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Weta’s Warthog closeup May 14th, 2008

Weta’s fully func­tional Warthog build was on dis­play at Armaged­don in Welling­ton, NZ. NZGamer were at the scene to cap­ture some close up shots:

Bungie experience real life Halo Weapons January 22nd, 2008

eta have been kind enough to send Bungie some of their real life Halo movie props. In this week’s update Bungie decided to share some pic­tures with us…

Handling on the real life Warthog October 2nd, 2007

Halo 3 let’s you drive a warthog, but not like this. Here is the Bungie team try­ing out a real life Warthog. If only they cre­ated some of those Covenant vehi­cles, maybe we’ll get to see some if the movie ever pulls itself into gear.

More of that Life Sized Warthog August 18th, 2007

In this week’s Bungie update there has been posted a sec­ond full size, fully func­tion­ing Warthog pic­ture. This time with it’s sus­pen­sion raised and with a human, armour clad gun­ner on the turret.

Click the image for full size.

user posted image

And this is what they had to say about the upcom­ing Blomkamp short:

“The above image shows just how to scale the Warthog that WETA has been mak­ing is – that’s a real life human man­ning the gun. While there’s still not too much to talk about regard­ing the excel­lent work of Neill Blomkamp, the stu­dio did get a sneak peak of his next short ear­lier this week. It prompted a num­ber of “Wait, was that a…” and “ZOMGz” from the var­i­ous folks around here, and need­less to say, when it sur­faces next, you’re in for a gritty and delight­ful treat.

Look­ing for­ward to the next live action short. I am sure it will make us all sali­vate a lit­tle more about how great a fea­ture length Halo movie would be.

Life Size, Fully Functioning Warthog July 21st, 2007

We have all, by now, seen Neill Blomkamp’s brief E3 trailer which had been made in part­ner­ship with Weta Work­shop. Now we can reveal the full life size replica, fully func­tional Warthog that Weta cre­ated for Blomkamp to use in his shorts. This is a thing of beauty.

Click for full size image

user posted image

Via Bungie​.net