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Bungie experience real life Halo Weapons January 22nd, 2008

eta have been kind enough to send Bungie some of their real life Halo movie props. In this week’s update Bungie decided to share some pic­tures with us…

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Euge April 22nd, 2008

Hey the license plates are from Wash­ing­ton :)

ben miller June 10th, 2008

spike ger­nade looks a lit­tle big idk it might look smaller if Mas­ter Cheif was hold­ing it still great job with the guns n’ stuff

the man September 11th, 2008

Where can i get some of these?

jer­amy October 2nd, 2008

where can you buy these

Erik November 20th, 2008

where can u get some of those cause i got a mas­ter chief cos­tume but no B.R

olivia January 17th, 2009