Bungie Stu­dios, direc­tor Neill Blomkamp, WETA Work­shop and Origami Dig­i­tal LLC, brings the first dig­i­tal short depict­ing humanity’s strug­gle to save Earth.“This is our first offi­cial look at the cre­ative bril­liance that comes about when you com­bine the inno­v­a­tive think­ing of Neill Blomkamp and the artis­tic tal­ent of WETA. Just imag­ine throw­ing Peter Jack­son into the mix. The Halo movie, if it ever gets going again, will be some­thing truly special.

A vision of The Halo Movie…

Down­load Large HD versions

And, if you some how missed it, the newest Halo 3 trailer:

Halo Movie still on hiatus June 19th, 2007

Many mis­lead­ing reports have been filed about the pur­ported re-firing of the Halo Movie engines. These reports assumed that a Halo GAME and FRANCHISE dis­tri­b­u­tion deal, made by Fox, extended to the movie. This is not the case and NO MOVIE DEVELOPMENT plans have as YET been confirmed.

This deal does how­ever look favourably on the Halo movie process and could ini­ti­ate the future devel­op­ment. Though, as it stands, we are still not mov­ing any­where, our igni­tion is firmly set to off.

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